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The Love Game

You could be a winner
In Love’s Lottery game.
It would change your life,
Or maybe your name.
Will you risk heartache?
There could be regret.
Leave you with memories
You’ll never forget.
Just take a chance,
Lay your heart on the line.
If you ask, you may get
Your own Valentine.
February 2017

-Pat Hall

There, and didn’t miss the opportunity to sing happy birthday to Irene James. I intended to remember to do this when we gave out the cribbage prizes. Irene Montgomery also has a near now birthday. Eugene Pyette celebrated his on Tuesday, so happy birthday, all.

A phone call from Kim this evening had Kathy away at boot camp, and he was just about to make some banana muffins for their next breakfast.

Cribbage scores, eight and a half tables: high hand, Hugh Corbett, 24; first, Eugene and Dorothy, 947; second, Irene and Laura, 935; third, Jessie and Dorothy A, 932; low, Lyla and Hugh, 826; door, Irene James, Bill Case, Sheila. Thank you all for lunch. Join us Wednesday at 1:30.

Euchre tournament, five tables: high, John and Pat Novak, 94; and seven lone hands; second, Jay and Bert, 76; third, Betty Jean and Bill tied Simon and Marg, 68; low, Graham and Shiela tied Pauline and Wayne, 52; door prize, Dorothy. Linda B was on K.P. duty.

Some days everything goes right! Even a 21 game, as Pat says it took four years’ worth of euchres! Good score!

Helen Oswald has been in and out of the hospital this past week. I tried to call the hospital but couldn’t get through. Bertha called me with the info earlier in the week. Helen sounded good when I spoke to her Saturday; vertigo is not pleasant. Speaking of, Mum had it a while back.

Mum’s been winning at cards this week!

Down I am, just got home from a lovely evening of music, The Fit, Robbie Shawana and his great musicians. They started their music with a Johnny Cash song and finished with Johnny Be Good. That was just before the last song, Wipeout, and by that time most of the dancers were pretty well wiped out! The last hour of music was pretty well all-fast dances. The earlier part of the evening more romantic? Well slower, in keeping with the sweetheart theme! Musicians, lead guitar Ted Peltier, bass, Dylan Shigwadja, fiddle Doug Hore, keyboard Maurice Labelle, drums Ferdinand Prohoska and, of course, Robbie.

The dance started at eight, the supper at six and it was delicious and hot! Chicken breast, two choices of seasonings. I didn’t get my dessert (sob)— no room, darn it! Some door prizes at the dinner only. Both Russ and Joan Kay won. Evening draws, ladies’ Betty Russell; men’s John McLennan; door prize of $105, Margaret Elliot.

I did get up for a couple dances; my darn feet won’t come off the floor! I can still dance in my mind!

Mum has to drag me around for ours! I always enjoy watching the dancers and the Baileys and their smiles, always. They have social dancing in Evansville every Thursday evening. I think she said forty couples; anyway, dancers are welcome!

Well, the music was wonderful as usual.

I hear Joan and Yves are moving to Mindemoya. Great, welcome home.

Someone who told me about a new baby girl? Whose?

Sympathy to the Hopkin family in the death of Gelena this past week.

Floyd Hall had a brief interruption in his life this week. Being near help was good. A heart problem quickly repaired in Florida, thank goodness. Take care.

Sunday turned on CBC. Suzuki and Mansbridge looked interesting through the years. Part two is next week; perhaps I’ll see it?

Did I take my pills or didn’t I? We do things so automatically, it creates uncertainty.

Hey Ruth and J.C. I didn’t want to stare so didn’t realize I recognized you until you were leaving!

We had our supper at Carol’s and Earl’s on Sunday evening. A lovely visit there with Carl’s nephew Rick and Katie.

I see snow again; I hear we are in for some weather again?

I just got a phone call from Eileen Leeson reminding me of tomorrow’s Triangle Club meeting. There are so many volunteer jobs that are probably not recognized and yet we are so grateful for. Eileen too, has the cheeriest phone voice!

A phone call from Derek on Sunday. He’s all lonely out there. Jodi has been away since the first of January, six hours in and six out, and only a day and a half off? He’s working too hard again I think.