Tehkummah Talk & Times

Guess who let out a scream when one day, after getting steel on the roof, I also got “baptized” with the free siding snow! Boy it belted me good, my hood was full and I said, “oh gosh darn.”

Talking to Lyle Dewar on the phone a while ago, congrats to their 13-year-old grandson who today got a six-point buck. Way to go! Good way to start out, first day and all.

Also heard by the grapevine that my grandson Tory got his deer too. His first ever. He just started hunting a year ago.

Well I don’t know if I tripped or my ankle gave out, all of a sudden I was laying on top of the garbage can, wondering? My tea was up my arm and all over my jacket  I’m trying to get up. It isn’t easy this growing old stuff, it definitely is not for wimps.

Tuesday, thanks once again to our faithful musicians, Lyle, Gordy and Peter, who help each month to celebrate the birthdays. This is a November, December duo. Lyle and Margaret McCarthy, then I was the only December (no Audrie, Cal or Corraine.)

“How wonderful it is that no one needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the World”—Anne Frank.

Observed today a young man pushing his shopping cart, a few more steps he could have put it away properly. I put mine back, his ran freely, I limped!

How nice it would be if only other folk were considered. Someone else left their cart behind a car. Is it the way of the world that someone else does your job? All but for a minute of time!

Enough preaching, right, be kind!

With the best of intentions, I went to Prov for the tribute to Glen’s life. I even found a real close parking space, but then I looked at the rollers (very pretty mind you) blowing into shore, and I looked at the line up still outside the hall and I said “self, this is no place for you.” I met Larry and Shelly in Foodland. Shelly said she wasn’t dressed for standing out either, my legs wouldn’t have made it. Sure, a lot of folks, I guess.

I’ve since heard that Wendell Buie too passed away. Sympathy to all. As well in the last Expositor, Amelia MacDougall, Russ Bond (I worked for his Mum when they were babies) and to Mary Ellen’s family, too, my prayers are with you all.

I had lunch today at Chill and Grill. Sat with Betty and Eric (they had gone through the line up at Prov.) I hadn’t seen Natalie Tann for ages until shopping today.

I’m going to remember Simon’s nephew Chuck, the next time I see him? (Wards). Chuck brought in a deck of cards to the apt. “Captain Morgan Rum” in Mum’s memory. Had a nice chat with Mary Balfe too.

Sherry and Dave will miss old “Pokey,” her name was Smoky. She had been failing, she was a dear old cat.

Margaret was looking after the birthday, it was her celebration?

Cribbage, almost 8 tables: high hand, Lorrie Lee and Margaret Case, 24; first, Margaret Mc and Lorrie, 959; second, Gib and Florence, 940; third, (tied), Simon and Marg, 938 and Betty Jean and Bill, 938; low, Hugh and Lyla, 810; door, Glenna, Laurene and Simon.

Hey, I shopped at Cindy’s on Friday, and actually bought something!

Thursday afternoon Bid Euchre: I didn’t get a list, I do remember Laurene won second!

I didn’t hear if a lot of deer being got this season?

Where are the birds?

A phone call from Donna Phillips on Saturday morning. She kind of filled me in on yesterday’s service for Glen, and then I told her what I’d heard about Carol Smith’s heart attack and stent. I guess things are OK.

Just got a call from Colleen Duggan. Her Mum passed away a couple of days ago. Sympathy to all the friends and family. Bernice was 86. Colleen says they probably will have a celebration of life in the Spring. She was a Slash girl.

I see some sunshine?

9:30 pm, I’m in bed most nights about this time, last night, clock watched 2:30, night before after 4 am. But I want to sleep in the light!

We just came home from the Knox Christmas Gala. A most wonderful roast beef dinner. Lovely dinner music from the Burns Wharf Players, under the expert Marilyn Wohlberg, Ray Scott, saxophone and trumpet added much. Hey, slow dancing in the snow no less. Loved it. Tara won a draw prize.

This is how we celebrate Mum. She almost made 101, birthday was November 25.  Sherry, Tara, Pauline, Susan and I, we shared table space with Barb Grigg, Faye and her sister Gloria who I just met. Had a lot of laughs, they all helped to decorate the hat I got out of my Christmas cracker. Thanks all for another wonderful evening.

Sunday evening, just back from cards, at Cal’s with Florence and Gib. The girls were the “Best”! Prior to that we all met at the Green Acres restaurant. So many folks have been giving their condolences to me. I guess everyone knew Mum, if not personally, through my column! So, thank you for caring! This morning, I travelled with Lydia our Queen of the Southern Belles to the Hotel Conference Centre in Little Current. What a lovely place that is, my first time there. The annual Christmas Red Hat event was hosted by Little Current. What a nice affair that was. Delicious luncheon, lots of draws, something for everyone! Music by Maurice Labelle and Gordie LaPierre. Each group had to sing a song about Red Hats to a known tune. We got to sing with “Simply Scarlett” as we weren’t assigned our own song. Somehow missed on the mailing list! Our table consisted of Lydia, Betty, Laura, Joan, Jeanine and Carolyn. We missed having Helen with us.

This weekend in Tehkummah the annual Christmas Fair. The hall, for information call Mary Johnson.

Sunday is Christmas Breakfast with Santa

And hey, all of a sudden, I see homes and yards dressing up in the annual Christmas finery!

Diane and Harvey’s yard is showy, enjoy the season. A pretty tree in Tammy’s window.