Tehkummah Talk and Times

Its hard not to chase a bee when it crawls up your bare leg. Finally I’m sitting outside, listening to and watching my birds. Still can’t hold a pen properly.

Sunday was no hydro.

Guess I brought a blackfly in with me. One would wonder how you could suffer so much pain because of a fall. I guess lucky I didn’t break bones. Concussed likely?

Susan brought me a lovely flowering basket from Sudbury. Mollie and her friend Marilyn from Winnipeg/via Elliot Lake, hit the Island on Saturday. We sisters and Mum met at Carl’s and Earl’s, Sherry and Skylar too. It was a short visit, but nice to see them.

Joan phoned Saturday night; Borden has had a heart attack. I guess he’s doing OK in Sudbury. Joan really enjoyed her visit with her sister Pat, brother Dodds and his wife Jovette.

Euchre tournament scores May 19th, 2016. Eila and Donna, 90; Shirley and Dave, 88; Graham and Sheila, 84; Rick and Edgar, 81; Marg and Marlaine, lone, 44; and Shirley and Dave, 7, low hands.

Cribbage scores, May 18. High hand, Marg, 24; first, Graham and Sheila, 956; second, Normeen and Doris, 932; third, Janet and Glenn, 928; low, Lorie and Dot, 830; door, Sheila, Rita and Bill Case.

Cribbage scores May 25. High hand, Del and Dolly, 24; first, Ted and Dorothy, 945; second, Lois and Dorothy A, 943; third Ruth and Bill, 929; low, Bert and Joy, 861; door, Lois, Lori and Dorothy A.

Sunday Dorothy Cronk was in to visit and bring the game scores. Joan A in to visit, Sherry’s been sorting through papers and stuff. Such a busy girl. I’ve left too much on her shoulders lately.

Malen, Ruth and David came in for a little visit, cheery folks. Mary O. brought me a small rhubarb pie. Delicious, and Tara brought spaghetti supper.

Cal was in for a visit in the evening.

I got home from hospital on Friday. Pauline and Wayne brought me home. Pauline’s busy day too, they were having friends in for a cold plate supper.

I had been in hospital for 10 days. My hands, thumbs, wrists, shoulders are still very sore, but I’m a lucky gal I guess? Teach me to faint!