Tehkummah Talk & Times

I’m Not Giving Up!

What do I hang on to,

And what should I let go?

My mind is in a 


I really have to know.

This aging body tells me,

My gardening days are 


No darned use in crying,

I have to move it on.

I can sit in the sunshine,

That’s not so hard to do.

I still can hold a pen in 


That is what sees me 


I still can pray to God  


I need the power and 


So many things are 

sliding by,

The actions mostly 


I still can do some dishes,

Make a meal and eat.

So many things like 


I’m now unsteady on my 


I had to give up dancing,

But I still can sing a song.

For crafts my fingers do 

not work,

And climbing up is 


This aging thing’s a 


A trouble filled with 


Would I have changed a 

single thing,

To live my life again?

So many things 


So much on my bucket 


So many roads yet 


Still things I can’t resist.

There’s no point looking 


At things that used to be.

Let go of unimportant 


I’m blessed with family.

Life’s moments should be 


When all is said and 


It’s the memories we’ll 

leave behind,

When this old battle is 


-Pat Hall

March 20, 2020

Day one of “life” in a whole new realm. Today. I cannot recognize Monday or any other week day without associating it with the day’s events. So I will not know what day or date now, but today as we are filtering all these new thoughts and fears that are ahead of us. But Monday, March 16 I talked to Joan, Judy, Susan, Dorothy, Cal and Eileen via phone. Betty Jean was in for a minute. I am going to try to record my perceptions of the slowing down in my life and lifestyle.

I even fixed my own TV today so that is one feather I have earned so far. We will have much time to review and perhaps change how we look at things! And maybe realize just what we have had! Perhaps it’s time to say thank you to those who are trying to look out for our best interests, and to co-operate with those trying to help us through this!

Day two of semi-confinement. Third day in a row a phone call from Mollie! Happy anniversary and St. Paddy’s from Derek and Jodi (my 66th). There are a lot of wedding anniversaries on the 17th.

There is naught to fear, but fear itself?

Happy birthday Dave Case!

Got a call from Brian thanking me for remembering his birthday, St. Paddy’s. He and Margaret, Earl and Liz had gone to Blind River for the day to celebrate. Nice day and nice day for a drive.

I hear there have been good stories or updates online I guess (I am only on pen). Dr. Bedard is doing a daily update on COVID-19. 

Skylar says the snowdrops were up, out in the trees. So happy spring. Have you seen a robin yet? Wild geese are here.

Day three. Chicken soup day!

Please let the light that shines on me shine on the ones I love. I woke up singing this song. The sun was trying to shine through a grey cloud bank.

A quiet day. Cal and Sherry had both done some shopping for me.

6:50 am day four. Seen a beautiful red skyline. TV was depressing and scary. I liked the story of the liquor makers doing hand sanitizers by the carload and giving free ones too.

The silhouette of the elm against the morning coloured sky.

The crows are carrying sticks!

Recharge your batteries with sunshine.

If we just played outside instead of online. Instead of looking things up, just look up. This was in a letter from a friend! Keep upbeat with inspirational books and TV comedies.

Raining like crazy tonight!

A phone call from Powell River, BC today, what a surprise from my cousin Val Brinham. It has been ages since I had to ask who was speaking despite the familiar voice!

At day’s end I pray for peace and not panic!

Day five: every time something good happens celebrate it. Sing a song, write about it, journal do R.A.K. (if possible these days!)

I found this: everyday it seems something interesting is right in front of me! Mother’s shopping list (no year/date). Two house dresses, $1.25; two pair panties, $0.50; two brassieres, $0.50; two slips, $1.25; two pair of stockings, $0.80, total $4.50. Plus, sheets, $2.00; pillow slips, $1.00; table cloth, $1.00; pair towels, $0.50; dishtowels, $0.50; dishes and glasses total $5.50.

Reading Max Lucado today. God’s inspirational promise. Good stuff.

My P.O. lady did a “to the door” delivery. She was about four minutes early for muffins that were in the oven? The neighbours will benefit. A real neat Irish-themed card from cousin Coleen Moodie from the Sault and a box of Irish tea. She claims every time the Expositor comes she makes a cup of tea and visits me via my column. Thanks!

The nightingale sang in “Barkley Square” the Alt? Ault? Sisters. Beautiful. On the all-time classic hit parade. Friday Gaither Gospel Hour had some songs suited for our crisis.

I hear there is live theatre/dancing outside of some homes in this area. Some folk join in certain areas on the deck! Look to be entertained and cheered up?

Day six: A trio as well.

The time is going by. A darned frosty morning here. Cleo went out early and it’s noon and she’s not back. She must be sitting in the sun somewhere?

Two nice chats this morning early with Joan. The confinement is hard on them, I guess. Helen’s call, she has many more folks to interact with at the Wiky Nursing Home and houses. Hello from me! One day at a time, okay.

Day seven: days are counting down. How goes the cabin fever? Happy birthday to Colleen Dugan, March 20 (60). Some good wishes to Ron Anstince this past week (92?).

March 21: Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight-Benjamin Franklin