Tehkummah Talk and Times

The Manitoba lilac is now attracting the swallowtail butterfly. There didn’t seem to be too many around this year. Saw the first monarch today and I did see a small hummingbird moth last week. I don’t have many flowers right now. Roses (the old fashioned kind and some early peonies) I brought from the homestead quite a few years back. The clump never gets too big, most of my beautiful (once) gardens have been chased and swallowed up by shade, and weeds, and grass too, I guess!

Susan was in for a nice visit on Monday evening, she brought me fresh eggs from her flock, nothing like them! I took down my many cards I have up around my kitchen, living room and put up 85 more. I still have a bunch in the basket to go up. I want to thank you all for your caring, prayers, and lovely words and letters. This week former Islander Jim and Pat McMullen from the Sault I’ve yet to meet!!

Rita was the taxi driver for Audrie, Mum and myself to Bev (Lynch’s) U.C.W. meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Lorna, Pauline, Lynda and Noreen made up the group. They (we?) are planning our strawberry social for June 25th at the Tehkummah Hall from 7-9pm. We made a bit of money, the roll call was measure your waist and 10 cents an inch? Can add up fast for some of us!

I took sister Susan for her birthday breakfast this morning to the Garden Shed. Simon joined us for a coffee, but he had things to do. It’s always lovely there with all the flowers and perfumed air. We met a nice couple that read me, they wished me well too. They are Wally and Helen (Turk) did I get it right? From Wiarton/Collingwood and summer Manitoulin/Mindemoya area!

My TV keeps cutting out and making pretty coloured squares and lines. So it’s kind of like fill in the blanks when you’re trying to listen/watch?

Sandy Palsticker just popped in for a little visit bearing banana muffins. Well I finally went to a cribbage tournament. It’s been forever since I was among the gang, a great afternoon, as always. Seven and a half tables. High hand; Jean and Barb, 24, they shared. First place; Lyla and Hugh, 964, great score. Second, Glenn and Janet, 946, third; Lori and Rick, 932; low, Cal and Pat, Del and Audrie, 879; door; Audrie, Joy and Cal.

I thought we’d be in the running but the last game we were choking on the dust when Mum and Mary wiped us out. Left us with a 64. Though I did hear there was a “worser” one than ours!

Good to see Glenn and Janet back. Mary is doing a good job running the games assisted by Betty Jean and Lori. Joan phoned this Friday morning. I was sitting outside. It was a scorcher! Well my Dad called him Booyaw! It’s funny but as I was driving home from Mindemoya today, I was thinking of them. Them, being, Seward in the old model A Ford, Dad and Stan (Bois) heading down the Eighth Line, apparently he could turn Stan upside down in the rumble seat when they hit the “good” spots. Many a fishing expedition they had! Stan passed away April 26th I think Linda said it was. I remember writing about his death before but it must have been the column that never made print. Stan was 84. Our early years we spent lots of time together. Marie, my cousin , we camped at Sand Beach, fun times. I ask myself how come I keep losing stuff? My yesterday notes already.

Went for bloodwork in the AM. Breakfast at Mum’s where I ran into George and Loretta, and Barry and wife who are here for two weeks from St. Johns. (The Sauders). At the laundromat, I met this nice young lady called Kathy Benwell from the Sault and Fort Francis. She is situated on Johnson Rd, near Lake Manitou. Welcome! I lunched at the Roosterant, while waiting time for my car to be serviced at Manitoulin Chrysler. I was tired when I got home. The last few days no pain pills (still pain though, but bearable). So I think/hope I’m finally on the mend?

I hear Kay Gordon has had a bit of a setback, but is coming along well. Get better soon!

Skylar just brought me a beautiful big strawberry from their patch. Sherry told me a week ago she was picking wild strawberries on her walks. Margaret brought in three flavours of tarts and the euchre tournament scores, 13 tables at Tehkummah on Thursday June 16th.

Lone hands, Rick,6; first place, Mary C and Marlaina, 91; second, Eva B and Rita P, 82; third, Rick and Barb, 78; fourth, Dave and Shirley N, 73; low; Irene and Anne, 38; and door, Marg Arnold.

Well the H.M.S. Pinafore is a production not to be missed. Set and costumes just wonderful, music and song, I really think one should see it more than once. There is so much extra action and expressions, too many to watch. I sure enjoyed it start to finish. And yes, Wayne, I didn’t know you!! Must have been the “Stache”.

I could say more but you really should see it for yourself. Great.

I made a salad and took it to Cal’s before the show, got home around 11 after having a cup of tea with Alicia and Cole too. Cole says his dad has a “new” truck. Eugene spent a night in hospital, but was home the next day. Keep well, Okay? My newest book is in the Rock and Rail gift shop.

Hey, the high bush cranberries are in full bloom right now, pink lady slippers are in bloom and just lovely. The flower baskets are georgous on the poles in South Baymouth. They do a good job of keeping them looking great. Mum was up to emerg last evening. Susan and Mickey took her, they got home at 1:30am. Left from Pauline’s after she /they hosted a birthday supper for Susan and Simon’s 19th. Pork chops and salads, chocolate cake. Sherry, Dave, Brendon, Mickey, Owen and Jason. I took Cal for breakfast this morning. Jim Jordan joined us at our table. Margaret and Brian sat next to us, always time for visiting (this was at Carol’s and Earl’s). Mum called, wanted to go to church, so I went too. I was going to skip, trying to pack for my week in Sudbury, so now I am writing, not packing! Nice to see the Runnalls back in town. David Smith our organist today, and of course the sermon was on Fathers and their attributes!

Happy belated Father’s Day to Dads and “Mothers” everywhere!