Tehkummah Talk & Times

The fog had lifted by the time we came home from the Providence Bay euchre tournament on Tuesday evening. I went with Dave and Laurene. They won fourth with 70, my partner, Dave’s niece Kathy, won the 50/50. As always, a fun evening and great lunch.

Golly, here it is Thursday already and hardly a word written. I guess they can’t read my writing anyway, as start of column poem was pot, not Pat and the end was column, not Coleen, anywho. Visitors in my yard so far: Pauline, Dorothy, Rick, Lori and I were visiting Mary and Barry to say goodbye early this morning. Then Dodds and Jovette, who are staying a few days at Joan’s house. They and Joan and Borden were up to Evansville for supper Wednesday evening.

It was good to have Gib and Florence back to cribbage again. We had six tables, always fun. Dorothy Allard had her daughter Lori with her (on holidays): high hand, Patrysha, 24 (actually a crib); first place, Lori and Dorothy, 939; second, Janet and Glenn, 927; third, Sheila and Graham, 919; low, Marg and Simon, 861; door, Dorothy A, Graham, Betty Jean.

We watched a hawk take one of my little birds from the feeder today. Jan (McMurray) today has a picture of her newest grandbaby. A big one he was, with a big “name” to match.

Ray and Tara had been to Espanola and Ray invited me over for KFC. Dave came out later, too. Alisha came along with a bag full of guppies. She was doing a trade, kind of, for her baby goldfish. Tara had scads of young ones in the pond this year.

Most interesting supper time conversation Friday evening at Carol’s and Earl’s. I sat with Malen, Ruth, David, Aaron, Sheila and Fred. Cougar sighting and photographs in a field near Manitowaning, also a bear too in the same time/week (near Rick’s). I was pleased to hear the young Amish students are memorizing my poem, Manitoulin Morning. Does that make me feel famous or what!

Some of the folks were heading south on the late ferry. Irene was popping Gravol. I’m not a good sailor, either. Better to be safe than sorry. Kathleen was travelling with them to see her eight-week-old namesake, Diane Kathleen (I hope I spelled it right!) 73 pieces off and 22? on two huge loads of round bales of hay and more Manitoulin rock!

The Anstice field is full of the beautiful (musical?) Sandhill cranes and wild geese. They are finding lots of crumbs in the corn fields after the harvest. The flyovers right now are fantastic! From my chair I can watch the birds at the feeder, a few blue jays have come into the picture. They are hoggish, and they hide their cache. There was a dozen of the cheery chickadees. They almost come to me. I should be like sis Susan and put seeds on my hat. In the winter when she goes skiing or snowshoeing her pet follows or goes with. I stopped in for a minute today. She’s been getting her gardens shaped up for winter. Looking good!

In town today, I met Ken Pepper’s wife Pat at Freshmart. Ken does cribbage and euchre, Pat does quilting!

To garbage dump to check the waves, not bad though it seems pretty windy. Trying to win the lottery. What are the odds anyway?

Do you know we could celebrate almost every day according to the Women’s World magazine (packed with info). Thursday, October 4 is World Animal day. They recommend feeding birds, I’m ahead of them. Friday, October 5 is Do Something Kind Day. I try to keep ahead of that one, too. Hold a door, buy someone a coffee, you get the drift. Do the dishes! Nice! Spread joy. Better the world.

Today, Sunday, was orange shirt day. Our church was decorated for fall with pumpkin and fall leaves and a gorgeous vase filled with sunflowers. The Wheelers of St. Marys, Ontario joined us today, friends of Linda McNaughton. Also, Mika and Adrian Braam. Mika has been doing some lovely knitting for our UCW. These folks are semi-permanent now and we welcome them to Lakeshore Road. Only Mary Yett fit into the orange category.

Cal phoned with the news that another Tehkummah resident had died. Muriel Pyette has spent the last few years in the nursing home in Espanola. She was 99. Sympathy to all the family and friends. She was a lovely lady.

Well, Tara helped (a lot) and I got the brush pile in my back yard buried this evening. They invited me to supper again. That’s three time this week. I may just move in, that will scare them!

Hey, if I counted right, 104 pieces off and 79 on today, two tour buses.

The fall colour is still in transition.

On Thursday evening I came home without the bid euchre scores. Almost four tables: Simon won the door again, that I do remember.

Should you be allowed to keep a blog if it has teeth and it bites? Selected people, I guess, received a report card on the township of Tehkummah telling them how to vote.