Tehkummah Talk & Times

The nice new automatic door on Manitowaning’s Freshmart continues to surprise me.

Tuesday after the birthday party I went to Mum’s (as usual) where sis Pauline was winning at cards. I made it a trio, we each won one, but Pauline won the day, winning the rubber.

A nice few people enjoying the music at the birthday party Tuesday afternoon. They celebrated February and March birthdays: Lois, Betty Jean, Jeanette, Yogi, and Hal. A lovely cake with ice cream was served. A few missing birthday folk. Music was by Darrell, Hal and Carol. Thank you. Did I miss anyone?

Next euchre tournament in Tehkummah is the first Thursday afternoon in April.

Skylar and my kittens celebrate their 11th birthday April 8.

Cribbage tournament, seven and half tables: high hands of 18, Brad, Joy and Marion; first, Doris and Freda, 944; second, Ken and Dorothy A, 942; third, Bert and Joy, 937; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 836; door, Graham, Sheila and Keith. Cribbage starts at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. Everyone welcome.

Heard this week of the passing of Bill Smith. Sympathy and prayers to Marilyn and family; thinking of you. Bill had been ailing for quite a while. I heard Lauren was down with probably the same bug I have right now.

Lots of colourful birds in the backyard!

Saturday 10 A.M.: I just woke up for the third time this morning. I’m still sniffing a bit and coughing, but I’m doing the salt-water gargle, the cinnamon honey and lemon hot drink, Advil and Benelyn combos. I haven’t felt too bad but sound just awful. Despite my cough, I warned them. We were invited to Bev and Richard’s for supper. Mum and I, Pauline and Wayne, a delicious meal, choice of lemon or raisin pie for dessert. We had two full games of Tiki afterwards, Pauline being the big winner of the evening. How does she do it? See Richard, I didn’t say anything bad!

An awful drive down in the heavy snowball sized snowflakes? I was glad it stopped shortly after we got there, a better drive home.

Later for supper she had cooked a turkey. The Reckahns were there for supper as well as Cal and I. I was starting to wonder where I could go for supper on Sunday, but darn it I had to refuse an invite to Carol’s and Earl’s.

On Thursday I baked a money cake and made stuff for supper at Tara and Ray’s. One guy told me I gave him the wrong directions. So he came the long way. We celebrated Dave’s 63rd birthday. He got lots of cute cards (itchy ones too). Of course, that was the night Meals on Wheels was delicious: roast beef dinner, anyway, almost a whole week eating meals! I didn’t have to cook!

How did you like our little ice storm?

Martin is going to try to play an April Fools joke, I’m sure. Trivia at Knox Church Hall, April 1 at 7pm. Church as well is at Knox, starting 12:15 for the three-point charge of Tehkummah, South Baymouth, and Manitowaning on Sunday with a potluck lunch at 1 pm. Everyone is welcome.