Tehkummah Talk & Times

The Tehkummah Jr. U.C.W. celebrated “In Style” on Wednesday evening at the community hall. After 37 years of events and fundraising for the St. Andrews and Fairview Churches, they are retiring their group. When it all began, their first event was, no doubt, a Mother’s Day Tea. It’s hard to believe that they will not be active in the community, as they sponsored most of the events like breakfast with Santa, the Easter egg hunt, Halloween party and more over the years.

Marilyn Sparham was the M.C. of the evening, poems and readings by Yogi Joan, Marilyn and myself and music by Lori. The fashion show was inspired. If imagination was in style, we saw it all, especially in the skit by Marilyn and Wayne. Most folks planned to order online or shop at Ward’s Store. Even the Donald (Trump of course) made an appearance and we found he could count to 2! The girls served a lovely lunch. I should have made a list of the fashions but didn’t want to miss anyone, memory-wise, with lots of door prize draws.

This Thursday morning I found a couple of potted miniature roses in my living room and a signature box of Pink Elephant popcorn. For years as a toddler, youngster I got Pink Elephant popcorn from my daughter for every special occasion! Still love it! Well a morning checking out my van, checking out me! X-ray and heart, Dan’s been at the hospital there 16 years.

Vanessa had an assistant in training, Sara, in the vampire department. I was hungry so lunched at Grill and Chill for breakfast. Saw lots of my neighbours at the hospital too. Sierra was having a reaction to her chicken pox needle, fevered up.

Colleen visited me today, my nephew Peter McCauley visited; he’s here for fishing with his friend Scott Welch.

Euchre, three tables plus one, and loads of laughter and fun. Men’s high, Simon, 76, and 4 lone hands; low, Dorothy C, 44; ladies’ high, Sheila, 75 and 4 lone hands; low, Pat N, 52; 4 skunks, John N, Pauline, Pat N, Graham; lunch, Linda and Marg.

Eight-and-a-half tables for cribbage on Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes it’s hard to buy a high hand, and so we had four: Noreen, Doris, Lyla and Glenda. First place, Bill and Betty Jean, 949; second, Keith and Laurene, 942; third, Laura and Patrysha, 940; low, Ted and Dorothy, 871; door, Florence, Doris and Dorothy. A good lunch. Had to be arranged in a slightly different manner, as the hall was beautifully set up for the Mother’s Day Tea. On every table a mix of daffodils from Pauline’s roadside, which by the way was/is the most beautiful this year.

My spring garden has been getting lots of admiration, from me of course. I love sitting out and just looking. Janice’s garden at McKenzie’s place is just the most lovely and deserves a second look. The Forsythia shaped into a perfect ball, in a Mindemoya yard, is just perfect! Congratulations.

Good to see Nina Wahl back home after a few months of southern exposure looking tan and fit.

What a lot of cars and people at the sale on Saturday at the Armstrongs near Manitowaning. We drove carefully past all the folk heading for the auction. We were on our way to Espanola, a lovely day for admiring (always) the pothole lakes? The spring greenery, the delicate tints as the trees are starting to dress for the seasons ahead.

I said hello to Faye at the GT Boutique and to Warren (my great nephew) and Tasha at the dollar store. Lunch at Rusty’s, Derek said when he called me for Mother’s Day that he read in my column that Cal and I had been to Florida? Maybe I should read my columns to see what I’ve been up to? I knew there were lots of mistakes last time; maybe I need to learn to write!

I just crawled into bed 4am. I fell asleep in my Lay-Z-Girl chair, after I got home from Susan and Simon’s last evening, after a game of TIKI, Simon won. We played after dining out at Green Acres, just the girls, Mum, me, Sherry, and Tara (after work) and Susan, our driver. What a lovely day together.

Mum and I started with church. June was our minister today. Our Sr. U.C.W. gave the mothers and fathers a gift of pansies.

We went to Carol’s and Earl’s for our lunch, Sherry joined us, and then to both the greenhouses, Mum just went to JD’s. We like the free gifts! Jeez, I see it getting daylight and I haven’t slept in my bed yet! Got a nice Martha Washington from Tara.

Mum said it was 82-year anniversary of her wedding day. Carol of Carol’s and Earl’s is not feeling the best, and this week, I think, gets to try out the Daffodil Lodge.

I called Lenore (Rosgen), uncle Bert’s daughter in Alberta, after finding a message on my machine. She sounded great. She’s going to be 94 this month and has recovered well from two strokes in January (I believe). She called Mum and talked to Susan too that day, Saturday.

Hey, coming soon, May 28 to be exact, our Sr. U.C.W. group is having a fundraiser at the Tehkummah Hall. Country and Gospel afternoon, we hope to see you all there. This Thursday evening, 7:30 pm euchre tournament. Cribbage is weekly, Wednesday at 1:30 pm.