Tehkummah Talk & Times

I’ve been waited on hand and foot and I am taking advantage! Right now, Kim is whipping up western sandwiches for lunch. Coffee served in the early morning by Kathy and after a dinner last evening of delish veggie pizzas (Kim’s homemade canned sauce) we had three games of cribbage. Kathy and I won the first two, the opposition went to bed, I am smiling. We had a perfect day, as far as roads went, the whole way down, and once Sherry got her Australian G.P.S. guy to talk to us,  he took us right to the door of their lovely home in Meaford (on the side of a hill with a lovely view of lakeward). Oh, crap and Tiki games on Saturday evening. I did not do well on either, but I would have won if the high score counted! I’ve been enjoying visiting here so much that I’ve forgotten the real reason I am here.

Reminded Sunday night, a call from Susan and a call from Derek and Jodi. Kim started his Sunday with a hockey game. We ended it with a terrific Tiki game with Kirby, Kathy’s brother David and his wife Alex, after a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed. It was wonderful seeing these folks as it had been quite a few years! Alex has been fighting that old devil cancer and is to be part of a test/study group. What a terrific fun evening, a lot of laughter.

Monday, the end of a very long day. Up early for the Toronto run. I didn’t think it would be so far from Kim’s. The appointments went like clockwork. We made it just in time, fitted in four, including the consult, Kim and Sherry were in on that one. Met some lovely folk. Consultants amazing and most reassuring in a kind of a way. They had to study my catscan to see if I’m a candidate for the “TAVI”. I have a regime I have to follow and no lifting over 10 pounds, they say. (I guess I’ll have to dump half my purse!) Kathy had a good supper ready for the oven. She had just got home from work ahead of our arrival. Despite the fact we were tired it is after 11 pm and I’m writing this. The dog Toulin and beautiful cat Guiness.

Back—good day for travelling, eight tables for cribbage, lots of delicious desserts today, thanks all: high hand, Lorrie Lee, 24; first, Dorothy A. and Flo, 946; second, Betty Jean and Bill, 944; third, Marg C. and Hugh, 938; almost winners, Bob and Vicki, 937; low, Glenda and Betty, 834; door prizes, Betty Jean, Judi, wooden heart. Thank you to all the cribbage players for supporting and enjoying our Wednesday afternoons. They are fun, and they start at 1:30 pm. Interested?

We got home about eight (maybe) on Tuesday. Called my local sisters to update them. Mollie called this morning. The trip home was good after we got away from the lake effect sloppy stuff snow beyond Collingwood. Stopped to stretch at Parry Sound and Sudbury Walmart for some light shopping. Got home to hear of the death of Beulah Russell, too. We missed Nora’s funeral, too. Saddened to read of Austin Eade’s death. Sympathy to all the Quackenbush family and connections. Beulah and I did some 4H classes, home baking, sewing, cooking, Women’s Institute way back when. Family friends, too, always.

I met Austin Eade when I worked in Little Current, 1952/1953. A good friend of mine boarded at their home and she went to school up there. He was such a nice person! They were supporters of our UCW events, too. I have so many friends through the column, and I am so grateful that the writing has allowed me this privilege.

Bid euchre, Thursday afternoon, 4 ¾ tables: first, Brad P., 212; second, Dorothy C., 193; third, John N., 189; low, Pat Nelder, 78; 50/50, Linda B.; moon, John Novak.

I was trying to watch “Bell Let’s Talk.” My nerves weren’t too bad until the TV cut out and when I tried to get help from the company. Well, I’m no good at push this, push that, what number etc. etc. etc. I have concluded (shouldn’t we all) that the “Dad Ratted” devices are the death of us and our sanity. The minute things don’t work right, I feel the blood pressure start to rise. It’s lucky, I cannot deal, lucky, too, that the people are not nearby. Or else! I truly believe we need to go back, go way, way back, or is it too late?

George Third gave me a call on Friday morning to say he appreciated my poem Fading Star. I am so happy to hear of the positive reactions and compliments. Ray brought me a couple of pieces of a most delicious pizza for my supper on Friday. He shopped Amish!

Liz and Earl saved me a piece of their wedding cake and their wedding day program. Thank you so much!

Saturday, the neighbours were snowshoeing camp road. Ellen and Bella went, too, and Gemma. Apparently, a tree clawed up by a bear since last week; Tara said she could smell bear. Ray and Skylar were fishing, and they didn’t even catch any ice. I got invited there for supper. Ray, Tara and I had a couple of games of cribbage afterward. They are still learning. Doing well.

Sunday morning, I woke to a world of white, my TV was back again and I kind of feel better than I did in the night.

Lots of birds at the feeders this morning. I’m missing church, but I have a cat on me for comfort.

Finally, got the cards of congratulations to Liz and Earl. Was a full restaurant on the McCauley side. Susan, Simon, Simon’s nieces, nephews, Pauline and Wayne and we were next door with Sherry, Dave, Cal, Tara, Skylar and I celebrating Ray’s birthday. Sherry and I missed the half century event by being away last weekend (26th). 

Absolutely beautiful morning sky this third day of February, and the groundhog didn’t see his/her shadow. I think this is good?