Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 29: I guess there is better trapping in the winter? All winter nothing in the trap line, but sometimes in the evening, I would hear this chur-churring sound from my TV bookshelf area and Ginger seemed very curious. I didn’t want to investigate not knowing how large or what! But all of a sudden the trap lines got very active. I probably flushed eight or so times, I thought of skinning and tanning hides, but? Too time consuming, but now I’ve got all this time. It’s kind of like the gas situation. Now we can afford it but are isolated and there’s no place to go! Murphy’s Law at its finest! Going back to start, it’s strange too how I tell a story. Do you think I had a weasel living in?

“God specializes in giving people a fresh start.” 

—Rick Warren.

Trying to get stuff faxed out this morning had me in a conundrum, being I am not computer savvy. I called Lorna and she somehow got it transferred and online, so I appreciate it very much. Tara drove my notes down for me. It has really cooled down quickly outside. Norma Thomas gave me a call this morning.

I’ve gone from church, bingo, cribbage and euchre to identifying days with American Idol, The Voice, The Masked Singer. We obviously need more music shows? Though I have always watched the Gaithers on Friday nights. Are we living in limbo? It feels so strange.

An emotional time or an emotional me? This old box has been sitting on the table and I’ve been looking past it. It had “to Jean from Jack Johnson” written on the top of the chocolate box. I can remember mother saying this box was from her first boyfriend? But I burst into tears, inside were these darling silky blue booties from Frederick Peter, my oldest brother who died of heart issues. They called them blue babies back then. A small photo, a sheer scarf or ribbon of organza and a memorial card from 1931 from Aunt Gladys’ first little girl. I think I was shocked for I had no memory of bringing the box here or even being aware that it was sitting right in front of me! This keeps happening to me?

Day 30: Tuesday, April 14. Excitement today, an order of seeds from T and T in Winnipeg. Some sharing of those (delivered to my door). I walked for the mail, not too bad a day, even though a mixed bag weatherwise. Two lovely homemade (late) Easter cards, but I’m still delivering eggs? Calls from Lynda and Susan. I made a small potato salad, had to crack my coloured eggs for it! Some I didn’t get delivered, some got left behind.

I don’t think I should have watched the news tonight. I find I’m going around singing “I’m just a ghost in this house.” It’s a whole new way of getting by, that’s for sure! I have been thinking of hummingbirds! Is it almost time? Sent lots of mail again.

Day 31: 51 years ago today dad died. It’s as real as yesterday. So many of the sayings stay with us too! 

Phone calls from Pauline and Laura Scott.

The cardinal seems to be in the yard a lot lately. A few new birds too.

I made homemade asparagus soup today, not bad. I made a gratitude list (for today). I was not grateful that the darling deer ate my crocus and tulip tops.

Well, I’m happy doing nothing, I got the take it easy blues.

Have another batch of hot cross buns going in today and it’s snowing outside heavy again. I think its Thursday, Day 32?

It’s starting to feel like it’s going to be a dry summer. No April showers worth mentioning yet? A long chat with Sherry on the phone, the buns are out of the oven and iced. I coloured more eggs for the folks I’d missed. Easter Bunnies can be late! Sandra Pope called. Cal told me the news that Cliff Mitchell died. Sympathy to family and friends.

Tara came through the door with a plate in her hand, delicious. I ate every bite of Indian taco. Skylar brought a gift. Go to the store to pick up my already bagged groceries or getting up and down to let the cat out or in. A short walk in the yard, my exercise.

I just came to one of the positives of social distancing. I don’t have to worry so much about people admiring my chin whiskers! In Skylar’s gift package was the cutest hand-knitted bunny.

Day 34: Friday. Three brothers rented a room together. It cost $30, so each paid $10 (sharing). The owner of the establishment thought because they were family he would give them $5 back. He gave it to the bell hop to return to the brothers. He thought, ‘they didn’t leave me a tip,’ so he took $2, gave each of the brothers $1 each back. Now costing them $9 each. Now, if you like puzzles?

I think of the darndest things. This morning it was Toni, remember when we put frizz into each other’s hair. If you didn’t get the solution on evenly, some would be straight? Talk about hit and miss. But I was good at doing another person’s hair, cutting. Probably because I kept my hair long too, most of my life. All in the name of beauty? And those skinny curlers and curling paper. The younger generation won’t know what I’m talking about. But, do you think well, go back to Toni’s and I can oil up my barber shears again.

A phone call from Eileen Leeson. She always sounds so cheery! She’s doing well, she says.

Two cards in the mail today, one from Pat Falter to tell me Hermann’s birthday was Good Friday. So happy belated, you’ve almost caught up to me. A little note from Bobcaygeon. Thank you, Margaret Van Camp, for making my day. I thank you so very much for appreciating my poems and column. As most folks know, I have a runaway pen, lots of times, in a poem. I may only have to change one word when I rewrite. I wrote the best one the other night but without a pen in hand. But I had lost it by morning. Strange but I can’t recite one afterward (runaway pen again!). When you come to the “end” of one trail do you go right, left or turn around and go back? After this is all over with, we may have no choice.

Day 35: I think? It’s a beautiful Saturday. We, Sherry, Tara and I sat on three benches (10 feet) apart in the patio area and had a little visit. Sherry had picked up some groceries for me. I puttered lightly outside then made an egg salad sandwich for Tara and I. She’s putting in a small frog/fish/flower pond beside the larger goldfish pond.

A phone call from Borden and Joan telling me Joan had an angina attack, but she sounded good. Some campgrounds were open to the regular semi-permanent.

Sad news that Ralph Batman had passed away. He was such a kind and caring man. Sympathy to his family and friends. In this time of social distancing it must be so hard for families that are mourning or have anyone ailing and in hospital. Thinking of you.

A huge corona around the sun today, must be some kind of weather change. It was pretty, not all the rainbow colours though.

I gave Helen Oswald a call this evening. She seemed great, always her cheery self. She says they are taking good care of them all at the Wiiky Nursing Home.

Hey, I see they have reactivated the participation ads on TV. I was just outside and tied a plastic bag on one of the bird feeder hooks. Maybe it will keep the deer from eating the sunflowers in the night. The wind is howling in the tops of the trees! 

Pauline’s birthday is coming up on the 26th. Happy birthday, Sis.

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” —Marilyn Monroe

I lost a day somewhere last week but it really doesn’t matter does it?

Mollie called, she had written another good poem.

Hello Lance, thinking of you. Hello Jean McLennan! Hello to all my friends in the nursing homes too. I do try to keep my columns small, but it just doesn’t work. Thanks to Expositor transcribers and my faxers and readers. Sorry!

Sunshiny morning. I’m out early and scratched a few leaves and winter residue from one flower bed. Ray comes out to help, he moves a foot (patio stone), sets a four square, moves a big one from one garden to where the foot used to be, moves a plant, dumps a pot, gathers the garbage residue and the raindrops start. I just saw huge snowflakes falling. The garbage bag worked for one night anyway (re: deer)! Janet and Glenn Knetchel dropped off delish donuts at my door and at Ron and Justeen’s too. Justeen calls too (we all tried one the minute that they left), good. Justeen told me Tom Vanhorn passed away last evening (heart attack), sympathy to Janice and all the family.

I missed a call from Derek while I was outside, so I called, they got their anniversary card yesterday. I mailed it on February 20. He did say the envelope was opened? Their anniversary date, February 28.