Tehkummah Talk & Times

My sisters took me out to Green Acres for a birthday lunch on Tuesday. A nice visit, the three of us rarely get together anymore. Thanks, Pauline and Susan, it was great. I missed a Betty Jean visit, but had a call later from her.

The Triangle Club monthly meeting, the first for 2020, was Tuesday. Always get the nice reminder calls from Eileen.

Wednesday morning: we’re back in the swing again. We have a new consultant too for anyone with problems (and don’t we all). I had made a quick trip to Mindemoya in the early morning (due to my forgetfulness) and still made it back for an hour of Coffee Time! Cribbage was great. Seven and a half tables and a new fellow from our area. So welcome, Bob! We had three high hands of 24, Patrysha, Judi and Ted; high today, Marg C. and Noreen, 946; second, Gib and Florence, 943; third, Sandra and Doris, 940; low, Patrysha and Laura; door, Bob, Doris and Bill McG. Good lunch.

Here it is 7:20 am, Thursday and I’m ready for bed early. Sherry just delivered me home from my Sudbury cardiologists’ appointment. Roads iffy in spots, worse our area going this morning and worse Espanola and maybe the highway was icy. It sure looked it in the car lights. A lot of Manitoulin folks at Dr. Shukla’s office while we were there and of course, I forgot my handicap sticker again. Nothing new. We had our lunch at Gloria’s again, late, but we were an hour behind today. They were busy and of course the parking? Saw Perry and Barb at Walmart then Sherry saw them again in Espanola. I am so lucky to have Sherry run me here and there.

I met the new florist in Mindemoya on Wednesday morning. Nice shop. They do deliver too!

BJ’s (Kavanaugh) daughter Kaitlyn drove six hours to surprise her Mom. She came to the bingo too on Monday evening.

Dorothy Cronk came in to check on me today and brought the bid euchre results from January 9: first, Linda B., 215; second, Donna C., 200; third, Dave James, 168; low, Terry W., 27; 50/50, Dave James, $10.

In the check-out lane in Sudbury didn’t I see my summertime neighbour Sharon Williamson. It was nice to say hello again.

Congratulations Morley Runnalls (is 75 getting there?) I’m thinking as I write, I may get to give a personal wish, but, just in case, Happy Birthday and many more songs.

You know I stockpile the papers. I got almost all of last week’s read. A lot of good reading, birds, butterflies, fish etc. etc. Congrats to Lucy Sagle.

Cake baking, icing making Friday. 

Just like a little kid I had to get Susan to unzip me. I was doing my zipper coat to vest and got stuck!

I went to the neighbours after supper and Tara challenged me to a Tiki game, smug me, won the first by about half. The second game she had 20 to my 81 (not so smug me!) It’s a whole different game with only two people playing and one deck of cards!

It’s three in the morning tonight and I can’t sleep!

When I was talking to Kim he was battening down the hatches, food and stuff ready for a maybe power outage due to the ice storm?

I have been cooking a lot this past week and delivering as well as eating them. Well you have to test!

A couple of cribbage games down at Carol’s and Earl’s, filling in the time with fun. Of course, I beat two to one, only because I’m sure he was injured.

Four hundred and twenty-seven pages of intimidation. Big fat books do that to me. But three days later, it was good!

The day the girls, Betty Jean and Norma, delivered the Triangle Club Christmas gift baskets to the nursing homes they said Jim and Joanne Smith were making music at the Centennial Manor. The girls were happy to get all the visits and personal deliveries in.

Sometimes I want to scream. The Visa squad department press one called again. This time the suspicious activity took $600?

Talking to Jodi and Derek on Saturday morning, two feet of snow in his driveway overnight. A job for the day! A phone call from Kim too, they were curious about my last visit with the cardiologist (me too?) Things are what they are!

Sister Peg called on Sunday morning, my once a year birthday. She’s making it a good one! It was her birthday on Friday, we are a year and 10 days apart.

I had a pot of chicken soup on the go. It was pretty darned good. Lunch and supper.

Ray was blowing snow, colder today. I wasn’t out at all. They filled the bird feeders. Seems to be lots around. 

Heard Willie Pegalo sprained her shoulder? Get well soon.

Sympathy to the Hall family in the loss of Nora. I heard this morning (Monday) that she had passed away.

Daisy popped through the door bearing gifts!! Thanks!