Tehkummah Talk & Times

“Back in the Saddle Again!” Well, that was one of the oldies that we were blessed with or sang along with this afternoon.

I am back in my Layzee girl chair. Again, with pen in hand, to tell you of a most wonderful day with my friends. Actually, it was the trip to Meldrum Bay, that wasn’t…… Corrine and I left Tehkummah at 10 am with Nora, our driver. Got to Gore Bay Lodge an hour later, a bit of socializing there. I said hello to Raymond McKenzie. The girls had connections, chatted for a bit. On good advice of nursing staff, and Mamie Anne, we four had a most delightful couple of hours visit and lunch at the Gore Bay Golf Club. What a lovely place. We chose the patio! It was wonderful. I sure can recommend it! Almost 2 pm, scrap the long trip in favour of musical entertainment at the Lodge this afternoon. The McDonalds, John (banjo), Sharon (guitar) and Jennifer (beads?). What a great afternoon of sing-a-long, name that tune and old songs. Memories attached (they are going to be back a month from now. Gloria did her dance through with “Waltzing Matilda” (She’s great!) We didn’t leave without a cuppa and a delicious cake. All in all, that seems to be a pretty special spot. Thanks, all! We decided a shorter tour was possible, so we drove in a circle? Around Barrie Island? Lots of great-looking farms, some hay down, some in! Home here around 5 pm. Super day. Mamie Anne is the same age as my sis, Pauline, but we all walked to school together “back in the day” as they say, and Corrine’s Mum Ruby Coultis was our teacher. When we first went to the Slash (SS#7 Assiginack) school we added up to 49 kids to teach in that one room school. Lots of catching up. Beautiful day weather wise as well!

I finished my day with a visit with sister Susan, who was having a “Hay Day”! They were at the barn preparing for winter, already yet! She’s been busy, I’ve been busy. They’ve been busy, like ships that pass in the night! Or day!

Admiring the roadside beauty, wild iris, and I saw the first wild rose a week ago. The first Canada Lily, just ahead of that and those gorgeous pink lady slippers. Do we have more than ever on our roadsides. I was pleased to see a black and white warbler in my backyard, shopping for groceries for his family. The men really pull their weight here. A small deer ran across the road tonight from the Anstice gate. (I think it was?) Something has been digging up the just-planted potatoes? Why? I intended to mention last Thursday that near to the Manitowaning turnoff a white cube van? Stopped, a turtle rescue in operation. Thanks, lady, traffic stop.

When your bones are bad your vocabulary kind of matches! My feet, my back, my knees, my stupid hands/fingers. For instance, this morning I didn’t have the lid on my coffee can yet and major drop, major spill! So, the garden gets more good soil builder. That’s it when my back decides it will bend for the pickup/cleanup lots. Anyhow, I said, oh la la, or something like that. Most of my days have a drop story? Yes? Words to accessorize! Someone “stole” both my phone books, too! Eleanor, I was going to call you, hope you are keeping OK! My days seem so full of, I was going to….!

There is a wild turkey gobbler giving folks a run for their money on the Slash Road. We can assume he has a lady friend housekeeping nearby. Kevin Overfield got good photos of it racing his truck. Quite a few folks have had encounters. Please be careful of it.

Another day, nothing accomplished! But, the card playing is going well. We had eight tables again for cribbage and an awful lot of fun and good food again! High hand, Nancy, 24; first place, Ted and Ruth McD., 949; second, Doris and Sandra, 944; third, Keith and Jessie, 943; low, Hugh and Donna, 776; door, P.J. Hall, Cal and Sandra. Our games start at 1:30 pm, Wednesday afternoon. All are welcome.

Betty Jean drove Dorothy and me to Sandfield euchre. We should be counting how many times the threes, and nines are called. Ending up finally with the girl with the horseshoe! She also had four lone hands, Marg A.; men’s high, shared, Rick and Bill C.; ladies’, ?; 50/50, Norma.

Somebody suggested at euchre perhaps the “tater” digging varmints were Irish?

Euchre, four and a half tables, loads of fun. This next Thursday, July 18 evening (for sure this time) is regular tournament: men’s high, Joe; men’s lone hands, 4, Joe and Dennis; men’s low, Pat Hall, 53; ladies’ high, Annette, 74; ladies’ lone hands, Brenda Hemming, 2; low, Nora, 47; door, 50/50, Dennis.

Nice to have Brenda and Grant back for their annual summer holidays. I popped in to Pierside tonight for my supper. Jane Woodbury at the next table, just met her last Saturday. Well, we talked up a storm. Creative, spiritual and gardening. And I get to watch the ferry load and unload, seems to be lots of walk-ons. Bev Pickard was meeting relatives for the dinner cruise.

I wonder if it’s time to get my eyes checked. I did see three moons tonight! (Wednesday).

Glow little glow, warm glimmer, glimmer! The lightning bugs are about. I still want to catch them and put them in a glass jar. We were way ahead on the solar lights as kids!

On Monday afternoon I went to the Sandfield Community Centre, but there was no one left at the Hall. I had missed Dot’s service and/or family to offer sympathy personally.

Well, here it is early deadline. But I’ve got seven darn pages written anyway.

Baby foxes are keeping South Baymouth folks entertained.

Are they dumping bears again? Seems an awful lot of sightings. One seen with four cubs; do you think she adopted?