Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 71, Monday afternoon: The rain yesterday morning and the fog heat and sun has made the trees green, literally overnight. A phone call and Cal brought chicken and corn. He just left and there was a knock on the door, Bobbi Jo brought lazy man cabbage rolls and a salad tray. I’m going to be one of those folks they have to cut the side out of the house to get them out, soon! (My house is stone.) I talked to Joan late last evening, got an update on Dave, she was doing okay. Debbie Robinson phoned today for information, as did Georgina Holmes a few nights earlier.

Day 72: Is there ever a day without its blessings and surprises? Another beautiful day. My afternoons are always in the chair. If I get anything done at all it has to be early. Going through more papers, the story of my life, rounding up the completed poems and finding more written on everything, still to copy. A call from Mollie, she got her little booklet and was quite pleased. Another call, a surprise from Wayne Burkholder of Ramara, Ontario. I haven’t seen him for a couple of years, so we had a good chat.

Tara did a re-mow, so all the new dandelions are gone, but there will be more tomorrow for the bees and birds. Speaking of birds…The condo looks like there are two pairs of swallows and though they are very quiet, I do believe the wrens are taking an apartment in the back. Evelyn Santos stopped for a visit outside and distanced of course.

This week coming up is “Pamper your Pooch” recognition.

June 6th is National Garden Exercise Day, sounds easy? Sow good health.

Day 73: Can’t be Wednesday already? I woke thinking it was Sunday. Filled the pills up and filed some poetry. I see the girls on their walk through the village each morning. Makes me envious, they stride along. I just shuffle? I found a whole box of VHS movies this morning, some of mine were in there. How long have they been waiting for me to check them out?

Sympathy to the sisters and brother of Allan McCulligh and, of course, all the family as well. Sherry just called and said Linda had posted it. He had been in a nursing home in Sudbury for quite a while now.

Just picked up my mail, cute “hug” card Pat, and Caroline thanks for the pens. I’m always out of ink it seems.

I’m a mother! My cucumber seeds showed up this day, like magic.

My afternoon nap gave an awful night. Afternoon mare! Complete with real pain.

Ruth was digging for garden seeds when I called her place for a minute or two. She also has the loveliest fabric store, what a lot of choices. I think it’s called the “The Quilt Shop?” The view from the backyard is spectacular, panoramic (top of the hill) and all dressed in the new garb of spring. Oh yeah, she has the most amazing “hearts” in the yard and the apple tree was blossoming. What a beautiful spot.

I saw the first swallowtail butterfly today. I also made chicken soup, it was fairly good!

May your blessing far outweigh all of your troubles!

A half ton truck drives by with lamb babies’ cries coming from the general area?

Day 74: Did you know dawn is starting to crack at 10 after 5 am. Bird alarm much earlier. That’s the time I got back to resting after my bath.

Tara dug a hole for a new black raspberry plant that really doesn’t look like it will make it? I puddled around in the yard with regular rests between, pulled a mess of wild garlic. It’s overcast. My seeds I planted Sunday are up already.

Day 75: The lilacs opened overnight with the help of the rain. It’s good they hurried as the swallowtail butterflies were flying a few days ago and I saw a small hummingbird moth. The sweet rocket attracts them, and it has pretty well died out around here.

My slice of fresh homemade bread that Tara gave me was almost dried out. I only had a couple of bites when the phone rang. I had to run (ha!) for the land line, hydro was out. Kim and Kathy were calling from Meaford. We always have a lot to say. Kim the gardener, Kathy the family/girl stuff. The hydro came on while we were talking but by that time I had cleared a chair and was sitting.

“Peace begins with a smile!”

-Mother Theresa

Possibly one of the most scenic drives is from the 10th Sideroad bridge towards Tehkummah if you are interested in skies, especially with thunderheads. It was truly spectacular. I shopped for my takeout supper at Carol’s and Earl’s and sat at the little harbour. Saw the family of three adult geese and I think I counted 10 young, far on the other side, three police ducks were diving, and the swallows, one guy in a boat.

South Bay Resorts lawns were nicely manicured. Ready for customers?

A chatty phone visit with Laura W. Scot. She always sounds upbeat.

Day 76: Susan usually starts, or she used to, reminding me of her birthday upcoming on June 12. I think it’s sad if she’s got to that age where she has forgotten or doesn’t want to celebrate!

Derek and Jodi called, they have been renovating their place out there. They are down to the final room. They had to put Kenzie (cat) to sleep (in his 20s), so sad. I was crying for them!

Wild strawberries in full blossom and all those lovely flowering trees on the roadsides and in yards now.

“I do the best I know how. The very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing it until the end.”

-Abraham Lincoln

It’s almost like Cleo knows, both her and I are living on borrowed time. She is tired too. We seem to rest a lot?

I’m always finding something interesting. I read a letter today and was impressed by the formality. Mrs. McCauley from Mrs. Hans of Timberlane Camp, 1961. Mother had already been cooking up there and Mrs. Hans was in the process of hiring Hazel Arnold as pastry cook. Another letter, 1963, reminded me that I worked up there spring-cleaning cabins. I drove Mum to all her jobs over the years! Mollie was also working there at that time and Mamie Ann Bowerman too. It was such a pretty spot, but the house/lodge had ghosts, really. Does it still or maybe it’s been torn down? It’s been years since I was there. The rocking chair rocked all by itself (Barb and Sherry remember?) and people walked around upstairs. I filled in a time or two as cook when Mum had time off, rarely. She was hospitalized with a spider bite once and got struck by lightning while cooking breakfast. The storm stuck the fork under the burner (unretrievable) and split her nylon stockings wide open. I’m laughing, but I don’t think it was funny.

Let’s get on our knees and pray for reason and peace in the States. How sad to see what the death of one man could do and where is COVID-19 in this scene? If there wasn’t enough sadness already and trouble. The real problem in these cases is that the people who are paying have no responsibility and wouldn’t harm anyone and are not racist.

I don’t watch news but now I see unrest here in our country too. As I said, let’s get on our knees and pray for reason and peace! Maybe the “dragon” can see what’s ailing us all?

I sang ‘Amazing Grace’ in the form of prayer. Then two hours of Three’s Company was good to unstress my mind.

I’m finding stuff, my bedtime reading was the story of Reader’s Digest years ago of Doug Hutchinson’s traumatic/dramatic episode of the broken leg and how he saved himself, October 2002 edition, unbelievable.

Day 77: 10 weeks. Well, I shouldn’t have watched the news. I may have dozed off a bit, but I watched morning arise and I have a flashing lights migraine.

Perhaps at the end of the day things were looking up. 

Hello, all my friends, I send a hug.

Five degrees, Monday morning, Ray says.