Tehkummah Talk and Times – Feb 5-14

Hey, this is it already, yet!

Our Sr. U.C.W. Valentine Tea is this Saturday, February 8 at 2 pm. Lots of draws and door prizes. See you there!

Well Wiarton Willie says “Hello” Groundhog Day. The sunshine here late in the day. What time does a ground hog wake up anyway? What was the true answer? Seems to be conflicting across the country. Anyway, great to see the sun. Is that six times now since Christmas?

My drippy nose after I had my bath. Sunday morning I went back to bed and slept a couple of minutes. Ha! Woke up at 2:30 am. At least my nose had dried up some.

Well by golly, deadline date again! Sun shining two days in a row. This year’s record but it is a new month!

After dining out last evening, Gib and Florence came to Cal’s for cribbage. The guys beat us three of five. We held our own.

Sympathy to Janice and all the family in the passing of Tom Phillips. Thinking of you.

Rick and Kathleen walked out to South Baymouth point to see the ice formations.

We have a new trick at our house! It’s called a cat flip! This winter on my Laz-z Girl chair, Marble is on my lap, Ginger is on my right arm and Cleo often sleeps on the back of the chair. Now Cleo (like her mother) is a little on the plump side, and twice now when I’ve sat up in the chair and the chair moves into upright quickly, I’ve flipped Cleo right over my head, but last time with serious results. She obviously was napping when she landed. She was claws out on my hand. Needless to say I am injured! By the way, the other cats went flying from fright, I think.

One more day of wind! Snow and drifting snow, dangerous out on the road. We had a truck pass us, we were already following the plow and we couldn’t see.

Column short this week. Snowed in!

Thursday we had our Bible Study at the home of Coral Collins. What a lovely place they have. Log cabin style logs from 1850s. This was a much warmer venue. Lovely fireplace heat, delicious coffee, tea and goodies served up for a snack. Mum had made buttertarts thinking we would be at the hall today. I had forgotten as well. (A great memory, it’s just short.) Thanks Coral! It was lovely.

Ray went for an MRI this week.

On Wednesday Jeanette came in to use the phone in the morning. She had car trouble. Julie came in with some Avon, and my daughter came in for lunch. That was a surprise! I fed her (canned) soup and an egg salad sandwich! Hey, we visited. I phoned Kim and Kathy and Mollie that day. My dime!