Tehkummah Talk & Times

Cal said he could smell bear in his yard on Sunday. There are still folks seeing them on Slash Road! Watch for them!

Golly, here it is Market morning already and I’ve got a week’s worth to think about and try to remember. Had my first ripe tomato sandwich last night for supper. The beans and peas I’m starting on this past week. They would be better with the help of rain? But for such short rows they are producing well. I must try the spuds!?

Sherry drove me to Espanola for eye tests Thursday. I have to have one over again on Monday! My technician’s name is Megan. What a nice girl. We both said hello to our neighbours. The motorcycle (bums?) Doug and Don at the Chinese restaurant, and I saw Sissy Pat at the grocery store. I like the bench for sitting at the mall, waiting for shoppers.

Thursday morning got a call from Eileen about Audrie’s fall and a broken hip. Supposed to be in Sudbury getting it fixed Thursday. Hope all went well! Thinking of you, dear one!

Tara was cleaning the pond filter on Wednesday, I was the spectator and we had heard the ambulance siren.

Cribbage afternoon, eight full tables and a great lunch. Thanks. I made boiled raisin muffins that day. Two high hands, 24, Joy and Ruth McG.; first, Joy and Dorothy A., 927; second, Cal and I, 922; third, Ted and Ruth, 916; low, Doris and Noreen, 813; door, Noreen P., Betty Jean, Florence.

Sandfield euchre, 21st, six tables: Ladies’, Pat Nelder, 83; men’s and five lones, Bill Montgomery, 93; three 9s, $10, Beth; 50/50?

Eileen and Grant stopped Friday evening, while plant watering here Audrey, hip replacement! Sitting up having supper! Why am I not surprised!

Raymond Chatwell recently had some surgery, but I hear he is home and doing well.

Ron Anstice, too, had carpal tunnel surgery and is in recovery mode as well, hard on busy folk to be tied down!

Lynn Fry, I think, has a birthday near. Jodi Hall celebrates hers on the 25th of August. We sang the happy birthday song to Pat Norton on Wednesday and she gave us some gifts (she does things like that!)

Went to Manitowaning town Friday afternoon for euchre with Dorothy Cronk, my partner. We got to top billing with 77 points. Hugh and his partner were right behind with 76 (no other information.)

Bid euchre, four tables, Tehkummah: first, Glenn, 259; second, Janet, 228; third, John, 209; low, Dave James, 106; a moon, Hank; 50/50, Judy P.

I can’t believe how cold the mornings are, but the sky this morning is simply amazing, and all the way home from Sunsite the sunset was spectacular last evening. August is always famous for cloud formations, so lately I’ve been doing lots of admiring. Somehow driving north seems best, but speaking of, I see huge flocks of blackbirds and formation-flying geese, I think they’re gearing up, preparing for an early frost. Derek says two families of mud wasps are building homes in the very tops of trees and the spruce cones are at the very top, so buy extra high snow boots! Just saying! Oh yeah, the days are shortening down, and the kids are getting ready for back to school, that’s another sign. Enough said! Oh, more birds in the yard again. 

I helped Jodi celebrate her birthday last evening with a steak BBQ. Tristen the cook, it was delish, but there was no birthday cake. I could have gotten on my way there (maybe) or baked (my furnace just kicked in again.)

Just Sherry and Dave extra. Sherry and Jodi had a girls’ day yard saling. While we were there Tory called from Ottawa to wish his Mom “happy birthday”. But, also had information from the Island that Tavis was in hospital with possible heart problems (he’s 39), so needless to say, Sherry and Dave were upset and we all were worried. I stopped at the Hall on my way home. Lots of dancers enjoying the music. The Baileys did they miss a dance? Smiling, enjoying, music does make you happy. Eugene Manitowobi was enjoying and entertaining when I walked in, heard a rumour that he also won the 50/50. Doug was guest fiddler for the evening, Norm, Gordie, Harold and Peter, The Islanders. I heard they had some extra singers. What I did hear, as always, was great!

It must be a bug of some type. These panic attacks, heart, connected complications, some slightly different. Are the aliens attacking us from? It seems strange that most of us have had weakness in arms and legs. Too coincidental and everybody is tired! All that juice, excess from the electronic gadgets? Some invading us, well maybe?

Talking to Tavis this morning, his blood pressure is coming down, he seems good! Take care all you injured and ailing.

God Bless.