Tehkummah Talk and Times

I don’t know if everyone’s perception of life changes as much as mine has, or not? I do know my life experiences have changed the meaning of importance. Because I lived inside a cocoon for so many years, my own mind I guess? I can now appreciate life and friends and especially family.

I used to think a perfect house was the answer (it never made the cut) or a perfect marriage (I didn’t work hard enough). A perfect family (just too many of em, you’re bound to find one flaw.) It wasn’t until I quit pushing myself I got to see just what was important, peace of mind, for one thing. Time another, spend time with friends and family giving, when you think you have given enough, give some more. Love, it’s amazing how much one heart can hold. To see the beauty and to enjoy the perfection of this world we live in. Try to ignore the imperfections. Don’t listen to the news, unless it’s good stuff. Put the past behind you. We all have to deal with grief of one kind or another. Separation, loss, lost love, illness, death.

You have to learn to love yourself; respect too, is so important.

To value safety and to be able to trust freely and to be trust worthy. A lot of times life is not easy, but with help and faith we can try to make the best of it.

Don’t forget to smile!

Laugh; laugh at all the humour you can find, laugh with friends and family, and most important, laugh at yourself.

Ignore the bad, which is hard to do!

Drop a note or a card. Everyone needs a word of cheer (Who doesn’t?). I so appreciate cards that inspire and encourage.

Pick yourself a bouquet (or buy one). It looks just as beautiful amid clutter, and scents up your life.

Don’t forget to sing.

Time is too quickly gone, opportunities too!

Use today wisely.

God Bless,


I wrote this quite some time ago. I wanted to share.

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it. (George Elliston)

This was the wording on one of the cards I re-read today. A snowy old day here in the G.T.A. (Greater Tehkummah Area). It’s just a year since I had my surgery in Barrie, and I’ve spent the last couple of hours going through all my cards, letters, words of encouragement and inspiration, photos or/and homemade cards, just beautiful, but what does one do with all these lovely (valuable in more ways than one) cards? I can’t bear to throw them out, names that came up a lot. Jean, Laurene, Elaine, Helen, Bev and Richard, Lynda and Martin. Thanks for your constancy, for all the lovely sincere and caring thoughts, for folks I’ve still yet to meet, the sentiments, the humour. I’ve laughed, cried, and relived some of my experiences. May everyone on life’s journey be as fortunate as I, God Bless you all.

Cribbage, 1:30 Wednesday: high hand, Gib, 24; first place, Graham and Sheila, 950; second and third tied, Lina and Noreen; Pat (me) and Cal, 949; low, Lyla and Hugh, 832; door prize, Sheila and Graham; extra draws, Georgie and Bert, a lot of good scores; honourable mentions, Georgina and Betty, 937; Audrey and Ted, 938.

This Thursday evening at 7:30 Euchre tournament.

Carol’s and Earl’s is open on Family Day, February 20.

Cal and I had supper there on Saturday evening then drove to Mindemoya for a nice visit and card game with Gib and Florence! Wayne Pennie mentioned to me quite a while back that his Aunt Bea has passed away, belated sympathy to the families. My dad and Wayne’s dad were first cousins, so Bea is second cousin to me?

Mum’s been winning this past week.

Hope your sweetie didn’t forget you on Valentines.

Happy birthday, Betty Jean. It’s on Valentine’s Day.

To all who are having health issues take care? It seems every day we hear of someone else with a problem.

Just got a call from Joan Wood, concerning her coming events calendar.