Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 95: Three in a row, not good!

Lisa, our resident horror-scope-ist, predicts. Maybe it’s two too many eclipses? Maybe the water’s too high, maybe the weather is too extreme. Maybe this was the too late warning for COVID-19. UFOs, killer bees, locusts, floods, fire, mayhem, unrest, uncertainty is the only positive!

Maple leaf-shaped burgers for Canada Day, now I’ve tasted everything.

Mollies poem, ‘God, I’m Wondering.’

A sympathy card from Island Animal Hospital for us brought tears (again).

They caught a second kitten today, twice the size of the other, Tara says, much wilder. Maybe the baby was so ready to need some love, so hungry and cold, he adjusted almost immediately. I don’t know if it would have made the night (rain and all.)

Harvey was at our door again sharing. Thank you so much, it’s good!

I was watching the commercial for alien tape, I started laughing. I really wanted the two free rolls? The sales pitches.

Saturday, Day 97: Two morning phone calls, first from Derek, he says it’s 13 degrees in Mackenzie. Then Helen called while the phone was hot. We always find lots to laugh about. She says she had a nice visit with Bertha this week (through the window door?). Her daughter.

Lyle calls, he’s bringing spinach. Good too.

Dave Jaggard walks across to say hello and Mary Yett sits for a minute or two.

A busy morning in the patio area.

Another kitten. The first’s name is Dash, number two is Jackson, number three Oreo.

A crew over at Tara’s for supper. Sherry and Skylar may have prepared it or Ray. I was sleeping.

Day 98: I was sleeping! I putter about a bit. Cal brought fish and chips to share for supper and good rhubarb strawberry pie. Harvey brings me a piece of rainbow trout, thanks!

Day 99: I met officially this morning Archie Cranston who thought I might have been throwing garbage out. I had seen it different times up there too, but I was doing my “Patti Flowerseed” thing. Make me some good edges. OK. I don’t mind sharing seeds. He’s a friendly fellow who loves their spot on the Prov Road.

I had the laundromat to myself this morning.

Day 100: Don’t you think I should quit counting days and maybe start weeks?

Really tired today. I guess the heat isn’t helping. Sherry picked me up, a COVID test on the agenda and a burning tire/wheel. Smoke rising when she got me home! Terrible, a house full of family for a minute and a cute little kitten to home, then more napping. Supper was spinach, toast, peanut butter, chocolate milk. Kind of different, but good!

We smelled skunk then we heard two shots that turned out to be fire crackers, we heard two more. “Happy Canada Day!”

Pauline came out for a visit in the evening bringing smoked fish. It was nice sitting out in the cool of the evening. Such a scorcher! The rest of my family went to visit with Tavis and Alisha in Gore Bay for their celebration. I had the greatest urge to drive to South Baymouth today for the firefighters’ annual big yard sale! And miss those fireworks.

Trevor Noah says this is not a good time to be a statue! “He” doesn’t stop while crossing the street (he is funny) but I wouldn’t want to be one either! Now what are pigeons going to “stand” on if there are none left?

Janice was weeding the butterfly garden in the morning, brought us some scapes and she brought me cream for my coffee. The hours are gone before I can get to the store (right across the road), oh well!

Day 101: A nice shared fish and chips. Cal brought supper again. Sitting outside we can keep distance and visit. Good salads from the Kickass Cookhouse, must be warm cooking these days.

Well, from one moment to the next we do not know who is apt to be at my door. Archie and Ginger Cranston stopped with a beautiful Geode for me, pure diamond inside! Wow, thanks so much.

Earlier today I stopped with a birthday card for Dorothy Cronk. She celebrated part of her day at Lori and Rick’s, Cal and Heather too and cards!

It was last year on Canada Day that the coloured disc rolled through our yard! I said hello to Connie Galerno in front of Ward’s Store today. They were so good to us (Mom and I) when they did the Tehkummah Market. She says they are taking Bella for a week’s holiday.

I was thinking this morning (day 102) that year after year we used to have new potatoes and peas for the first of July. Last year (2019) we were just getting the seed in the ground here at that time. This year, lots of folks had trouble with their peas and bean seeds? Mine were old but I wasn’t surprised when they didn’t come up. When I dug in the ground there was no evidence they had ever been planted. Talking to K&K last evening, Kim’s garden plague now is squash beetles. It’s a buggy year all around and the earwigs have started.

I did an afternoon cloud drive, pretty, found two raindrops while driving.

I spoke a few words to Rick McCutcheon. He and Julia had a piece of pie at the outside tables at Carol’s and Earl’s. He was delivering books (This is Manitoulins) today.

Cal brought me a few masks, in case I need to hold up a _ _ _ sign?

Day 103: talking to Derek and Jodi on the phone this morning. They sound closer to coming this direction, though he says all the roads washed out and nonstop rain. Nine degrees there this morning. They sound in need of sunshine.

“Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do and it doesn’t get you anywhere.” This was one of Linda McNaughton’s quotes. Got off the phone laughing as we had a few words to exchange. Gardening, shopping etc. It hadn’t been too long since I had been chatting with Joan. She said Mark, Maureen and Sawyer had been for a visit.

I called four of my cribbage folks today. Everyone is missing the get-togethers, but most are busy with summer company, right now, Tara.

I just melt in the garden watering stuff. The hummingbird came to the window so I got busy. It isn’t too long since I had my supper, but again, it’s late last night, 10:30 pm but then I fell right asleep and slept till 5 am. And they say don’t go to sleep/bed on a full stomach? Oh no, that’s about swimming or? The neighbours have been already, I hear the beach (or what’s left of it) was loaded.

The first year JD’s was open I won a rose, deep pink and cream, most beautiful scent. It looked dead this spring. Tara worked up around it and she just cut a couple of stems for each of us. It has seven or eight, never say die.

I was up early, made oatmeal raisin cookies and banana muffins. Last time when I gave Ray banana lemon he said he preferred the lemon. Problem is, it isn’t the lemons that are black and overripe—what’s a fella to do?

Anyway, the nice visa company just called, woke me up to tell me two charges had gone on my credit card. Why can’t they stop these criminals from bothering sleeping people? Somebody should be able to? Sometimes you just got to laugh, to keep from crying. 

Today they are trying to track down my COVID test. It seems anything I do or book gets lost. I can’t stop creating headaches.

Anyway, we’re away tomorrow morning. Take care all. Keep Happy, keep healthy and keep up the hand washing.