Tehkummah Talk and Times Dec 04

Talking to Patsy at the municipal office, and she said they had great hunting season bagging four deer. She missed hers! The only thing is that the hunt camp is their home, probably not near as much fun for the cook! The week before she was also off and away. A trip to New York City taking in all the sights, with two friends, and narrowly missing a lunch engagement with Donald Trump!!! A tour of Central Park and all Manhattan has to offer. Sounded great fun!

What an awful day out there, Monday 25th, blowing snow. Rob and Corrine might have a bad trip home.

Hello Jennifer Pennie all the way down under, message received, and grateful for the praise! Write me a letter why don’t you. How did you get so far away from Manitoulin?

Hello to all our friends near and far especially you folk in the nursing homes or those who are ailing right now. Keep smiling!

Lenore Mayers, 705-368-2182 ext 201, van available three times a month to appointments, banking, etc. Funded by Ontario government, available to seniors, seats 5 at a time, call Lenore for info.

I feel sad calling a halt to the cribbage games of 2013. We’ve sure had a lot of fun and good times, but from now on with the uncertainty of weather and all. We would like to thank you for coming, and all the good food shared over the season. Margaret brought a couple of extra door prizes for our last game. They were won by Ted and Jean (Mum). Mary beat seasons high ha ha, with 1021?

High hand, Pat Norton, 22; first, Laura and Oat, 940; second, Dorothy and Ted ,907; low, Cal and I, 840; and door, Pat Norton.

Thanks Margaret for Mum’s and my gift. Mum’s birthday party just keeps going on. Pat Norton gave us all a scratch card. Thanks so much, so good to see her doing well!

A “Big Birthday Bash” at the Triangle Club on Tuesday afternoon, about 30 there. A lovely cake after delicious snacks. Many photographs taken. Birthday girls: Audrie, Mum, Vivian, Margaret and I, (Corrine and Cal absent). We had extra guests, music by The Islanders. Harold’s special tribute ‘The Wreck of the Old ‘97’ for Mum and Audrie got a lot of chuckles. But he’s heading for Panama City soon! We can’t thank Gordie, Lyle and Harold enough, for their continued support and excellent entertainment during the years, (Peter too). We love you guys.

It was a super party!! Thanks organizers, we bet Mum and Audie are getting tired of the Happy Birthday song! Maybe?

Well I’m being bad today taking a day off. No church for me! We went to the Jr UCW Pancake Breakfast with Santa. I love Santa, he’s so nice, he never forgets your name or face! They had a great crowd of folk despite the grey morning; and as always, a wonderful breakfast, and folk even from Little Current, Spring Bay and Mindemoya. I gave Santa a bit of a break, I didn’t ask him for anything. Don’t need a darned thing! (Well I want, if you know what I mean!) Saw little Leighton Dwight, and is he ever like his granddaddy and namesake. Lori didn’t want to let him go. A trio led the Happy Birthday song for Cal today at the breakfast. Lori, Mary and Judy.

Some of the girls who were working this morning hardly had time to rest up from yesterday’s Red Hat event, hosted by the Tehkummah “Southern Belles”. The girls did an amazing amount of work to get things ready, been at it since last January, but it was so worth it! The tables looked just fabulous, lights, gifts, hand decorated Red Hat wine glasses, lots of hand outs, lots of draws, find your match game (hats, purses, etc.), and after, the Turkey dinner catered by Denise McKenzie, complete with delicious Christmas pudding. The ladies looked beautiful, over one hundred of them, and the most beautiful of all was the 231 lbs of food plus $50 cash collected for the food bank. So thank you all so much, 8 full boxes of food. The program was fun, ‘Merry Christmas’ skit by Sweet Gypsy Rose (children?). Next a Red Hat musical number by Sisters in Crimson. ‘Put on your old Red Bonnet’ by Simply Scarlet. Lydia as M.C. Kept things rolling smoothly. Lots of draws in between acts. ‘Frosty the Snowman’ was a real hit, and a fun skit—as a snowman came to life on stage by the Haweater Honeys’. Great snowman! The Red Sky Women of Manitoulin did an excellent Christmastime, Alvin and the chipmunks. Our group did a couple of poems and our Southern Belles tune of ‘Silver Bells’ farewell to all our guests, before Robbie Shawana and his excellent band entertained starting with ‘Little Toy Trains.’ Every second song was a Christmas carol. Just a great way to end our event. Thank you everyone who came. The weather cooperated, just getting a bit nastier when it was all over. We all had jobs to do, hosting this event, but I have to commend the girls. My first Island wide event and I was impressed! Very smooth. Did I mention Chip “n” Dales? Kazoo and the Queens being photographed?

I made a couple of raisin pies instead of a birthday cake for Cal. Sherry and Dave invited us down for a delicious roast beef dinner Sunday evening.

Sympathy to Isobel Edward and all the family on the passing of Tom last Wednesday. Thinking of you!

This weekend is the Tehkummah Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 7 starting at 10 am. I’ll have my book available. Betty will have Derek’s book. Many booths. Soup/luncheon/desserts.

Bible study on Thursday usual time at 2 pm.

Dedication of the South Baymouth St. Andrew’s “New Look Church” on Sunday, December 8. Potluck after at the museum.

Our Fairview Church is having an evening of Christmas on December 13. Should be fun. We’ll invite you now!

Euchre results: Ladies’ high, Sheila, 81, and 2 lone hands; men’s high, Gib, 69, and 4 lone hands; ladies’ low, Florence, 49; men’s low, Margaret, 55; door, Barry.