Tehkummah Talk & Times

Must be the January Thaw? I hear rain still dropping or snow still melting, this Tuesday night.

Today, Bid Euchre, five tables: first, Dave James; second, Laurene; third, Graham; low and door prize, Simon.

Cribbage, Wednesday afternoon, 1:30 pm: high hands, 24, tied, Laura and Cal; first, Cal and I, 949; second, Janet and Glenn, 947; third, Patrysha and Laura, 898; low, Margaret McC. and Betty Jean, 850; door, wooden heart, Margaret McC.  and myself. It’s the first time we have ever had a third place below 900!

Thursday the 18th, regular Euchre at 7:30 pm.

We hear of falls, concussions, head injuries. Get well soon, and for gosh sakes be careful. Avoid ice? (except in drinks.)

Dorothy has been taking Bev for various tests, a couple of Sudbury trips. Seems to be a lot of that too, going on lately. Keep well folks. Sympathy to Chris Lanktree and family on their loss of a dear husband, father and grandfather this past week, my prayers are with you all.

Well so much for Hydro and its little “incidents.” Thank goodness I had a warm place with Sherry and Dave again, the Reckahns (my neighbours) and Jennie Beattie, all were house guests. Good food and a warm bed. We survived just fine, Sherry dropping Jennie and I off this morning on her way to work. Church was cancelled too because of the hydro fire Sunday.

We had supper at Sherry and Dave’s on Saturday evening, good pork roast and veggies so there were lots of leftovers for lunch and supper Sunday, as well as homemade turkey soup. Tiki games on Saturday evening.  Sherry asking Mum for help Sunday, beat me four to two in cribbage (personally I think that was taking unfair advantage of me). Dave was off to Espanola this morning with Wayne Sparham.

Lots of birds, all of a sudden hungry I guess. Sherry has a great variety in their yard.

I had a black critter at the base of my feeder last week. Though Ray had dropped his gloves, but when I looked again (they? it?) was gone. Could have been a raccoon? Hey, what can I say, my eyes are going, I’m old!!

Tuesday afternoon our U.C.W. meeting was held at Pauline Martins. A small gathering if you are interested in joining us please let Lorna Russell (president) or any of our members know, we would be glad to have you with us.

Pauline served a delicious lunch after, blueberry cheesecake the most delish!

My neighbour to the south of me keeps my path shovelled out and my car cleaned off, I am so appreciative to him, and Ray, Tara and Skylar too for the handy help.

Have a good week all!