Tehkummah Talk and Times

This day started out the usual way. Trying to remember what I wanted in my column before faxing it out. Delivering some Valentines (got a candy one too, and a cute bug eyed cat one!)

Pauline had our Sr. U.C.W. meeting at her home, eight of us, a couple missing. We had a lovely meeting on a very lovely sunny day and a lovely lunch. What can I say? Hey they are a very lovely bunch! Fun! Planned some of our summer events. Our church celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. On the way home from the meeting a brilliant half rainbow sundog kept me/us enthralled.

Tara came in bearing gifts; a beautiful Valentine flower from Sherry, and Mum got some too. Sherry and the grandkids took in an archery course at Manitowaning.

Mum was winning big at bingo! My back is killing me tonight and I didn’t even carry Mum’s money home.

I get grunting and groaning around with pain in my ankles, knees, wrists, shoulder and back (my weather forecasters), plus I get moaning and groaning cause I’m tired and can’t do anything. I complain (to the cats) about all the pills I take, and mumble and grumble about the weather, and you know there’s not a darn thing I can do to change what is, nothing any of us can do about certain things, so I guess I might as well sing another song, or write a letter, or another poem, and try to be grateful for all the great things/people/family I have in my life. Hey, tomorrow is another day! And I’m not dead yet? Travelling that general direction. It’s a year ago I had my surgery in Barrie, and yet a lot of the past year seems like a dream. It’s hard to believe all I have come through.

I knew I had written more pages last week and couldn’t find them when it came time to fax out. That’s what happens when I’m in a poem-writing mood? Too many pages lying around!

We went to supper at Carol’s and Earl’s. Sat and visited with Doug and Marion. Earl had the back room decked out with Happy Birthday 80 signs. (A lot of that 80 stuff going around this year.) We all got a piece of the birthday cake too. Lori and her husband came from St. Catharine’s Saturday to surprise Rick for his birthday. Earl sent him on an errand while the surprise visitors got situated. Marj introduced us to their daughter Lori. Earlier in the day Lawrence and I went to Barney’s to look around and shopped in town. Then chased all the customers away from Loco Beanz?

I did the Mindemoya laundry thing Friday, got to say hello to Mary, Vance and Rylan, and hadn’t seem them in ages (at Grill and Chill). Leaving actually. Skye carried my laundry all in for me. I play out too soon. They feed the birds most days too; it all helps my bones, as did the sun this amazing Saturday. Beautiful sunrise again Sunday.

I’m due to start sitting outside in the mornings, Monday, Sunday Family Day!

Finally made church after missing a couple of weeks. Laurene and I went to Mindemoya for lunch. She did a little shopping. We had lunch at Grill and Chill, Simon joined us there, I got a hug from Carol Lee, said hello to Reegan and the wee one. I hadn’t seen them for ages. How are you doing, Audrey Haggart? Cal was in for a minute/worried.

As Sis Susan said, today we need to rent a family (Re: Family Day). I did go and have a nice turkey supper there. She did take outs for Wayne, Pauline and Mum, the later two, all with the bug. They even called off bingo due to illness: Linda, Mary, Betty Jean, Edith were there more? Keep well, all.

Consider yourselves wished well again as I wouldn’t have enough cards to send to all who have colds and flu bugs right now.

We almost had four tables for cribbage on Wednesday. I played, and my name was Me and? High hand, Audrey, 24; first, Mary Ellen and Doris, 959; second, Patrysha and Laura, 942; third, Audrey and Ted, 935; low, Graham and Sheila, 846; door, Lloyd and Glenda.

Bloodwork for me in the a.m. and A getting checked out. Tara my medical care technician, is super and helpful and on top of stuff. Thanks.

I met Dorothy Anstice when I was shopping and she showed me photos of her beautiful little granddaughter Emily.

Funny and strange, the weather change! I slept through the thunderstorm; that’s also strange. But unusual weather Friday. Has been quite a variety, and as well I drove through the morning, stopped in Tehkummah to find I didn’t have a teleconference, cancelled. Some trips are so unnecessary, no phones I guess. When I heard about Kathleen Harasym’s passing I thought I’d like to pay my respects but I got to town just as everyone was leaving the church hall. Years back when our kids were kids, they took figure skating together. Kathleen was a very active member of the club, a great community worker.

Everybody had better stay off the ice after this thunder. You can use the arena. As I was driving to town I saw a flock of about 50 robins. So on my way home I thought it must be deer counting season and it was. I drove to South Baymouth home (the long way). Saw about forty deer. The trees were weighted with ice out there tonight. I was talking to Ray as he was walking Gemma. I made soup today so she had a couple of little meat treats.

Saw a young couple kissing at the Garden’s Gate!

I’m tired after my day at the hall, and all I did was eat and play cards!

Met Evan’s young lady, Adele.

Winner of the euchre tournament, Sheila and Graham, 82; second, Donna and Eva, 77 and 7 lone hands; third, Dennis and Dorothy, 69; fourth, Sherry and Simon, 67; low, Yogi and Margaret, 49; door prize, Yogi.

Ted Glasby told me his Aunt Echo (Sloan) passed away a month or so ago. We were good friends way back when, in the 50s.

I visited Mum for a minute or three. She sounded some better and says she does feel much improved.

Supper at Dave and Sherry’s Saturday evening. After Cal and Ray left, Tara and I, and Dave and Sherry, had two games of Tiki. Tara won one and Dave, I think.

My chocolate cake sugarless (not international) turned into chocolate poke cake, I made some good chocolate syrup and poured!

Yogi brought me corn syrup for my pancakes (to the hall)!

Nature of Things Cats! Oscar! Red carpet Fashion, Snooze!