Tehkummah Talk and Times

Monday – Since I got home today I have had many naps and I’m still tired. But the sun is out, things are looking up! I had a hard time keeping alert with pouring rain and windshield wiper action on my way to Little Current this morning. I had delivered my column, much to the staff’s surprise, but I did get a favour in my favour!

Not a lot of wildlife, one fox, some birds and a seagull decorated my windshield. Annette gone, I’m in, getting a bone density test today. Nice young technician. I reinforced my bones on the way home at Green Acres with my favourite chicken burger. Ray’s Mom, Marg, has helped him this holiday weekend  to seed shiitake mushroom logs. She works hard just about every time she’s here.

Ray brought me in one huge and one baby mushroom. A pan’s worth. I created a stirfry. Was delicious. The first of the season!

John Legend and Marilyn’s song was “unforgettable,” yes. 

This week has been a poetry one, poetry writing that is. Four so far. The daffodils are beautiful this spring, and the cool weather has been a great help. We get to enjoy them longer. My red trilliums are scarce this year and the blossoms smaller. Perhaps I should move some into a more open bush. The camp perhaps? The white ones seem thicker and larger.

We finally got an oriole here, perhaps because I put an orange out. My favourite EM said she fed them canned mandarins?

Our Tehkummah Hall is back in business this week. All activities, bingo, cribbage, regular euchre. 

Red Riding Hood was back in town over the holiday weekend.

Well, even we got a standing ovation. I did remind them though that Julie Andrews got one over her revision of her song ‘My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music. Joan Beard’s story about the pecans or the pecans? They had had the difference pointed out to them one time on their travels.

It was a lovely day at the Mindemoya United Church. The program and day finished with communion by Mindemoya Minister Reverend Joshua Kang.

The end of an era, and we all can understand why. The dissolution of our U.C.W. presbytery was voted on, and as of today, Tuesday, May 21, it will turn into cluster groups, of which our Island will become one aging infirm body, lack of time, driving? Sad day for many of us.

It had been quite some time since I had attended and who knows if Mary Alice hadn’t asked for entertainment from our group. I may have missed again, and I committed our gang (without asking them).

We all got a table number, so we were well mixed up. But, all sisters of the church U.C.W.s, we have encountered many times over the years. My tablemates were Shirley Cranston, Pat Best, Maureen Armstrong, Lois Joyes and Leila Thureson. Mary Alice’s brother John Reid gave a very informative talk on fire safety, especially for us older folk. He gave out a dozen helpful prizes, too. Fire chief, nice uniform.

Janyn Towns gave an informative talk/show on her equine assisted learning. 

I had an awful time to find out the winner of “The Voice.” I slept through two shows’ worth and so finally stayed awake the last 10 minutes. Glad I didn’t miss it, again! Sherry called Wednesday morning to ask how I’d liked the winner!

Jean Toovey’s name came up a couple of times yesterday. She’s from Elliot Lake and is having some health issues now.

Then there’s the shocking story of the man who took his jogging suit off on a sandy shore, much to the shock of his girlfriend! Wow! You never know what you’re gonna see these days!

A chat with Helen O. on the phone Thursday leads me on a drive to check out her EX-Road for marsh marigolds, too. Then drove onward, looking at greening and budding.

Power went off while checking Yogi’s Hall floor. Ended up at Carol’s and Earl’s, no hydro, but fast food. Shared table space with Barb and Hugh, thanks. Cal joined us before I left.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! Earlier in this column (re: shocking story). Under the jogging suit was another suit with an engagement ring in the pocket! Best wishes Matthew and Bridget.

Here I am in my lazy girl chair Wednesday afternoon. I think I came in contact with Dorothy’s resident coffee and cooking ghost (could be Mum).

We had a few games of cribbage, so we did get out “cribbage Wednesday.” Lori, Dorothy and me. Then Rick and I in competition with Lori and Dorothy, Lori and I, then Dorothy and me. The three of us went to Manitowaning, had a good lunch at Loco Beanz. Then went to Debaj to view Madonna’s paintings, quite intriguing, working mothers, great self-portrait! Sherry joined us on her lunch break, too. A very nice and different kind of day.

Sis Susan came in on Thursday morning. She had sorted through the rest of the photos and brought me my share. She was going for lunch with Chris. I was having a day. Never go through cards and letters.

Is it only me who gets themselves into situations? How do you get out? Did you ever? Well, while trying to remove/loosen my bra, didn’t I get a hook caught in my ring! And there I was, hand caught behind my back, now I am a mite claustrophobic and somehow I just managed to get my usually uncooperative arthritis finger from the ring, after my initial panic and before I had to run out into the street! These are the kinds of stories that no one else would tell, right? Was the “star” of the show “Pom-Pom” the hussy? Or were there too many to name? 

One of the best of the Burns Wharf plays ever, congratulations. Don’t miss it! 

I wanted to get up to the Trade Fair for a piece of The Expositor’s birthday cake. Congratulations, too.

Sherry, Susan and I went to the show ‘The Bakers Wife’ with Tara.

Sunday church at Fairview. Mika and Adrian brought their neighbour. Welcome back, Iona and her daughter Kathy (maybe Bridget’s Aunt Joyce from Brampton came with Lynda, too).