Tehkummah Talk and Times

Well Monday was busy, starting with Helen and the clean up. Next Jennifer and the IV hookup, had to put in a new site as well. Sherry was here and shortened my table up, found it too long. She took me to a tele-conference meeting in Mindemoya where I re-met Chris (talked to her on the phone before and its 15 years since she was catcher for Tehkummah Girls Ball team). Dr. Shiata says they’re discontinuing my chemo, but it’s radiation, and already booked for catscan and more at the Sudbury Cancer Centre on Wednesday morning early.

Today too I received an angel ball in the mail. Thank you Shirley Dicker. How thoughtful. Nice to know you have “roots” in Tehkummah area. Pauline was in, Laurene was in with blueberry tarts.

Ross and Susan Ward spent a couple of days at a car show in Pennsylvania. This year the featured car was Broncos. This show is all Ford, and has a large flea market as well.

Well thank you Yogi.

Mum and I were very pleased to find our breakfast paid for on Thursday morning at Garden Shed, how nice!

Our Sudbury drive as always so scenic and those 40 shades of green. Some of the green eaten off already by the army worms, more bare trees in the Espanola area. Have you been tromping on those tent caterpillars, which are really visible this year? Saw a cute couple of still fluffy baby Sandhill cranes at their Mum’s feet, near High Falls.

A catscan on my belly. We didn’t get out of the Cancer Centre till after 1pm. Went to Kings Buffet for our lunch. Got home around 6:30 I think.

Thank you Marilyn and Wayne (Sparham). What a lovely gift, $$!!

Eight tables at cribbage: high hand, Lila and Mary, 24; 1st, Dorothy and Lois, 948; 2nd, Edgar and Rita, 938; 3rd, Janet and Glenn, 935; low, Lyla and Hugh, 764; door; Graham Fogal, Bert Whalen, Deb VanHorn.

Margaret McCarthy was in for a little visit Friday.

Euchre scores: Rick, 5 lone hands. Men’s high, Gib, 81; men’s low, Dave N, 50; ladies’ high; Florence, 83; ladies’ low; Sheila, 57; There were three lone hands; door, Rick and Dennis.

This week cherry and blueberry tarts. I’ll be 300 pounds soon! Good. Al Ryan stopped to say hello. Looking great in his western gear on his way to Bluegrass in the Country. They’re playing backup for Marie Bottrell. Mary O was in for a visit, more goodies, rhubarb custard-type cake, yummy.

Mum and Susan took in Stella MacDougall’s Special birthday party on June 4th in the Knox Church hall in Manitowaning. Happy belated birthday Stella (sorry I missed it!)

Pauline and Wayne took Mum to Sudbury on Friday for the needle in the eye thing, makes me cringe just writing it! Sister Susan spent her birthday with friend Chris. They did a Meldrum Bay tour/trip.

Pauline was in, brought fresh fish and smoked. (Wayne was busy Sunday) delish. I had fish for breakfast this Monday morning. Went for a little walk, gotta get some strength in my legs. Thank goodness for the walker. Cal pops in and out through the week, he brought a couple of pineapples, my favourite fruit.

The next door neighbours bring supper in, I just sit like a little bird with my mouth open.

Thanks for all the blessing this week!