Tehkummah Talk & Times

Less than two weeks in our Sr. U.C.W. Christmas Tea, Bake Sale and Bazaar, November 4. We always have lots of draws and a grocery box.

Monday, our U.C.W. meeting was at Joan’s with a delicious lunch afterward, potential new members?

Tuesday, October 19, a busy day for me anyway! Baked a cake for the birthday party at the hall, decorated at the hall as well. A bit of confusion over the nurse and care providers. A houseful of sisters at Mum’s, but finally ironed out the problems.

The band, as always, was super and we loved them, Lyle, Gordie, Norm, Harold and Peter. We even blackmailed Lyle into singing. Helen was at the party too and we got her to sing. Toots was the honoured birthday guest. I had missed her earlier celebration so I was glad she was there. Elaine Bosje and Elizabeth Ahlborn were celebrated in their absence. The Prov girls made my “party” look good with the addition of meats, cheese, veggies and dip, devilled eggs and more desserts. So I thank you so much, everyone who helped out and attended too.

Cal and Martin came into Mum’s and got to try Susan’s homemade pies! She was waiting for Jeff to come along when I left.

Peg and Glen headed back to Guelph today too. Cal took me for a drive and so we played cards with Gib and Florence. Hey, the girls were the “BEST”.

I heard there was an interesting meeting at the municipal chambers tonight.

We lost another neighbour, Art Kumpat of the village. Sympathy to family and friends.

Cribbage tournament, 7.5 tables: high hand, Rick G., 24; first, Bill Case and Betty Jean, 957; second, Stan and Dorothy, 943; third, Georgie and Betty, 932; low, Glenna and Clayton, 760; door, Bill McG., Bill C. and Betty G. Thanks for the wonderful lunch!

Sunday evening of a very busy week; Mollie arrived and is staying with Marilyn Moggy. She and Marilyn were in to Mum’s for a visit. The two of them have been taking in Manitowaning’s Pumpkin and Haunted Ride this weekend. I hear it was an amazing success, congratulations!

Jeff brought us all Chinese food for supper on Friday night; he stayed with Grandma Jean. He and his Mum stayed together Saturday night. There have been a lot of visitors too, Steve, Gail, Sara and Alex stayed at the camp.

Jeff beat me two games of cribbage and Saturday night beat Susan and I both. I don’t think I fared too well against Pauline either. Hey, Jeff brought lobster for Mum too. Lots of food has been coming through the door. Thank you all!

After church on Sunday, June, Betty Jean and I shared a table at Carol’s and Earl’s, a nice visit. Earl gave us the tour of the renovated (beautifully done) living quarters at the restaurant. When I came home from Mum’s I slept until 8 pm. I think it might have been supper time by then!?

In the not too distant past, Tehkummah Township was the envy of all other townships and then… We had the best roads, the best taxes, and the best… What happened to its heart?

If you saw the play ‘The Sorcerer’ in the spring, even the banished have vanished! (Hallow’een trick).

Euchre tournament, 10 tables: Donna and Eva, 86; Bill and Betty Jean, 85; Ted and Lois, 82; Dorothy and Ann, 80; low, Pat and Blaine, 44. Heck there was even a skunk around!; lone hands, 7, Gord and Marion, Bill and Betty Jean (tied); door, Ken Pepper. (My partner and I were four away from the winner’s circle.)

Congrats Manitowaning, Tehkummah had a poor showing this year but I want to go and chat with that fella at the corner of Betty and Eric’s garage. I think I judged Manitowaning the best and I didn’t see any other places. Some neat stuff, maybe next year Tehkummah will go all out? Have a great “Glory” ous Harvest! And a happy, or haunty, however you like it Hallow’een.

The two injured fellas are doing good I hear. Lloyd and Keith were playing cribbage this week, perhaps they’ll soon be back at the Hall again!

While my car was in recovery at the car hospital, I was talking with Peggy and Wayne Smith. He’s growing some hair again so we were comparing dos. I thought they should have been entertaining customers with their music.

Anita was here from Bracebridge to visit her Mum and Dad, Florence and Gib Pyette.