Tehkummah Talk & Times


Are we more aware

Of our moment in time

And how fragile and helpless we stand

As we watch what a runaway virus can do.

We must shelter ourselves in God’s hand

I knew He would open our eyes to a fall

As we carelessly went on our own way

In our innocence doomsday would follow us all.

As we gave up on Him by the way

Oh, He will forgive us once again for our flaws

As we’ve sullied His name

And made our own laws.

But lawyers can’t save us

Nor presidents nor kings

As the tolling of bells

Round us ring.

-Pat Hall

Midnight, March 22, 2020

Day eight of social distancing. That’s what a lot of the younger folk have been at for quite a while (I don’t call a phone or text social) especially from one room to another, up or down stairs and especially at restaurants! Enforced is quite a difficult and a different thing for some of us! I spend 10 minutes on a shelf and two hours napping to recover! Ha, so far, the TV is okay. I try not to watch news but comedy, love stories, the good stuff, wildlife etc.

Angie was in and cleared a path through (the main thing!) Mollie called earlier, I slept till nine, just finished the homemade soup, 12:30 brunch! Cal called, Martin called, he apparently put a message on Facebook for the first time. I read him the poem I wrote last night at midnight. 

I hear Barney is giving lots of food away and delivering too. All those who are doing their best to help, we all appreciate you. I hear Robbie Shawana is doing the entertaining and gospel too online?

I called Daisy to see if I had sent her a card for her broken wrist and I hadn’t. So, they are doing okay. I had been thinking of Dorothy all day and she called me this evening. And Kim called to check on me, Kathy is first line in packing take-outs and cooking. Of course, a few laughs in all the phone visits you got to laugh!

“I do the very best I can. The best I know how, and I mean to keep on doing it until the end.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Day nine. What a nice surprise to open my door to Tillie of Blue Jay Creekside. I hadn’t seen her for ages. She stood at my (door) skating rink, almost to the bare ground part. She’s so happy, it seems so much like spring. She said they had a pair of otters cavorting near the creek (Tillie has the nicest smile). I am constantly trying here to find a pen that still has ink. I seem to run them dry quite rapidly for some reason. I’ve got a feeling I took a Gravol instead of my 81mg, I sure am tired? Oops!

Thanks to Wards for my to-door grocery delivery.

“Faith is the only way we’re going to make it. None of us is smart enough to do it on our own!” -Merle Hagard

Day 10. I put on some walking shoes, which by the way they leaked in the damp spots. Took the walking stick and checked out the snowdrops, lots of them but the buds are not yet open. Lots and lots of deer fertilizer (if I’m able) to move on to the flower plants down there. I did find dog fertilizer with my shoes too! Just lucky!

I called Ruth McDonald who is at her Rockville place and is into the maple syrup business since she came from Toronto. I called Betty Jean also for a chat (two of our cribbage faithfuls.) Ray picked up my mail for me on Wednesday evening.

Day 11. Good story Expositor/Susan and Gene Bebanash (my great-grands Jacobs grands).

Snowflakes the size of snowballs came out of the soft rain we had overnight.

Talked to a girl yesterday who was admiring her cobwebs. I’ll bet mine are bigger! It really doesn’t matter if you knock them down early in the day or later, right now most of us have time to spare. I did speak to both Gene and Susan Bebanash today, boy, if that story wasn’t filled with history and so interesting.

If your family “is trapped” inside you can play cards, do puzzles, play games and talk after the chores are done, journal, sing songs, do remember whens and tell Jakes, watch comedy on TV especially the old shows, like I Love Lucy.

Hey, on what side do the chickens have the most feathers?

Those of us isolated to a degree are so very fortunate we live where we do. We can get out and walk, most of us have yards to play in, right? The milder weather will help now.

One thing this virus brings out is the creativity and imagination in poetry as niece Lori Gordon has written a song and a cute poem. My sister Susan let me hear it from her phone (I guess) to mine. Jeanette Barrette calls to report five robins in their yard today. Hey spring, I’ll have to go outside and listen.

Day 12. I took a couple of cushions out to the bench this morning after washing the front storm door window.

At quarter after 10, Elvis Presley music, dancers in the yard, a clown with an invisible dog rolled through Tehkummah entertaining as they went, oh yeah, a balloon covered van and a chicken dinner left for me. Each of the entertainers had their own vehicles and they sure kept their social distance! Chris, Susan, Lori and Wendy, thank you for being a friend!

Day 13. I fixed the benches on my little patio room for company.

After the loveliest of days, when I enjoyed sunshine warming my knees and I listened for a robin in our yard, but only heard them in the neighbours. Two delicious meals out of the lovely dinner and a call from Cal telling me what time the hydro would be back on. And a call from Pauline checking on me. Thank God for the landline and so I’m writing on this day blessings after awaking to my TV back on. A good long nap before my bed time pills! The little flashlight I had hooked around my finger was gone so it’s well, I guess I slept through the power outage? Mostly?

Day 14. As I always say each day has its surprises. How nice to hear Janet and Glenn Knechtal’s voices this morning They are here three weeks early and abiding by the rules since being out of the country. Of course, they have each other to play cribbage with until we can start again.

Not long after their call Derek from Mackenzie is thinking about coming to their new place in Sunsite but he’s hauling wood chips to make toilet paper, can you imagine! In a snow storm and -18 temps he says for the next four days.

Talked to Susan earlier. We were planning to sit in the sun and its 11 degrees temps. I do believe the weatherman was wrong?

Meatloaf and brownie afternoon played me out anyway. It could have been my extra walks in the yard yesterday.

Day 14. Sunday isolation! Hold everything in your hands lightly otherwise it hurts when God pricks your fingers open. -Corrie Ten Boom.

2:45 am I woke and turned on the TV. Well I got my quota of humour by watching Gorner Gas. I had forgotten how funny it was, probably the best Canadian humour ever!

I know I’m going crazy. I can’t quit laughing. I’ve been alone too long, I guess. I’m watching “Mother In-Law” on TV with J-Lo and Jane Fonda.

There are a million (I may exaggerate a bit) birds in the yard this morning. They came with the rain?

Susan gave me a phone to phone taste of Wayne Smith music.

“The worst thing about being retired (or maybe confined) is having to drink coffee on your own time.”

“The time to start economizing is before you run out of money.”

Please keep being cautious and please abide by the rules.

Stay safe and well. God blesses!

I think we can eliminate April Fool’s tricks/jokes this year. OK!