Tehkummah Talk & Times

Monday afternoon a carload went to Providence Bay for bid euchre; Betty Jean was our taxi driver, Linda, Marg and I were passengers. We all came home with money in our pockets. BJ and Linda’s moon hands; I won the 50/50; Marg and Linda in the money (high scoring); Janet K first, I think. Congratulations to Janet who was done on Friday and James that same day. She was running the bid euchre today and was on KP.

Our table did pretty well at bingo on Monday evening too.

The winter scenery, picture postcard lovely to admire on Monday’s drive as well. Lots of hungry birds. Sherry had the (yellow) grosbeaks at her feeders on the weekend. We rarely see them anymore. We used to have them (lots) year around in our yard.

Couldn’t believe it! I didn’t wake until 10:30 am Tuesday morning, and I really can’t wake running, as I have to get oriented first. I do have some close calls.

Six tables for cribbage today: high hands, 24, Janet K. and Ruth McDonald; first, Florence A. and Gib, 949; second, Stan A. and BJ K., 945; third, Cal and I, 937; low, Doris and Sandra, 840; door, Sheila, Doris and Graham.

I took a few minutes out today between coffee time at the library and the start of cribbage to pop over to Audrie Williamson’s where a few more of our Sr. U.C.W. group called in to wish her special congratulations on her 102nd birthday on Thursday, November 15. She was looking just wonderful and sounded great. Her family is helping her celebrate tomorrow (15th).

My sister left special portraiture in my car of me today. A classic work!

Watching the CMA awards tonight. Did the music seem more country this year? I’m really enjoying the show anyway.

I really wanted to go to the Sault this year to watch one of our own country legends be inducted into the Northern Opry. Belated congratulations, Jeff Pyette. The bus trip to and from alone is so worth the travel. Music all the way.

Christmas is definitely on its way. I can’t tell by the amount of snow on the ground but today, November 16, I got my first card  (Christmas, that is). Brenda (my neighbour) came through my door with some old photos from a church anniversary and a cake replica of our church I had made in 1972. (I do remember I finished it just an hour or so before the special events that day.)

Talking to Judy today on the phone. I used to visit a bit. I think I must be too busy or too tired anymore?

Eight tables Tuesday evening for the regular euchre tournament, Joan Beard was on KP for the evening: lone hands, Pat and Blaine Nelder, 8 and also a high score of 80, they tied with Graham and Sheila; third, Simon and Marg, 78; fourth, Marlaine and Marg C., 74; low, Jeneen and Norma, 44; door, Stan Allan.

Had to wade deep again, snow to the bird feeders this morning. There will be a busy crew at the hall today preparing vegies for the turkey supper.

Kim phoned this morning too, I hope the roads are clear for those deer hunters.

Kathy’s going to be sunning herself on one of those tropical islands. Dorothy got home around two on Thursday, she was iced in in Toronto on her journey home.

This Tuesday afternoon is bid euchre, starts at 1 pm.

I hear Raymond McKenzie is in hospital, thinking of you.

Audrie Williamson is still continuing “The Big Birthday Celebration” as she attended the turkey supper on Saturday evening with Grant and Eileen.

What is so nice about this St. Andrew’s event each year is talking to folks, old friends perhaps, we only see now in hunting season. Great to say hello to George Arnold, Nancy and Linda who was sharing with them. My table space was shared with Wendy and Darrel, Rosalea and David, Williard, Austin, Maya, and I met her husband Guy. We thank all the wonderful waiters and waitresses, the kitchen cooks, organisers. Pat N. counted the workers having their meal after and figured about 40 working and they served over 350. Was delicious.

Winners in The Triangle Club Big Money draw: Margeurite Hore, $500; Linda Bowerman, $300; Peggy Bygraves, $200.

Earlier in the day I went to Little Current Funeral Home and spent a few minutes with Art McMurray’s family and offered my sympathy.

I popped into Barney’s while up there. I don’t know when I last drove that far. Had a phone call from sis Susan this morning. Said she forgot my phone number. Heck, I even forgot my own daughters. I’m not a phone person. When Mollie calls it’s at least an hour, so, one has phone ear?

I still have my psychedelic “cats” vest on and my hippie beads. This year’s theme. There was a “Cher” lookalike, three long black-haired hippies; you could tell they were all from the same family! Some good replicas from the era.

Tory received a first deer presentation and John got his name on the big buck award this year. Supper was before the presentations. Pulled venison, sausage in blueberry venison cabbage rolls made by Kim, pork loin, lasagna, baked beans, rolls, biscuits, cheesecake, salad, cookies etc. etc.

We had a divided camp sing-off karaoke style. Two group songs, two solos and two duets (from each team). The emcee did a solo after the competitions, not bad! Tara took me in with her; I was a little apprehensive about the road, but it has already been well travelled and well packed; though icy. Tory, Kim, Sherry, Dwayne, Hank, Tavis, John and his son David and staying there for the hunt. Anyway, as always, a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, a lot of music and a lot of great food and friends from two other camps behind us. Tara and I drove past my stranded sister too! It’s amazing how much can be packed in one day. It seems longer than this morning since church. Our sermon in song too, our walk through this life, new piano music, great singing.

Martin, Lynda, Pauline, Mary and I stopped at Carol’s and Earl’s for lunch. Bert and Audrey at the next table. We don’t see them so much anymore. Fran Brown and all her family came from Barrie to help with the St. Andrews supper.

Just heard of the death of Sandy Denovan. Sympathy to the family and friends.