Tehkummah Talk & Times

I just touched the top of a scone cake in the oven, it feels awful spongy? I’m wondering what surprise is in store today? Most of the days have some sort of revelation?

A lot of them I would prefer not to see. Sister Susan came in on Monday and fixed my temperamental television,  so I got to watch The Voice that night after bingo. I do like that show and the Masked Singer, anything musical come to think of it! I forgot all about the pancake supper in town on Tuesday! 

They say that laughter is good for the soul, and for your health. 

Well, a few of us got lots of medicine on Thursday afternoon at bid euchre. We had some good games like 33 to 37 or 1 to 8? (three and a half tables); Laura, 177; tied for second and third, Brad and Norma, 165; low, Laurene, 47; 50/50 me! 

Another lucky week, phone calls, cards and a person who declutters beautifully. Thank you so much!

A full eight tables for cribbage on Wednesday afternoon, as always, fun! We really could have used an extra person today, too! We had three high hands of 24, Laura Scott, Gord and Marion; first, Bill and Ruth McG., 961; second, Georgina and Betty, 941; third, Cal and Ted, 925; low, Marilyn and Sheila, 820; door, wooden heart, Patrysha and Bobbi Jo.

Found a bootjack in the snow at my front door coming home! Thanks!

4:30 am, I looked out to a drifted white world and peaceful, the storm has passed.

I had come so close to explosions in my house. I boiled my eggs dry while talking on the phone! To Eunice!

Donna Corbett celebrated a birthday last Monday.

Betty Jean drives through the blowy snow to Knox United Church hall on Friday and me! 50/50 winner Georgina; mystery prize, ?; first, Roger and Ron, 81; second, Dan and ?, 72; third, Betty Jean and I, 71; low, Patrysha and Laura, 47.

Lina Holmes popped through, but I only had time to say hello.

Ron Towns mentioned working with my dad, who has been dead 51 years in April, and didn’t work for Hydro probably seven or eight years before that, due to illness. Ron must have been just a kid?

Marching on! Here we go to another month, already yet, the “green” St. Paddy’s and the spring into spring and our snow birds start heading home again, time of the year.

Did last week’s column seem back to front? If you might have thought, so did I, as the beginning was at the end!

“Tehkummah Winter Fun” and lots of it, there seemed to be, my old bones aren’t up to standing too long or the winter chill either, although the day was fair. Sunshine and lots of active participants at least in the lunch room: The firefighters’ area was a full house of rosy cheeked folk enjoying the chili and hot dogs. There were trays and trays of desserts come in, must have been for afternoon snacks as fun and games had started outside again. Many of all ages participating in the log sawing. I chatted with a few folks before I headed for town. It wasn’t too long until I was home in my chair. A couple of casualties of the day, Cameron with a broken finger, maybe and Gemma (dog) with a sprained leg? (So far). I sat with niece Lorrie while we had our bowl of chili. Seems lots of the younger generation were involved and helped out, and isn’t that wonderful to see, and that the Leisure Services (are they still called that?) are working well. Mike Erskine was covering the excitement of the day. (Leisure and Library).

Seeing the work-out equipment in the room, I wonder when the firefighter calendar is going to be out?

They say there are no coincidences, only God incidences, and I am sure I am a believer. So many times we are shown if we are awake and aware of this world around us?

Joan and I watched the sunrise (absolutely gorgeous) this Sunday morning together, yet apart! We talked of things that paralleled the sermon today, our early phone calls are very special to me. Mary Yett is doing well with her new titanium hip, “Sparky” her sidekick is a special addition to our church, always adds a smile or two to our day.

Saturday evening at Carol’s and Earl’s, lots of folks we knew dining out. Some of Cal’s Mindemoya relatives, too, always great to day hello. Lorrie brought us the crib board. He never plays as well when he’s my partner on Wednesday. “I’m just saying!” Two calls on my answering machine from my boys! Kids? On Saturday. Lots of deer, not visible in South Baymouth Sunday evening. I sat with Gib, Florence and Cal.