Tehkummah Talk & Times

Backward- Forward

I stand upon the thres

old of two years

And backwards look and

forward strain my eyes

Upon blotted record fall

my tears

While brushing them

aside a sweet surprise

Breaks like a day down

on my upturned face

As I remember all my

daily grace.

Thou hast been good to

me the burdened past

Thou hast borne with

me and the future days

Are in thy hands I 

treble not but cast

My care upon thee and

in prayer and praise

Prepare to make the

coming year the best

Because of nobler work

and sweeter rest.

– Anonymous

Our Christmas bingo. We had snacks and coffee and extra draws. I won a “Happy Holidays” sign. It’s already on my front door. Thanks Yogi, Simon (Betty Jean and Margaret for helping out.) Starlings at the feeders the last few days. Maybe it’s because there are suet cakes out there too, but in the last few years we have only seen them in the spring with the blackbirds. 

I’m still confused (perhaps they are too) about the one brilliant yellow goldfinch.

Wednesday, December 18, six tables: high hands today, three of them, 24s, Betty Gammie (two) and Florence Pyette; first, Ruth and Bill McGregor, 949; second, Ted and Bobbi Jo, 930; third, Gib and Florence, 915; low, Ken and Judi, 855; door prizes, Marg Case, Gib Pyette, Bobbi Jo; extra draws, included a ham and a turkey, thanks, plus, Glenda, Noreen, Betty Jean, Ken, Brad, Betty Gammie, Bobbi Jo and Donna. We had some end of the season recognitions the last couple of months high scores: Bill, Betty Jean, 943, and five skunks! Donna and Hugh, Bill and Ruth, tied, 932. Our next cribbage is January 8.

In this past week I have received three Angel key tags and one Angel pin. Someone is trying to tell me something?

My daughter drives me through the worst weather and brings me home safely. We were stopped in the line behind the six-car pileup outside of Little Current on Thursday morning December 19. Ray, Tara and Skylar were held up too. We were late for our appointment in Sudbury, but all is well that ends well. I was starving to death and have three more pinholes again. It’s a wonder I don’t leak (oh yeah, I forgot already.) The roads were awful with the light blowing snow early in the day, better towards Sudbury, but found the most in Tehkummah tonight in my yard! We had our lunch at Gloria’s, a great spot, good food. CATscan technician Janet was so nice and funny. And a ride from sister Anna Marie McCoy via wheelchair.

A lovely phone call from my friend Helen (December 20). She has a bad cold but she’s always chatty and happy sounding. She said Crystal Shawanda paid a long musical visit at the nursing home recently. Helen probably deserves much credit for helping that girl on her famous journey, as she was only 10 years old when she sang at Tehkummah the first time! Remember Leroy (the step dancer) and the three singing sisters (I forget their names!) Those years have rolled by us.

Jeneen is going away for the holidays. I wasn’t even aware she had recently had surgery again. Keep well!

The last couple of mail days have brought in wonderful messages and photographs and gifts! Lucky me!

A revolving door on Monday as Santa Claus came in bearing gifts in so many disguises. As I write this, I even have a pie on my lap. David, Susan, Paula, Carol, Ed, Skylar etc, etc.

Triangle Club euchre tournament, December first: Marg and Marlaine, 74; second, Lois and Marg, 73; third, Brad and Bill, 73; low, Simon and Hank, 51; lone hands, Marg and Lois and Brad and Bill, 5; 50/50, Norma.

The company is heading home, Saturday, Marg and Ray’s brother Ken are heading home to Elliot Lake and Vancouver respectively. Jase is catching the bus in Sudbury for Toronto on Sunday, December 29. I popped down to Lori and Rick’s on Friday to say hello. It’s been a busy time. We did the usual breakfast at the neighbours and after a six-person game of sequence that morning (Skylar’s Christmas present, one of them). Later had dinner at Dave and Sherry’s twelve of us (I think) as always, the family stuff is good, great, wonderful. Santa Claus is pretty darn good too!

A nice full church on Christmas Eve. Special music to fill in with Pat and John Novak away. Once again thanks to Patrick O’Leary. Such a nice service to welcome the baby Jesus (you might say a warm welcome). A phone call from Helen Saturday morning. Later I went to Mindemoya to wash a furry quilt, my darn cat never quits shedding! Heard this morning that Jean Case passed away. Sympathy to her family. She was always busy looking after someone with meals on wheels or homecare up until a short time ago. She went into the nursing home in Wiikwemkoong.

Happy New Year, 2020. Hope your family Christmas season was fantastic.

I’m in recuperation mode this day it is already afternoon and I’m still tired from greeting the “Little New Year in.” The folks at the hall danced up a storm. Oh, nothing like last year’s deep snowfall. They all seemed to have fun. For me it was fun watching. My annual birthday party. Norma Thomas too, who shares the same date! Got the same party, December 31. After the ‘Happy New Year’ salutes, a good buffet luncheon was enjoyed by all. Bill the DJ and the Assiginack Lions Club and organizers, thank you. Door prizes and 50/50 draws.

I have the sorest arm. I just got my flu shot yesterday when I had a meeting with my doctor. Sherry and I had lunch at Loco Beanz afterwards. Saw Jeanette Barrette who had been away visiting family over Christmas. Ross and Susan Ward were away visiting over the Christmas holiday.

Bid euchre, Thursday at 1 pm.

Yikes, I just sliced my knuckle, a paper cut. So much for writing! At least it’s on my bad arm!

Last year I got a flu shot for the first time in years. The only reaction was some energy which never comes amiss, this year I got the arm. A bad reaction, untold misery, enough heat to save on bills, dry out a cloth in two seconds flat? Finally went to see about it! On the fifth day finally some relief, the itch is gone! Hey, you folks, “Mindemoya” who do the candy cane lane extravaganza each and every year, I thank you. I drove by three times and then I saw the real deer at the apartments, your town deer. This year I also did some extra driving, candy cane lane is great, right to the treeless tree on the corner the opposite way. That’s a good street to drive (you should rename that street?) Thanks folks. Well, sneaked out and got the sticker I forgot on my birthday. I was in town that day too (I got the arm!)

Church cards, sleep, day patterns.

Talked to Judy Friday evening. Bob is in hospital in Sudbury. Fell and broke a hip. Get well soon!

We are back to meeting schedule for 2020.