Tehkummah Talk & Times

A phone call from my friend Pat Falter on Monday evening had me heading for Providence Bay on Tuesday morning for a visit and breakfast shared at Huron Sands restaurant. It was great to see her. She has had a busy time with Herman. But, he is doing great now, even left her a couple more days at their campsite. Came home, had a nap and decided I had left off visiting with Helen O. for long enough and decided the service would be faster delivering her birthday card, than mailing it. I wasn’t there too long until the girl at the front desk found me and asked if I had the Tan Van, yup, I had a flat tire! I forget, I have roadside assistance, I guess because I never much need it! Well, met a real nice young gentleman who showed me that I really did have a spare tire and where they had hidden it! Thank you so much Dan Menary and your lovely new tow truck and equipment from Mindemoya. That was a bonus meeting him and added bonus, I got an extra hour or so to visit with Helen.

Tonight, I went to the neighbours and ordered up a cup of tea. It’s just like living next to a restaurant! We hear there is a newborn mini baby foal today at Kicking Mule. A great petting zoo there.

Cribbage, six tables: high hand, Dorothy Cronk, 24; first, Noreen and Glenda, 945; second, Keith and Jessie, 942; third, Dorothy A. and Joy, 939; low, Laura and Patrysha, 877; door, Patrysha, Dorothy A. and Keith. Thanks for lunch and all who provide!

Every once in a while I do a roundup of cribbage scores, not too hard if one keeps the same partner all along. So, out of six weeks I pick the highest three scores to get an average. Winning an oversize chocolate bar (we share the expenses). The actual glory is being recognized (the mini two bite size.) Shirley and Betty, Donna and Hugh tied with 938; Ruth and Bill, 933; Sandra and Doris, 930; Lori and Rick, 931. I didn’t keep track of the skunks! I told them I couldn’t afford the onion payout.

Well here we go, July first. Dorothy Cronk’s birthday. That’s special isn’t it?

I imagine there are a few tired folks after the “first” Canada Day celebration of the weekend. I missed the fireworks too, but I could hear the explosions here.

Lots of new faces at Sandfield tonight. Even Fred and Bev Pickard all the way from Gore Bay (part of a carload). Marg Arnold, 84 and five lone hands; Annette, 83; Sheila won 50/50; Norm Thomas, three nines. Great to see Judy Parkinson out and about finally feeling better, she says. Thank goodness.

Bob and Valerie Brill are heading west soon to meet their new granddaughter, Emily Dawn. Congrats to the family.

Hummingbird syrup, one-part sugar to three parts water, boil until dissolved. 

Our Tehkummah Fairview UCW strawberry social is on Saturday, July 13 at 7 pm. Come and join and enjoy!

Bid euchre, June 27, 6 3/4 tables, 7:30 pm: first, Janet Knechtal, 212; second, Glenn, 203; third, Joe, 195; 50/50, Ronda; low, Dorothy, 109. Next bid euchre, a month from now, July 25.

Each day brings some sad news, so it seems. This evening we were shocked to hear of the death of Burt Case of Sandfield, sympathy to the family.

While heading to euchre tonight a raccoon was running down the main street ahead of me. The streets are busier than they used to be.

Ray is suffering from gout this week, going on crutches. We had campfire in the backyard Friday, Sherry, Dave, Tara, Ray and Skylar.

Market today in Tehkummah. Even if I don’t sell a book, it is always so interesting reconnecting with folks or meeting new. Of course, anyone who reads me. It goes to my head! Faces I know! Len Harfield remembers the Saturday night dances and stopping at the snack bar. Ray Geiger read me. One Manitoulin snapping turtle large rescued by Margaret and Diane on the highway. Jack and Winnie from Watson’s Camp, he and I had cancer treatments same time. Gail the lady of leisure.

Leanne and Jeff Crouch, photo of their lovely cat Pearly. Also, a photo of them taken with Ruth Leesen just a week before her death, Michelle (nee McCulligh). Bob Runnel in surgery, get well soon. Irene and family at their summer camp in South Bay.

David Leeson is doing some research on Fred’s Harbour, early days of sawmill, up to Hindman’s timber. Watering and booms photos and stories would be appreciated.

You can see my first day was interesting, oh yeah. The pay back, confused me!? And Lori’s great entertainment, thanks.

Well, I didn’t make it to the fish supper at South Baymouth on Saturday evening. I was napping, but had a busy day shopping the sales and again visiting. The firefighters I think had more than ever and our Fairview Church had a sale of good stuff in Betty Jean’s yard, nice and shady. Saw Norma, Pauline and Wayne working there. We got the last hamburgers at the museum grounds and Cal got the last hot dog, sellout! I ordered just in time for Jodi and Sherry who I was travelling with checked out the auction. The parade, as always, is the greatest for a small town. Homemade ice cream by the Amish folk and regular ice cream treats after the parade and at the museum grounds.

Cal said he had breakfast on Sunday morning with some of the Pyette family who have a cottage for the weekend at South Baymouth.

Got a phone call this morning from Tracy at Windfall Lake. They have a lost small dog in their possession.