Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 36, April 20, 2020: My TV went out more than 24 hours ago. I’m in my layzee girl chair breathing a sigh of relief as a nice girl helped me muddle through reactivation and with buttons (I have none) poppy I did it myself.

I had to fax out from Ward’s this morning as I got a different message from municipal. So, I thank Ross who picked it up and returned it with a small long-distance visit. I also had a nice chat with our Reeve, Dave Jaggard, when he stopped to chat. My outside benches are nicely spaced. I was filling small pots with plants starting medium, so you know where my mind is these days. If my knees would just cooperate. TV comes on to bad news/sad news. There are many sadnesses, as if we need more, right?

Please keep safe. Please abide by the social distancing rules. Maybe we will get through this, and please respect your friends and neighbours. It’s obvious, anyone can contract this disease as it is sneaky according to stories. Some folk have no idea how and who? 

I’m eating leftover pizza. I made two from scratch and shared one with the neighbours and shared mine with Cal. 

Today I found a leatherette owl bookmark. I gave these out when I sold Artex liquid embroidery, remember? Boy oh boy, the temperature has dropped. Called Susan, she was into yard work. I don’t know where my mind is these days, definitely “food.” Tonight, I have three impossible pies in the oven, and didn’t my oven door fall apart. I did manage to get them cooked anyway. Hey, they did taste good. I gave a hot pie away.

Day 37: Picked up a column from a year ago. It read there was snow up to my knees at the benches outside and I see we got a skiffle overnight here. It’s staying cold? 

I seemed tired today and I wasn’t out of the house at all. I called Bill and Ruth McGregor in Little Current. He said they were doing okay. I left a message for Noreen Parkinson. (My cribbage gang.) 

The fairy lily has one bloom today. This is the one that came from Elaine McGauley.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” Carrie Jen Boom.

Isn’t it nice that the world finally sees who really kept this old ball turning?

Mom had a saying, “you never miss the water till the well goes dry.” I think that pretty well covers it!

The Samaritan mail person delivered to my doorknob. Thanks so much! I saw Elaine Peck pictures drawn in words of scenic beauty from her window. And a nice note from Fred and Sheila. Keep well, keep happy, stay safe.

Hello sweetie pie Lori Hall/Gordon, my niece, almost daughter, happy birthday, May 2.

Happy birthday wishes to Bob Blue. 

Kudos to Barney Deforge, his family and volunteers for their contributions to family and a hand goes up, hand-in-hand with a cheer up! At this most difficult time. I guess I didn’t miss Earth Day after all, I miss digging in the Earth!

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

A nice phone chat with Pauline.

Day 38: Gloom, despair and agony on me. If it weren’t for bad news there’d be no news at all on TV?

A couple of long phone calls and laughs, Betty Jean and Sherry. A nice call from Janice Phillips, and I always feel good after talking with Kim and Kathy. Kim is heavy into the gardening (making one envious). Kathy is always so cheery sounding.

I made chicken soup and wrote letters, fed the birds and petted the cats, let Cleo in and out and did dishes! (Hard work, eh.)

After reading the obits, sympathy to Gloria Dickson and her family in the loss of her dad Also the families of Lyn Pellow and Janis Stewart.

I’ve been going through some older papers too!

Day 39: I love the Women’s World magazine. It has so much helpful advice. I just read that there shouldn’t be anything left of me, as 15 minutes of writing you should lose 3.5 pounds in 10 weeks. So, how many years times 10 weeks equals less than 0? Writing also boosts immunity, also 15 minutes a day of writing.

Day 40: The strange thing about loneliness is, one only gets lonelier and more isolated as we draw into our shells, into ourselves, like a snail in its protective shell. Is it a fear of what? Being hurt or being too open or allowing people to see our true “needy” selves? Perhaps the more independent we are, the more we lock ourselves away until we can’t find the doorknob to let us out! Issues! The funny part of this reading is when I wrote it a couple of my friends who had passed away a few years ago names were on the same page. But, it’s as suitable for what some of us are going through right now isolated and lonely.

Hey, I have the “Bee” a keeper ads on TV. I have seen quite a few honey bees this spring and that’s a good sign. The snow drops lasted beautifully and there are so many this year. The front yard is getting more and more mini crocus seeding and the blue and white scillas are spreading everywhere. Thank you for the bag of oranges left at my door. All I saw was a pretty girl in a red coat and the back of a van.

Arthritis pain and stress. So how many drugs would I have to take for pain otherwise? Plus, number one benefit of journaling equals 81 percent less depression. Pick up a pen folks! Of course, if you are enjoying your isolation never mind. My helpful advice?

“This battle is not for you to fight, take your position, stand still and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf.” 2 Chronicles.

A call from Derek and Jodi.

Day 41: Officially barely, but, the first skunk of the season added air un-freshener to ours. I’m having a not good night.

But, oh what a beautiful day. The sun was gorgeous, coffee morning. Neighbours felt sorry for me and brought a pancake (homemade) with Dave’s fresh maple syrup. Ray got out some of my summer lights and pots and Tara got her pond cleaned down to the bottom. Main water pond carrier Jacob. The raspberry plants are well-watered and we saw the first vulture fly over. We tried to look alive and the first mosquitos were hungry!

Day 42: Four things to do for yourself each day,





Six weeks today since our/my lifestyle changed dramatically and will be changed forever in how we think and how we live. I do think gratitude for life itself and praise for Earth’s beauty are necessary for our souls’ good, and that is a good place to start.

I guess it’s not so strange that my mind works at 100 percent output and my body co-operates at 10 percent, darn!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn.

My daughter went for my pills and brought me an early Mother’s Day gift, beautiful inspirational tuned wind chimes. 

Finally, I went for a drive and had a visit with Pauline (her birthday) on the front steps. Drove to South Baymouth to admire scenery and get chips at Carol’s and Earl’s.