Tehkummah Talk & Times

Eight tables at cribbage: high hand, Shirley Burton, 24; first, Pat and Cal, 949; second, Gib and Florence, 929; third, Nancy and Glen, 926; low, Donna and Hugh, 848; door prizes, Gib, Dorothy A. and Marilyn Holmes. Today we did month end: highest score of the month, Ruth and Bill, 961; highest average, Gib and Florence, 933; second, Brad and Dorothy, 916; third, Yogi and Bobbi Jo, 914; skunks, Keith, Judi and Ken, 4. I averaged the three highest scores, but I counted all the skunks despite the change in partners. Today we had coconuts donated to give for the skunks!

Bid euchre Thursday, 3 ¾ tables: first, Pat Nelder, 216; second, Dave James, 176; third, Laurene, 175; low, John Novak; 50/50, Hugh Corbett.

I am so frustrated with things in this life that don’t work, me included! The stupid pens are always out of ink or skip over the silly paper or note card. I heard the other day of a guy who still uses a fountain pen and real ink, saves filling the dump with no good plastic pens. So, the add ink blot was good for reading!

Hello, Caroline Boone and Shirley Dicker, re-reading your notes. Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words and Lyle your early morning laughter cheers me up.

International Women’s Day! Means? Don’t you think we should have more than one? There have always been lots of inspirational women out there. Changing our lives and changing the world!

It is so difficult to refuse a free meal. Destination North was having a luncheon at the Hall at noon today. I had to refuse the invitation as I was heading to church, and it doesn’t get over till 12:30 pm. But, we did meet for a social time at Carol’s and Earl’s after Pauline and Wayne, Martin and Lynda, Mary Yett traveled with me today, and Sparky of course.

This evening down to Sherry and Dave’s for a delicious roast beef dinner. Skylar made a cherry cheesecake for dessert, yummy! Kim called and tracked me down there.

What do you do when your oven door falls apart? It was a second hand $200 stove. But, then I heard of a $1,000-dollar new stove came damaged inside and out and Tara’s new washing machine is broken again.

Did you see that moon on Sunday evening? Was it showing earlier or was that the time change?

Congratulations to Leslie and Jeff Pennie who, over the past week holidaying in a tropical climate, tied the knot. They both just recovered from the flu, so the holiday celebration and recuperation. All the best. I think Susan was the pets and plants sitter.

Happy birthday, Wayne Martin, March 10.

A meeting of our cemetery board on Monday morning. Was sure interesting. 

A partridge walks across my yard.