Tehkummah Talk & Times

I don’t know how I can cram so many words into a week’s column, but there is so much happening! This week the sadness of Mike Lentir’s death, and I can’t help thinking of how much their group, “The Manitou Ramblers,” contributed to our community hall over the years. Mike, Reg White and Ronnie Tann provided volunteer music and shows for years. Sometimes with other musicians added to the mix, but always willing to lend themselves to every fundraiser. Sympathy to the family in their loss, thinking of you and the blessing of family.

This is Tuesday evening. I had just given Loretta a call, no tribute until spring, she says. 

Earlier today our Sr. U.C.W. met at Green Acres for a lunch. We have, as always, a great get together, delicious lunch and lots of topics tossed about and much laughter. Sang happy birthday to Betty Jean. Some Valentine’s treats and cards, Betty Jean, Noreen, Joan and Lynda.

At cribbage today, it was heart-shaped Rice Krispy treats, yesterday it was homemade cookies and jelly beans! It’s not like some folks (not mentioning my name) forgot it was Valentine’s Day. So, happy belated to you all! I didn’t even remind the folk to remember their loves!

You know I just can’t keep up to the time!

A full table of stories at coffee time. They tell me I missed the best ones, but I didn’t miss Evelyn’s heartfelt poem. She has a way with words!

Seven and a half tables at cribbage today, and as always, lots of good lunchables! One high hand, Shirley, 24; first, Gib and Florence, 938; second, Glenda and Noreen, 937; third, Sheila and Marilyn, 923; low, Shirley and Betty; door, Dorothy C., Patrysha, wooden heart!

The month of January high average: Bill and Betty Jean, 927, four weeks in 900s; skunks, Brad and Dorothy, 4 plus?

More sad news circulating today. It’s the death of Eileen Mayer. She was raised pretty well on the Michael’s Bay Road and has lived there the last few years.

Too today, I hear of the death of Dale Van Every, sympathy to Joan and the family. Thinking of you all.

Behind on the local stuff, too.

Eric has had surgery on his shoulder and Robert Russell (not related) is in recovery mode from knee replacement. Mary Yett was having her hip replaced this past Tuesday, as well. Lots of bionic folks, adding Larry Cress to the list as well (no wonder I forget stuff)! Too much.

Another day later, snow overnight and much colder temps but clear and sunny as I write.

Bid euchre today, an awful lot of fun. It’s strange how there can be so few folk and yet you only play with a half a dozen or so! First, Laurene, 238; second, Doris, 206; third, John N., 168; low, Hugh, 3; 50/50, Hank. Next Thursday evening, 7:30 pm, regular euchre tournament.

A visitor to my house today hand delivered a wedding invitation, so nice. Celebrate love.