Tehkummah Talk & Times

Though I had found his calling card earlier this year, I finally had a conversation with “Toad” tonight, Sunday the 17th.

Did you ever get your ring hooked into a bracelet on the other arm? Talk about handcuffs!

Francis Martin saw the cougar last week near Town Line Road on Providence Bay Road.

I mentioned meeting Jane and Bruce Johnson at the car show and this week I got a photo of them with their 1916 Ford. But also a good photo of Cal and I with the same car, I do/we do meet the nicest folks in our life journey.

Friday they say it was fall on the calendar, but we’re owning these days of sunshine and warm temps, our NOW summer! Kathy just phoned and said they’re supposed to get 34 tomorrow. Must be summer? I had a lovely day today, for one thing slept until 11:45 and I’m supposed to meet with our Red Hat group at Carol’s and Earl’s; well I did hurry, they started lunch without me. But I was only 15 minutes late. Was so nice to be with this fine bunch again.

Lydia, Betty, Helen, Laura, Jeanine, Carol and I. (Joan B and Mum missing today). We had a great visit and update. Mum was off to a doctor’s appointment. I checked on my way home; things are good!

While in South Baymouth, I checked Pierside. A young man named Luke was singing across from there, I stopped for a few songs. He’d been tree planting in B.C. and was on his way home to Hanover. Some cyclists from B.C. too (England) enjoyed our Island, and folks from near North Bay first time here. As I checked out Huron Lodge and visited with both Betty and Eric, then again at Thistle Do Nicely with Judy and Rick (this shop smells wonderful to walk into.)

Simon was having chest pains and was also getting checked out today. But when I called him on the morrow he said all was good!

Happy 100th birthday, Alvira Lubstorf. Must be Tehkummah area’s water, now four folks over 100.

Sanfield euchre, Wednesday evening; ladies’ high, Shirley N., 72; lone hands, Rose, 2; low, Sandie P.; men’s high, Joe A., 74; lone hands, Joe, 5; low, Raymond, 44; draw, Bill Hay; good lunch.

Tehkummah cribbage, 7 tables; high hand, Gib, 24; first, Dorothy and Glenn, 956; second, Lori and Rick, 944; third, Gib and Florence, 935; low, Cal and Ted, 848; door, Marg C., Doris and Brad.

That guy and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for a sandwich, where we found Rick and Marge back after summer and doctor’s appointments. They’re going to live here now, and too, Lorrie just drove in while we were there. Her summer in Kenora, over. Good to see them again.

Euchre tournament, 10.5 tables: first, Linda and Andy, 89; second, Dorothy and Merwyn, 76; third tied, Marg Case and Simon, 76; fourth, John and Pat N., 72; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 52; lone hands, Marg and Simon, 6; tied, Andy and Linda, 6; door prize, Charlene.

This was one busy day, started by baking for tonight’s euchre and boiling the eggs. A visit under the tree: blackberry picking not too successful. Beat Mum two close games, and then she won one! Did some roadside flower planting; time then to go to the hall to make lunch with Linda. Sandie was my partner for the tournament; you may have noticed the results. Not in the winner’s circle, but it was fun! Clean up after, I’m done in! Apparently Mum won all the games against Sherry tonight too.

So sorry to hear of the sadness the McCauley family is encountering in the loss of daughter/grand-daughter. You’re in my prayers and thoughts.

We just got back from a game of cribbage with Gib and Florence. We were pretty equal tonight. I was standing outside cricking my neck, said to myself, it’d be a great night to lie about and count the stars. A contrast in evenings, last night storm watch! The black sky and lightening followed the Chi Cheemaun in. We watched traffic off and on, the storm seemed to be behind us so we drove to the harbor, too much light there, so out to Duck’s Bay Road, truck pointed up the bay, what a great light show. A lot of colourful sheet lightning in the distance, some straight down chains! But above us in the black, some spectacular chains across the sky. Don’t you wish they’d hang there a little longer so you’d get a better look? Still got to admire as he drove me home.

Well, we still have hummingbirds. I made more syrup Sunday morning.

Today I couldn’t help admiring the Cosmos wild flower garden and showy sunflowers now taking up Bertha and Morden’s front yard, super!

Lloyd Thomas is/was home! Glad to hear you’re doing well. Keith Size, too, who is now in therapy? Get well soon!

This is going to be my last page; it’s 10:30 Sunday evening. Church at St. Andrews, June McDougall our speaker today. She does a great sermon. They have a cute wee dachsund puppy. So with Mary’s Sparky, two dogs, and a fair congregation. I read a couple of my poems, music was great.

Elaine Bosje, Mary, Joan, Borden and I did our lunchtime visit at Carol’s and Earl’s. Came home, and won today! I haven’t been doing that great against Mum lately.

Today was Cole and Alicia’s first wedding anniversary.

Tuesday afternoon, the birthday party was celebrated at the community hall. They are held the third Tuesday of each month, and start at 1:30 pm. We are so fortunate to have our wonderful musicians come and play for us. Thank you Lyle, Gordie, Harold and Peter. Everyone is welcome, not just seniors! So mark this on your calendar. Think on this, just a little over a month until our U.C.W. Christmas Tea.