Tehkummah Talk & Times

I listened to the singing waters

Down at the banks of Blue Jay Creek.

The ripples danced and laughed while flowing;

In sunshine there I heard them speak.

They told a story of their travels

Deep from the springs so very cold,

And how they kept the fish there happy

And how its beauty did unfold.

It spoke of times it did remember,

Campfires near of Native tribes,

And of the changes it had witnessed,

Stories left by ancient scribes.

It spoke of shallow restful places

Where we might stop to feel folk’s grace,

To say a prayer and quench a thirst

Of willow, wild flower, mossy space.

An old mill did the work for settlers.

This waterway was known to be

A landmark of our Tehkummah Township

On Manitoulin still runs wild and free.


– Pat Hall

Friday: Unroll the sidewalks on South Baymouth Day. Mum and I were one of the carloads of greeters of the freshly done up Chi- Cheemaun! Nancy didn’t kick us off her doorstep, but many folks were circling steady, trying to find a spot to park on Main. Most of the Island perhaps were greeters?

It’s funny how we like to see action again. A good load; I counted 75 plus, so many trailers packing who-knows what, and lots of ATVs (on trailers). Was a fairly good day considering the flood of news from down country and beyond?

We said hello to Joan and Gus, waved at many familiar faces at Carol’s and Earl’s. Shelley and Larry were back in town. (Hey, my one red Trillium has 27 blooms.) We sat with Fred and Carolyn, had a nice visit. Fred’s sister, Mary Lou Phillips, is in hospital in Port Perry. Get well soon. Carolyn has a wonderful new apple pie recipe she shared with us! The hunters and the Pyettes have a lovely new grand-daughter born May 4 and her name is Timber Rose. So welcome little one, congratulations to the family, brothers Track and Trapper.

I didn’t mark down the winners at euchre last evening. I played as a man and got beat out by one point by Graham Fogal, 81; Pauline got the ladies’ high on a cut, 72; lone hands, Linda B and ?; low, Simon and ?; couple of skunks awarded; lunch, Marg and Linda.

We had six tables for cribbage; high hand, Mum and Dorothy, 20; first, Noreen and Roger, 940; second, Doris and Sandra, 926; tied for third, Joy and Bert and Lori and Rick with 923. Could have been a lot of honorable mentions! Low, Mum and Mary, 861; door, Doris, Jessie and Cal. Thanks for the lunch!

I heard last week that Florence Tillson passed away. Sympathy to my nephew Peter McCauley and family and niece Tracy Priet and family on the loss of their grandmother in Cambridge.

The Anstice farm across from Randolph Gordon farm in the past week has gone from looking like chocolate icing dotted with white icing ornaments (seagulls) to minty chocolate. How quick the land changes with the help of Mother Nature.

Better get the humming bird feeders out!

Sherry popped in Saturday morning.

Mum’s been winning at Cribbage this week, skunking me too!

Saturday evening we had supper at Carol’s and Earl’s with Sherry and Dave after we went to their place and played Sequence. The men were pretty tricky, games equal I think! We saw a fox, and stopped and talked to a doe with the blackest face and black-rimmed ears. She was still standing when we drove away; she wanted to visit longer. Sherry Killens was celebrating her birthday at Carol’s and Earl’s.

Kate, Rick, Colleen and Allan were dining out too.

When you sneeze and it hurts your back, it can’t be good, can it? Well it was warm in the greenhouse part of the Garden Shed on Sunday, though our cook and waitress wore heavier duds. The food, as always, just delicious!

Sat with June McDougall our minister of the day, Terry and Kathy, and just great to have Mary Yett with us once again. Garden time maybe?

Hey, the Mother’s Day Tea is at the Hall on Wednesday evening, 7 or 7:30? Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and fathers everywhere!

What a difference a day makes. No hint of gold on Saturday evening, Sunday A.M. the “cowslips,” Marsh Marigolds, were shining, dandelion yellow gold starting to shine in lawns everywhere despite the coolness. Spring calls, anyway.