Tehkummah Talk Feb 19

Mollie and John came from Elliot Lake on Tuesday and spent time at Susan and Simon’s. Susan hosted a potluck style birthday party for Mollie on Wednesday. We had spaghetti, salad, chicken, pork, cabbage rolls, and a chocolate heart cake (with sparklers) for dessert served up with ice cream. Card game afterward, Susan and Pauline being the low on TIKI.

Thinking this morning of “My Name is Shirley Temple.” This was Mollie with her ringlets as a little girl when I heard of Shirley Temple’s death.

Well my radio was off its 100.7 and had rocky music when I picked up my van. Got home to find it hadn’t been serviced after all, just new straps to hold that most important gas tank on. The only place I shopped was the Rock and Rail gift shop for birthday presents!

Martin phoned and cancelled the Bible study for this week. He sounded awful flu buggy. I hear Lloyd Thomas has been down for a week with a bad bug too. I still have my sniffles. Cal got over his cold so quickly.

Out of the last 10 games I played with Mum, “I won nine”!!! (cribbage that is)

Got a pot of chicken soup simmering now (Thursday).

This past week in Manitowaning I said hello to Jerome. I think that’s just the second time since he and his crew worked on Tara and Ray’s basement.

Said hello to Harley Bayers in Mindemoya on Wednesday. I hadn’t seen him for ages.

Hey, I beat Mum three of five on Thursday. I almost got her good on one.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you didn’t forget your sweet hearts!