Tehkummah Talk & Times

His Wish

That we should fill our hearts

With truth and giving;

That we should prove our love

The way we’re living;

To save our land and ask

For our forgiving;

Look at these earthly bodies

As a temple

And taste each newborn day

Just as  a sample,

And follow in His way

As an example;

To toil our lives away,

To serve our brothers;

The hardest workers usually

Are the mothers;

To open up the world

And hearts to others

Look here below accepting

Church and steeple,

For God’s true love is sharing days

With all his people.

-Pat Hall, 2010

Isn’t it funny how things keep going through your mind. Do you still make the best hamburgers?? Reg Smeltzer’s comment when he saw me, “It’s funny how through the years since my days of slavery” (ha) in the snack bar/restaurant, I have often heard this comment. One thing I did well, I guess! I really liked those days, as hard as I worked. I loved the kids too, who grew up while I watched, and maybe some of them got more discipline from me than at home. It can’t be a sign of old age this thinking back, but I was wondering if the small sketches I did of the kids were still upstairs above the garage with the bills? Though I couldn’t do Sherry? The rest were good!

One winter I knit 17 variegated wool toques, in different colours, of course, for them all. When I got back from faxing this morning (early deadline) my phone was beeping. I knew it was friend Helen as it had been a week, I think, since our visit. I counted cars tonight: 92 pieces/cattle truck, three motorhomes off. Then 39 on and 5 semis with extra wagons, hay, rocks and surprises, I guess! Our island should be getting lighter! I got two lovely hand-written notes from great-nieces Ava Jean and Leah today. How precious! Their dad Peter just went home yesterday. It’s always good to get mail.

I had my supper, great fish and chips at Pierside tonight. This afternoon I went to Manitowaning town, coffee and bagel at Loco Beanz. The greatest visit with Barb and Hugh. They had problems, their outhouse blew over in the wild winds, two trees almost demolished it. Good news, they weren’t in it at the time!

Thankful or what? What a blessing a huge family can be. Starting earlier today when the huge wonderful “Family Brown” filled once again, the pews at St. Andrews by the Sea. Our timely service was on gratitude, coinciding with World Communion Day.

I stopped at Carol’s and Earl’s for a coffee and met a nice couple from Goderich area. She’s a photographer, and they were doing the back roads, admiring fall colours. Seeing lots of deer. I sure didn’t, but, Sherry says there was another cougar sighting in their back field. I’ve heard the wolves and coyotes lately.

It was so good to see Marion Case at Sherry’s. Dave went and got his mom and returned her safely to Centennial Manor. Tara, Ray, Skylar, Marg Reckahn, Tavis and Alisha, Tory, Amelia, Desmona, Declan and baby Derek, who has three teeth, and I saw them when I made him cry. (I always make babies cry). I’m sure he will remember me. Anyway, a pretty full house and, as always, a delicious meal. Everyone contributes. After everyone got away, Sherry and I had a game of Tiki. I won the first, she the second, the final later.

Three eagles soaring at the Lakeshore Road turnoff, and a huge flock of grey and white pigeons were in the field. There wasn’t even a barn nearby. I never thought of that before, but, where do they go after the barn’s torn down? Is that a Murphy’s Law thing? Like locking the barn door after the horse is gone?

Happy 27th? Did I remember right? Wedding Anniversary to Gary and Janet Prairie. Happy birthday Kim, October 23.

You know I have concluded that I am really good at one thing! And that is making a mess. I start with the greatest intentions, and it’s all downhill from there. Why does my organizing look so dis_ _ _. Oh well, I’m too old to change now. But I find stuff to read, I find stuff to copy, I find stuff to clip. I never got over my days of playing cutouts? And I write poetry with a vengeance some days! But I wanted to congratulate Judy Blue on her ace chasing. She had a very lucky day Wednesday, and she claims it was because she took me with them to see the ferry on Tuesday and treated me to an ice cream cone! You just never know? That had been twice I’d been in that day. I went to Pierside for my breakfast, stayed and counted cars then, too, 66 off, 106 on. Afternoon, 82 off and 111 on, more or less pieces, I count trailers as one.

Anyway, on a lazy day it’s a fun thing to do. Victoria McDonald, great-niece, was heading back to her school this morning.

We had six and a half tables for cribbage Wednesday afternoon. Every now and again I average out the scores and give valuable (ha) prizes. Actually, it’s the recognition. Patrysha and Laura received a perfect 968 score this month and also game average of 922; Janet and Glenn, 909; Bert and Joy and Brad and Dorothy, 904; Bill and Betty Jean, 903 (three highest games in the month); skunks, Hugh and Marilyn, three in one day; Brad and Dorothy, Graham and Sheila three in the month. We had two high hands today, 24; first, Marg and Doris, 934; second, Ted and Stan, 932; third, Cal and I, 917; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 812; door, Sheila, Lori and Lina.

Five tables for bid euchre on Thursday. Next week is regular euchre tournament. Today: Graham, high, 196; Dave, second, 186; Stan, third, 183; low, Simon; 50/50, Simon, (four weeks in a row)?

The South Shore Volunteer Firefighters would like to thank all who attend and support, purchase and donate their items (treasures) for their annual July 1 yard sale. You have no idea how much it helps the brigade and those in distress after a catastrophic event. It is extremely appreciated by the volunteers for the South Shore Firefighters. Lorna, a volunteer, dropped this at my door this past week! I, too, would like to thank you all for your time and devotion to this community.

Sounds like this is Meika and Adrian Braam’s last weekend as they are heading home this week. The seasons roll around fairly quickly, it seems, and all our summer people will soon be “home” again. Church the usual. I couldn’t believe how my readings Janet Oke’s books had paralleled the reading today and the hymns.

I shopped Manitowaning in the afternoon. Bought Hagen Dazs Irish cream tarts. Stopped at Sis Susan’s, she was still at fall cleanup. I’m envious of the ability (if you know what I mean). She said, “I thought you’d be in at the last boat of the season.” So, guess where I went from there. Barely any parking. The usual good bye and three longs and two shorts salute and answering car horns and waving arms both ways. I wonder did the cyclers ride their bikes home? One vehicle left!