Tehkummah Talk & Times

Our cribbage had eight tables Wednesday. As always, a lot of fun and a great lunch at half time, thanks all. High hand, Bill McGregor, 24; first, Dorothy and Jessie, 957; second, Mary Ellen and Margaret, 935; third, Jean and Keith, 931; low, Lyla and Hugh, 606; door, Jean (Mum), Graham, me, and Wooden Heart!

Laurene was in for a short visit on Thursday morning.

Just got home and settled from euchre; Lori helped tonight with the board, as we were missing folks due to illness/colds. I popped in at Mum’s after and had to go home and bring her some cough medicine. Daisy and Robert, our K.P. cooks tonight, had sent some food over, but she wasn’t up to eating.

We had seven tables for the tournament: high was John and Pat Novak with a score of 89 and 10 lone hands; second with 74, Eva and Donna; third, 73, Marian and Gordon; fourth, 70, Rita and Ted; low, Cal and I, 56; door prize, Ken Pepper. Next Friday afternoon euchre 1:30 pm in Manitowaning at the Knox Hall (24th).

I hear there’s a lucky young man in our area with a new snowmobile. It’s amazing what you can catch when fishing!

Rob Gill has been at the apartment this week doing some fishing with his friend John, a break from the Sarnia area. (Hello Corrine!)

Well, I ate the last Belgian chocolate on Sunday. It was a shame to see it go? I made them last two months, but I’m not sayin’ if I ate any others in between times. I’ve still got two boxes from Christmas! Probably I should get an award for resistance or something like that!

This Friday AM, I just can’t get going. I went into the tub at 5:30 and then went back to bed. Actually slept, but I hate the dreams at times. Got to get goin’ and get this faxed out!

Mild again!

Talked to Derek (long time) Thursday. He was rained, iced, snowed off work! For three days. Call from Linda too.