Tehkummah Talk and Times Dec 18

A Manitoulin Christmas
We’re going to have a Manitoulin Christmas
The snow scenes already tell me so
A good old fashioned type of Christmas
The kind we had a long, long time ago
Where all the trees we decorate
Are real we bring them in
From the woodlots here nearby.
Back before “no trespass” signs
Remember when the joy was new
On that long awaited day,
When more family came into view
For the holidays to stay
The laughter and the friendship
The carols we all sang.
Our voices raised in praise to God
How the old rafters rang.
There may have been a drink or two
Of Mum’s good tasting eggnog
Perhaps some of the adults
Had their own brand of grog,
We didn’t think so much of gifts
We loved what Santa brought
To see the joy in each child’s eye
The excitement of the tot
The Christmas stockings each year hung
On the bed at the foot
Held untold treasures, nuts, and candy
Orange and crayons colouring book.
The smell of Christmas turkey
We raised our own back then
Or mincemeat pies a baking
We couldn’t wait to dig in.
Perhaps the kids of today
Get more and more expensive stuff
Somehow when they’ve opened them all up
It never seems enough.
They’ll never know the joy we knew
To wake up Christmas morn
Because our grateful hearts had love
And Jesus Christ was born
A Manitoulin Christmas
The good old fashioned kind
Brought simple joys in different times
With peace and love and hope to all mankind
– Pat Hall, Dec 14/13


Well one never knows when a birthday is unless you dial the wrong number. Keep in mind that Jan McQuay’s birthday falls in May, but I did find the right birthday girl after rechecking the phone number? (First mistake I’ve ever made!!!) I was supposed to have an appointment in Mindemoya this afternoon, but it’s been changed. I didn’t know if I’d get dug out here anyway, and the snow is still falling down and blowing. Do we have winter yet?

Well I had to push the skunks away from Mum’s front door when I left yesterday.They belonged to me, I did beat her two games, one by one point, and one by two. We passed this question by ourselves. We wondered how many games of cribbage have we played since she moved to Tehk? How many in our lifetime? They taught us to play about 1948?, a couple of years back. Well no doubt Hydro will want their usual plus- already this last few days we’ve had three outages, do we get a rebate?

Mollie called this afternoon, she’s going in for a stent this next week. She had been planning a trip to Winnipeg to see Michelle and family, but that can be delayed, give way to the most important stuff.

The snow was coming down so hard I couldn’t see, I’m trying to clear my car off to get going, but I catch the edge left by the snow blower, down I go. Thank goodness for the tire to grab onto and pull me around, they may not have found me until spring. My goodness what an “abundance” of snow! It’s not even winter yet! And that fall left a “sorer” sore leg? (Is there such a word?)

My sniffles and cough keep on I may have it ‘til spring. Don’t feel bad just tired. Can’t have anything to do with age, I’m sure! Lori and Rick went to Sudbury to pick up Jase this past week. I guess he’s home for the holidays. He travelled by bus. Seems you’ve been away a while Jase! Welcome home.

Dorothy may have a bit of a trip to see her daughter and granddaughter, weather not cooperative.

On Wednesday I didn’t make one thing for the wonderful potluck at Lorna and Robert Russell’s beautifully decorated home. I do believe that she believes in Christmas. This was the annual Christmas event for our Sr. UCW. The luncheon started shortly after one. She had eighteen places set and there were seventeen around the table. The guys all get to take in this one. Lots of great visiting went on with the delicious food, and many desserts. The guys filed out single file, to leave us to our meeting—year end—paying of dues. Lorna took the president’s job, and we kind of appointed a treasurer (maybe) temporary. After the business part, Noreen Leeson presented Joan and I with our Lifetime membership pins, so that was nice, and an honour. Noreen got hers last year and photos with Mum and Audrie too. They’ve had theirs quite a while. A gift exchange with some really nice stuff/things. All in all a lovely day and we thank Lorna and Robert for opening up their home and hearts to us all once again!

The little lamb frolicked around and through the Christmas story—shedding wool as he went. He quite put this Christmas pageant in a whole new light, while his dad read the story and the many actors played their roles perfectly. Thanks Mary! Martin had readings on the 12 days of Christmas and all their meanings and how a candy cane became associated with Christmas. Christmas carols were sung by all. Mum and I sang “Christmas” and an “Old Christmas Card” before my voice gave out! A big “little girl” with Buffys and missing her two front teeth, got three young folk to come and help her sing. Robin Ashley—Phoebe and Xavi got the lines right for “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” More carols and “The Best Christmas ever.” Refreshments, coffee, juices, and lots of super snacks for all. Lots of goodies. Thanks everyone. A nice, but very cold evening.

Well here it is almost noon Monday, December 16 and what have I written? So I must hurry and not ramble today. So don’t let me, okay? I’ll start with yesterday evening and maybe work backwards? A large gathering of the Freshmart in Manitowaning staff were celebrating with a Christmas dinner at Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant. The room sure was decorated up nicely. We were sitting in the front part as they all were coming in. Cal and I were helping Gib celebrate his eightieth birthday. Afterwards they came to Cal’s and Florence and I were the “Big” winners at cribbage.

Cal picked me up at Susan and Simon’s place where a houseful of family friends had a delicious potluck lunch earlier—Megan, Jeff, Pauline and Wayne, Joan, Sherry and Dave, Lois Ann and John, Cal, Mum, Mary, Lynda and Martin. They left to take in the carol sing at the museum at South Baymouth. I heard a large crowd of singers. Jan Carsgallen always does a great job with the music. Lynda and Martin came back to Susan and Simon’s afterwards where cribbage games were in progress at two different tables. This was supposed to be a horse warming party, but the horse rebelled!

On Saturday evening, 62 or 64 people, members of the Triangle Club had their Christmas dinner out at Carol’s and Earl’s. The room was beautifully decorated and a large table of desserts and candies on the one side got everyone’s attention. A few Christmas carols were sung after the turkey dinner, and everyone got their fill. Happy Birthday was sung to Vivian Bowerman, the right day and all.

Boy, the weather sure has been cold.
Don’t forget this Thursday is the euchre tournament at Tehkummah.
The Michael’s Bay concert is on December 21.
Christmas Eve Service is at Fairview at 7:30 pm. Our church service this week was the focus on joy. So joy, I wish you all. God Bless.