Tehkummah Talk and Times – Mar 12-14

Saturday––Funny looking morning sky yesterday. I walked to the post office early and it must have been a balmy -4 in the sun. Have we ever seen an above minus temp since mid November? What a winter.

I thought I heard a Sandhill crane, but where would it land, where would it stand, what could it eat?

What do you say about the carnival rides, open now? Should be good for shakin’ off the weight or bouncing it off. And I do have a little ‘ahem’ to shake. The roller coaster rides almost free. I guess could be hard on the vehicle? Boy, there’s some beautiful frost heaves in the roads. ‘The pot holes of life?’ Actually our minister did an excellent sermon on that same topic a few years back.

I went to Mindemoya Friday to do some laundry. I was starved by the time I finished, after a little visit with my niece Mary (at the bank), I had my favourite meal at the Roosterant (chicken fingers and sweet potato fries). When don’t I talk about food, eh?

I wish I could get my act together. When I have a pen in hand and paper in front of me I don’t ‘see’ what needs to be done. For me, a good thing, I guess? I’ve got a sweet little Ginger cat beside me on the bed as I write. Sings to beat crazy and she’s so soft!

Mum’s been winning at cribbage, although Susan called and said she whomped Mum. Mum claims she was at a disadvantage as she had fallen down. Apparently got some bruises for that little trick?

Mum, Pauline and Wayne were in Mindemoya for appointments, shopping, and had supper out on Wednesday.

Thursday I picked Mum up for Bible Study. It was at the home of Coral Collins. Sunshine to drive in! Kathy had made a good cake and oatmeal cookies. We don’t just go for food and drink. Also a ‘little’ food for the soul.

I hear Dot Watson has got the bug now. Andy has just got out of the hospital. Andy Bowerman was in too. Seems to be a lot of illness around.

Keep well folks! ‘Spring is nigh’ we hope. How are the foot and leg folks doing, Joey and Terry? Hopefully moving about painless.

Ross carried a bag of sunflower seeds across the road for me yesterday. I best get moving and fill the feeders this morning. There’s been a big line up there all winter. Don’t know what it will be like when the spring birds come?

Nothing like misinformation in my column. I apologize for any inconvenience to anyone, but the pancake euchre chili I copied from our church bulletin as a fact, until Margaret phoned me and said no such thing was booked at the hall. ‘Whoops’ after the fact. Wonder how that happened? We do have an after Fairview Church potluck booked for March 23 at 1 pm. Everyone welcome.

Monday morning. Just popped in to Tara’s and was surprised to see Jacob and Skylar. I had forgotten mid-winter break is already in full tilt. I guess Sherry had fun with them? She took them back to the camp for a winter fun experience (snowshoes, toboggans, etc.). Sounded adventurous. Jacob had his friend Billie with him and Skylar had her friend Libby.

Sherry and Dave were late coming in to Carol’s and Earl’s last evening, but we sure had a lot of laughs after they arrived. We were sharing table space with Fred and Sheila Armstrong. Later a card game saw Cal the loser, while Cole and I were top dogs. Cole just learned cribbage last week but he’s sure caught on quickly! I beat Mother good after church. I told her that’s what happens when you play cards on Sunday. Ha! Though the sermon was on prayer and what it can do for you.

I asked Cal to slow down at the rock cut just before Lakeshore Road. I want to show you something I said. Well there it wasn’t! When I brought Mum home I saw a deer laying in a clump of trees. I thought it was dead. I saw all the snow up around it. Well the marks were there but the deer was gone. A mystery. There was a strange gouge in the snow as if it had hit the snow. Was it knocked out/stuck? Anyway, another one of life’s little mysteries. Strange? Did someone hit a deer there?

Thank you Ruth Leeson, our messages must have crossed?

Hey, it’s melting good today (Monday). It’s actually warm feeling out there. Now to get my patio cleaned off and my bench and my lawn chairs. Coffee mornings perhaps are getting closer! (I mean outside)

No Bible Study this Thursday, but on March 20 at Pauline’s starting at 10:30 am. Potluck style.

Watch for deer! I saw the first dove since last fall at the feeder on Sunday.

Poppy doesn’t seem to be feeling too well. Perhaps age related?

Lori and Rick were away for a couple of days of snow fun (snowmobiling, ice fishing).

Please be safe all those who are checking out the ice caves! Better still, do as I do, and look from solid land/snow.

Darlene, happy St. Paddy’s Day to you too. Message received.

Happy day to all!