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Fading Star

The moon hung in its  

silent solitude

Untroubled by the stars 

in this vast space

And watched the world 

on its destructive path

With a very troubled look 

upon his face.

What are they doing 

there? they heard him


The earth is fragile, 

humans, don’t you know?

You can’t destroy what 

feeds the human heart

Like beauty, forest, lakes 

and wildlife as you go.

Pollution, I can see from 

way up here,

Piles up on every feature 

you possess

As blight and cancers 

eating at your soul

Your once lovely world is 

now a mess.

Your wasteful selfish 

ways it seems the cause

Exploiting all your 

treasures for the cash

Near your end causes 

flooding, fire and storms.

Can you not see your path 

has been quite rash?

From here I see the havoc 

that you face

Each night I view your 

chaos from afar

While you go on 

destroying your own race

You soon will look like 

me or

Just another empty star.

– Pat Hall

January 19, 2020

I’ve had Angie deliver my faxes out to the Municipal Office the last two Mondays. This day (20th) I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am so tired. Mollie called early from Winnipeg, her usual long chat. Richard was in and fixed my TV early in the morning, he said temp was minus 29. I love the TD Insurance commercial. The kids, the street hockey, the garage door! I’m doing a short week’s column as we are heading to Toronto. I have to be there for some tests on January 27.

Tuesday made some boiled raisin muffins. In the afternoon went to the birthday party at the Hall. We had three wonderful musicians: Lyle, Gordie and Wayne. Those guys get better all the time. Margaret and Linda were on KP.

I drove Eileen home after and visited, I was going to town anyway. Lois had a contest. Some of us were almost as smart as a fifth grader! Good cake and ice cream!

Hello, Dorothy Ferguson, how is the retirement going so far?

Marguerite Peltier is in hospital. Thinking of you! Hopefully on the mend.

Helen is doing very well since she’s had her eye done, great!

We’re getting great turnouts for our cribbage, seven and a half tables today. The lunches are great as well: two high hands, 21, Betty Jean and Marg Case; first, Marg C. and Noreen, 952; second, John and Glenda Hodder, 936; third, Laura and Patrysha, 930 (we were only one behind!); low, Janet and Anna, 813; door, Sheila, Laura and PJ Hall. We did put a candle in a muffin, sang Happy Birthday to Ted. He said it wasn’t his birthday? We just felt like singing!

I have to round this up as I will fax it out Friday morning. I won’t be here Monday. Today I went to Mindemoya to do my laundry, needed some clean… well, never mind… Stopped a minute to say hello to Joan and Borden. She is having her issues, as they say. I really hadn’t had a coffee, so stopped at Grill and Chill for my usual. Invited myself to sit with Marie Tann. She was lunching before going to visit hubby Cliff at the Manor in Little Current. I’m sure I have the saddest face for when I went to pay, it was already paid for. Thanks, so much Marie! Ahead of us Lyle Dewar and Hal Love were sharing table space before heading for Little Current to make music at the Manor. Everyone is full of good works. Just gave Jan McQuay a wave! Got home 10 minutes to bid euchre: first, Dorothy Cronk, 263; second, Brad Parkinson, 191; third, Hank, 189; low, Laurene, 54; 50/50, Norma Thomas.

Phone call inviting me to supper tomorrow night (we’ll be gone, and you guys know how I hate to miss any food). 

Derek and Jodie phoned Wednesday, lots of snow.

Thanks for the positive remarks on my Epic poem last week.

Sharon Ferguson was at the laundromat when I was there. She is computer illiterate. A girl after my own heart! I knew she looked familiar. Deb and Sharon were lunching out today too, looking glamorous. 

No mail bus? Break down Thursday!

Happy birthday Ray!

Keep your eyes peeled! Groundhog Day is coming up.