Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 92: So far, it’s been a very interesting day where everything has changed again. Now what? Sherry brought me a piece of smoked fish, Cal brought me dessert.

Debbie just called to say early deadline this week. I’m writing it here as a reminder for me!

Day 93: 4:30 am. I have my head stuck out the door and am smelling wet earth. It is pouring down. I do hope it lasts. Boy, our gardens need it! A nice rainy, balmy, overcast, humid growing day.

“Work that is cheerfully done is usually well done.”

(Jokes) “One of the ducks you were hunting last weekend called and left her number.”

“My wife is a plastic surgeon. Give her a couple of credit cards and watch her operate.”

“Fortunately, modern medicine has come up with dozens of cures for wealth.”

I’ve been laughing this morning. Lyle Dewar loaned me two scrapbooks full of jokes and cartoons! I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing these for you to enjoy.

Forgot all about Pennie’s birthday last week. Happy belated, niece.

Rick you talked of Ideals magazines. I use them for inspiration and/or stories for our Sr. U.C.W. meetings, which at this point in time seems a thing of the past. I think they still print them. I have one I got at Jim Little’s sale. It was still in the original envelope. Lots of beautiful pictures and poetry.

Seven cents American postage and a Mother’s Day post cancellation. From Mrs. Gallagher, Arlington, Washington to Mrs. Mary Ann Little, volume  No. 3 (May 3, 1948). Envelope says volume 3 but magazine is volume No. 2.

Day 94: I got up early this morning and made lemon cupcakes and banana muffins. But now I’m done. It sure doesn’t take much. Ray was checking the mushrooms in the rain. I gave him a few “muffcakes” (Tristian called them that when he was small). I delivered a few around and saw four cute black/grey kittens scooting away from Ron and Justine’s doorstep, tails over their backs.

A nice bouquet of orangey flowers sitting nearby as Sis Susan came in bringing gifts. Then both Lori and Pauline called before she left.

I do notice lots of spelling mistakes, so sorry, my handwriting must be getting worse or my spelling.

Saddened to read of Duncan Robbie’s death in the paper, also Marie Love. Sympathy to the families.

Congratulations “Women of Inspiration” Expositor front page.

Well from day to day you just never know. Then a call from Sunnybrook and I dropped the phone to have the message repeated (press 5), and so it cut out! But I’m OK, I think!

Heard a kitty crying this afternoon, I thought was on TV but it was a little black kitten at the door. Cold from the rain, ran and hid. I gave it some too-rich food for a kitten, a starving kitten at that. But Skye caught it and right now at least it’s warm at the neighbours (now for the rest of them?).

“Few people get dizzy from doing too many good turns.”

Day 95: Thursday, June 25. Did you know International Joke Day is July 1.

A lot of us really need something to laugh about. A whole night of “no” sleep. There is no happy medium with me. I finally got some in daylight.

It’s two and I just woke, it’s time, maybe?

Tara and Skylar brought the little one in this morning, what a rack of bones, cute.

It’s time to get this week’s news faxed out, early deadline.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be busy doing pre-op by phone.

Love ya!

O’ To Any Daddy

There are little eyes upon 


And they’re watching 

night and day.

There are little ears that  


Take in every word you 


There are little hands all 


To do anything you do.

And a little boy who’s 


Of the day he’ll be like 


You’re the little fellow’s 


You’re the wisest of the 


In his little mind about 


No suspicions ever rise.

He believes in you 


Holds that all you say 

and do.

He will say and do in 

your way,

When he’s grown up like 


There’s a wide-eyed little 


Who believes you’re 

always right.

And his ears are always 


And he watches day and 


You are setting an 


Every day in all you do.

For the little boy who’s 


To grow up, to be like you.

– Author unknown

1948 Ideals, Volume No. 2

In honour of Dads and Grandfathers everywhere!