Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 92: No picking or scratching while you’re waiting for the door to be opened to you at the municipal office. They have a nice new camera and a key pad?

Things are opening up. I hope we all remember to mask and wash and keep your distance.

I was trying to figure out how many years I have been writing my column. A nice card from Grace and Bill Sawyer says they’ve been reading me for 30 years! I lost count about 20 years ago.

Did you ever drop a phone onto a peanut butter toast? Rather interesting? Hey, it was still working when I talked to Eileen Leeson, but the smell of P.B. was strong.

A meeting in my front yard, Susan brought creamed turkey and rice and Leslie’s beans for us and Pauline joined us shortly looking lovely with a haircut/do. The blackflies tortured us until I got the smoky stuff going. Then Sherry comes from work, a nice hair cut too. So, the visit extended but we kept our distance. Even the robin when it came for his/her good bath was about the same. It really made the water fly. 

Poor old Cleo is having a bad day, she seems pretty weak.

Seed exchange day in Tehkummah (Feb?) I won a basket of goodies including Calendula cream. It is dandy for those mosquitos and blackfly bites. I can’t really tell who makes it. But for me a good win!

Bought another roll of stamps. I’m now working on the third hundred. I’m a one-man woman keeper of Canada Post!

Day 93, Tuesday: As many times over the years we have driven by John’s Greenhouses (outside of Espanola) I have always said I’m going to stop there one day. So, Shirley did. All of the annuals are sold out, a few veggies, vines, herbs and scads of beautiful perennials and shrubs. And, a very nice lady by the name of Jenny owns it. We were on our way home from Sudbury. We had an early start to a 10:30 am apartment with my cardiologist Dr. Skukla. A McDonalds drive-through lunch, a picnic in the car in from of the Dollar Store, quite pleasant, windows down, a lovely breeze blowing through the car. I had a nap while Sherry shopped but we both checked out Walmart. So busy, not too many folks wearing masks. We saw Barney and Lynette there. I had the nicest young man help me check out my groceries in the check your own stuff area, his name was Medhar and he had the nicest smile. I had a shopping cart to lean on and it was most disobedient. I always luck out! Maybe the exercise gave me some muscles. Skylar kept watch over Cleo during the day. She seems to be really tired (Cleo that is).

Day 94: I slept well, was I tired? 

Well, Ginger sat beside Cleo this morning. She’s fussing on me now. I just came in from our funeral service under the apple tree. She’s beside her daughter Marble.

Skylar recited the poem ‘Misfits,’ out of my first book. It suited as Cleo was mentioned in that poem. I sat, Tara dug.

Tara drove me/us up to Island Animal Hospital this morning, Skylar held her. Janice had been in to see Cleo on Monday night.

I have only gratitude for the kindness and the compassion (we couldn’t go in so out under the trees at the back of the building) as we gathered, and she sang until her last breath. No tears of course! Cal stopped in and visited Tara and me. We had just got in from Mindemoya. Now Sherry is up there with her dog.

She just stopped in on her way home, Sprochet has Lyme disease, even though he has been taking pills to “not” get it. Always something! Well, I did it and I did it twice too! My nephew Pete McCauley phoned and got me off my Layzee Girl chair. I said ‘where are you?’ ‘In the front yard!’ There he was, and a nice new truck too. First thing after hello and while we battled the bugs (they’re terrible this year) he hands me the phone and his wife Leanne, Ava and Leah were looking at me face to face phone, wow! That was nice, next he had Derek and Jodi on the phone, same thing. We caught them on their way home to Mackenzie, they had gone to shop and for Dairy Queen and KFC, to Prince George. They were stopped and took me for a walk down the Crooked (I think) River. How beautiful! So, after my afternoon in the chair, the day ended so much better, but already I’ve seen her and heard Cleo at the door? It’s going to be tough.

Another appointment set up a camera look at my heart. Sounds interesting? Kinda?

Day 95: I went over gravel-covered road (10th) to JD’s Garden Centre, but I wanted big saucers for under big flower pots and some annuals to please bees, butterflies and birds. They had perennials but can’t do them anymore. So on to Brown’s and got some free air circulated the town and back home again.

Back in my chair and this guy knocks on my door with a drumstick in hand outside (not chicken or real drums.) So, we sat outside and fielded blackflies and enjoyed the treat.

The American redstarts were doing a flirting dance. Don’t we all miss the weeping willow? Early phone calls, Susan and Mollie. Our lilacs are over the place and they’re just beautiful at South Baymouth today. I stopped at the swimming beach, and yes, the water is high!

Lyle and Sharon Dewar recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Sharon wanted to go on a boat ride, so Lyle hitched up the horses, put a couple of chairs on the “stone boat” and so, congratulations folks.

Day 96: From the chair I see babies learning to fly today. It sure is warm out!

I had a bowl of breakfast soup. Cal brought me some slow cooker chicken soup, really yummy. I had a bowl (my supper) last night at 12:30 after a long nap.

A less industrious day. Supper at Pauline’s and Wayne’s. Peter was there, Susan and Simon’s birthday and a joke about getting socks led true a sequel into the actual gift to go with the 101 pairs he already has. We sat on the deck after the delicious supper of ham, salads and a cake covered with cream and fruit. A lovely get together. I left early, slept in my chair. I just woke to write this. My Friday night TV shows went on without me. I just saw a bit of St. Michael’s Choir, just turned 11 pm. I’ll take my pills now!

“Help us all to live peacefully with others.” 

Watering plants this morning. Down to see the ferry just coming in as I drove in, first sighting this year! Said goodbye to nephew Pete who was heading home. Stopped just to say hello to Earl, Liz and Lorrie. He had a show case of nice pies ready for Father’s Day.

Talking to Cal, his neighbours are splitting wood in this heat! Last trip up Brandon caught a 24 lb rainbow and Kevin got one 12.5 lb, nice going!

Ellen McNaughton is staying with her Mom Linda and working from there.

Lorna was in with tomorrow’s sermon. I’ll have to save it! (I didn’t).

Kathy was just getting home from work when Kim called, so I got to talk to both. Kim said his garden is plagued with cut worms this year and his gang got together outside for a music evening this week. They had all been missing it.

A steak came from Sherry and Dave’s last night and some of Ray’s Shiitake mushrooms. I tried the baking soda toothpaste for cleaning the lawn chairs, one worked well. That’s probably if one cleaned them every year? Too much work for me anyway. But I do think it’s pretty good!

I hope all the Dads, whoever and wherever, had a very happy Father’s Day. Now, get ready for our Canada Day. How will we celebrate this year?

I heard today that Don McMurray was in a motorcycle accident. Get well soon.

I sit out most mornings for my coffee and checking plants. Peter walks early mornings with his dog Danny. Danny is either a Hindoyle or a Beahund? (A pretty gold and white.)

For all the blessings of this past week. I have so much gratitude. Thank you all!