Tehkummah Talk and Times

Snow, Sleet, Rain! – tears – Lord give us respite soon!

How can it keep going on? I feel sorry for my neighbour who must be sick to death of moving snow around. And I thank him so much for keeping a hole behind my van to let me out. I really appreciate good neighbours! After I rewrote a poem this morning I realized it was birthday time for my husband and brother, and it kind of got to me. Cal came in for a coffee, and comforted me in my gloom and doom.

Dorothy phoned so I’ve got out this afternoon to euchre in Manitowaning town.

Cleo just about fell off the window ledge; it’s fairly wide, but so is she. I guess she was sleeping too soundly. They like that spot, full view of the bird feeder and the “hundreds” of birds there. Pauline was telling us now the ducks are dying. I guess they can’t get through the ice to feed. A big die off of wildlife this year, I’m predicting.

Drove through slushy roads to get to Pat Novak’s on Thursday for bible study. Good to see Coral (Collins) there recovering from pneumonia, thank goodness. Kathy, Pauline, Lynda Martin; this has been a really great and interesting study.

Hey today, April 2, first day of cribbage for 2014. Hope to see a lot of folk out (weather permitting, that is?).

Be a blessing to others. This coming week, surprise someone with a good deed, or a kind gesture. It doesn’t have to be someone you owe a kindness to, but as they say- pay it forward, and perhaps they will continue the chain of thoughtfulness. Kids even, get up and do the dishes or something without being asked! Good luck, and I hope you are surprised with a nice deed/gift this week.

I saw Betty (Heis) last week at the store, home a week from Florida. Last evening at Carol’s and Earl’s she and Doug were there, stopped for a visit at the “Cousins” table, Cal, Gib and Florence. We later played cards/cribbage at Cal’s, the girls were the best, weren’t we?

At Carol’s and Earl’s after church there was just one table (Pauline, Terry, Burt, Lynda, Wayne, Mom, Elaine, Martin). Great to see Brent Bosje up and around. Looking good, Elaine too!

Susan and Ross Ward looking like Floridians, had only spent the day ice fishing. Ross caught a ling. Somehow he seemed to smile because of the nice weather!

Kathy walked home from South Baymouth after church! There sure were a lot of deer out and about too, afternoon and evening. Could see in South Baymouth where one had been killed on the road. Eric said he and Betty had been to Carol’s and Earl’s the night before and whoever had hit the deer took its head right off! Slow down, they are everywhere.

Cal took me to Espanola on Saturday. The roads were good. Sure is busy over there. We went to the Golden Dragon for lunch. Saw Lyle and Shirley (hope you are feeling better), Eileen and Alvin. I met Elaine Denovan and Sandy (whom I knew his face). Nice folks all at the same spot! Met Barb and Paul going into the mall as we were leaving!

Saturday evening we visited Sherry and Dave. They were already visiting with Ray, Tara and Skylar. Tara is still researching the McCauley family history and she’s sure acquiring a lot of information.

I also met Cole’s girlfriend Mackenzie that day as well.

Sunday the cats and I sat out at the bench enjoying the sun. Unbelievable. Fortunately the packed down path Jacob made last week was solid. I walked around to Mum’s for cards and walked back with my head hanging. Brian McCarthy was offering cardology lessons earlier in the day?

Hey, cribbage starts on Wednesday at 1:30 pm at the Tehkummah Hall.

Derek phoned from B.C. Northwoods this past week. Kim too! Then talked to Kim and Kathy Saturday evening. The Clarksburg folks are coming up for Easter.

Jr. U.C.W. Easter Egg Hunt is on April 19. Good Friday service is at St. Andrew’s on April 18.

A hawk was after my birds on Saturday while I was knocking some snow down.

Coral (Collins) is recovering from pneumonia. Good to see her at the Bible Study at Pat Novak’s on Thursday.

Get well wishes to Pat McEchearn and Elaine Willoughby.

This Saturday there will be a fundraiser at the Tehkummah Hall. There will be some country music talent.

Think ahead: Easter Sunrise Service at Fossil Hill on April 20.

Eric Russell says the sap is not running too well yet!

Hope you don’t get any April Fools tricks played on you!

Everett says he’s seen a coyote right at the corner of his apartment.

Kim said he had bear tracks at his front door? Could get a surprise? Early?