Tehkummah Talk and Times Jan 29

Last week missed—On Saturday evening Cal and I were invited to Brian and Margaret McCarthy’s for supper. Moosemeat/dessert apple pie was delicious. Afterwards as Brian called it, my cardiology lesson, though who was teaching who is now the “big question.” It was a fun evening.

Monday night—A few lucky winners at Bingo. I bought my granddaughter a card and that seemed to bring her luck.

I made three batches of strawberry jam on Wednesday. Time to use up the frozen stuff!

Tuesday afternoon was the monthly birthday party (Triangle Club). Helen had a few fun games and jokes. Next one, prepare your Valentine poetry. Reta Vanhorn was the only birthday girl. Still thinking of our Valentine Tea on February 8. Have to keep reminding you.

The hall was double duty on Thursday. Bible study and a board meeting of the Triangle Club.

Elaine and Heather got stuck in Sudbury that wild and woolly day (Friday). Roads were closed due to accidents.

Colleen, I just reread your Christmas news note. Keep well and keep warm!

My house still has lots of signs of Christmas inside it. There’s no point in taking it down ‘cause where I store the stuff the door has four feet of snow in front of it. Of course, I never get in a hurry anyway.

Got a lovely phone call from Joan Arnold Thursday morning. She says it’s cool down Florida way today (frost). We had a nice chat. I miss her here. She said Borden got some teeth out yesterday. So hope the adjustment comes quickly and he’s feeling well soon.

Hey, I bought a small lemon at Wards. Plenty of juice in it and 29 seeds. Can you believe it? Most of them big enough to grow. Would that be called fertile? I needed lemon juice for the jam making. I have fifteen 500 ml jars and six half pints plus a couple of jars of cranberries.

How are my “Toronto Fans” doing? Bill, Erin, Larry and Joel! Hello Pearl! Get well soon Mike Sprack! God Bless you all this week!

Well you’ll never believe it but instead of snow today we had a blizzard and blowing! Roads closed I hear around. So far my family is all home, safe and sound. A nice pile of snow to wade through again! Had to feed all the birds twice today. They sure are hungry, but it’s so darned cold too. Anybody else wishing for nice?

This was to be our Sequence night at Lori and Rick’s, but called on account of weather!

Hey, Mum’s face almost made it into Michael Mantha’s calendar! Cute! Mum is watching a new TV. Susan and Simon picked one up Sudbury way. They spent almost two weeks over there babysitting grandkids Owen and Jaxon.

Saturday morning—Had to push a big snowdrift from the kitchen door. Still blowing wildly out there! Ray’s just gone to work. Seemed to get out without any trouble. Don’t know if he had to shovel or not?

Sunday—Snow again! Just let Mum win two games of cribbage. Nice of me, eh?

I stopped in after our annual board meeting at Fairview Church. Small crowd today. No doubt weather related. I’d made soup but didn’t take it down until after. The darned split peas didn’t cook. They were crunchy! But it was warm. We had good sandwiches, muffins, cookies, butter tarts, etc. Our meeting went smoothly.

Cal and I joined Tara, Skylar and Ray at Carol’s and Earl’s on Saturday evening. Ray got a piece of birthday cherry pie with a candle and an umbrella in it. I would assume Stan Allen got the same for his birthday on January 25 as well. He was dining out with Jeanette and their family. Actually a very busy place while we were there.

I thought Larry Killen’s letter in The Expositor last week was very nice. May I add my congratulations as well to business “Family Brown.” Half a century, almost as old as me! Ha!

We had a close call times three that evening on our trip to South Baymouth. Watch for deer everyone. Seems to be a few snow banks building and it’s hard to see around. Take care!

I see our township clearing corners and winging back. Thanks guys!

Last evening we celebrated Ray’s actual birthday with a delicious dinner at Sherry and Dave’s and a cherry cheesecake birthday cake! Ray got some specially decorated cards.

I heard today, January 27, is Gib and Florence Pyette’s wedding anniversary. So congratulations folks! Fifty-nine years?

Hey, I see the sun. Must be five times since Christmas? No wonder folks get depressed.