Tehkummah Talk and Times Nov20

I don’t know when I’ll ever get some time for myself. This week is going to be one busy time again. Today I made a cake for the Armistice Day Service. Richard Lynch did a great job of organizing this event. We had planned on laying the wreaths at our memorial garden but Richard set up one inside. So that was so much more comfortable. The winds were so strong and cold! The girls had prepared a lovely lunch for after the service and quite a display of medals, uniforms, and memorabilia were on display.

I let Mum beat me a couple and I only skunked her once after. Then only a couple of hours until bingo. Richard and Bev were working again! Felt like a long day. I’ve got to get up and make a birthday cake for our ladies today (U.C.W.). This is Mum and Audrie’s birthday month. Audrie’s birthday is on November 15 and Mum’s is on November 25. So have a happy day girls! Mum wrote a cute poem for Audrie. Our Sr. U.C.W. meeting was great as always. This is the most amazing group of women and what a privilege to work with them. As I said, it was potluck (kind of). Always lots of food and a birthday cake, and we sing for our special ladies.

The euchre crowd was light so we played a couple of games of cribbage. I had gotten beat by my mother again, after Bible study. I only stayed for two games. I baked a gingerbread (out of my head). I couldn’t find my favourite recipe! But I guess it was okay. Very last hand, last game, didn’t I get a 24 hand. So that helped us win that game with a “skunk.” First place, Bert and Joy, 935; second, Margaret and Lois, 925; third, Cal and I, 912; low, Mum and Mary, 868 (we beat Glenn and Janet by only one point); door, Margaret. We’re still getting a good crowd. Mum made delicious donuts!

I called Pauline this morning (Friday) to see if she had an update on Pete and Leanne’s baby, Leah Audrey. Since I last wrote they had a serious scare and she was in I.C.U. for a few days in Hamilton Hospital. She is still in as I write, but is improving and that’s good news!

I tried Lori and Rick this morning too to ask how her dad is doing but no answer there.

I got a call from Faye.

What lovely complimentary comments on my book. Of course, I can’t help but be please by that.

Everybody’s busy today preparing for tomorrow night’s supper. I can’t believe this is hunting season weekend. I heard lots of traffic going through this morning. Everyone heading for the camps I guess.

I got five shoeboxes packed for our church. I’ll deliver them later today.

Thursday afternoon Bible study “God’s Kingdom”.

Well how was/is that for a November storm (thunder and lightning)? We were all at the hunt camp and the rain came down so fiercely. Scary, there is a tree down here over the road in Tehkummah.

I just had a good half hour talk with Derek out in Mackenzie, B.C. He says it’s -15° and lots of snow. (I’d already seen that on the weather station!) This was camp opening night, Kim as usual was the camp cook and whipped up Chinese style fare. Of course a few of the items were standard, like Mum’s famous buns. As always, awards insignificant this year. New law, big buck contest has to be over 150 lbs. Don’t know why? After our fab dinner the music of the “Second Week of Deer Camp”, John’s doings (hunting and fishing stuff) and each one of us had to tell what was significant in our lives this year so far (interesting). Then the great debate, pros and cons of “peeing” from the tree stands. Sherry as our team captain chose pro. Kim was the other team leader. Their opposing views much more humorous, but we all walked away with prizes. No loser in this great debate! The dress code was black and white (no prizes given there!). As always we thank the guys for a fun time. Camp hunters are: Kris, Ryan, Hank, Wayne, Steve, Kim, Sherry, (Steve Kopp visited), Dave, Ray, Tara, Skylar, Susan and Simon, Pauline brought Mum and I home when, for the first time ever, I locked myself out of my van. Keys in of course! Every day has its adventure. I’m listening to wind and rain as I write this.

Earlier today church was at Tehkummah. Corrine went with me and Mum. She and her son Rob who is up for the hunt and her granddog are at the apartment. We lunched at South Baymouth. Our table was small today—Mary, Justin, Quillan, Joan and us. We went and watched the spray fly up from the rolling waves at the ferry dock.

On Saturday evening we took in the turkey supper at the hall. Over 300 people so I heard. The dinner was good. Later we played cribbage. I think the girls won more than the guys, but it’s tough. No one lets you away with anything, especially Sequence at Sherry and Dave’s the night before!

Every time I played cribbage with Mum this week she beat the “most” games!

We all sang “Happy Birthday” to Audrie at church today.

I think there is a memorial service for Hugh Little on Saturday at the hall.

Don’t forget Friday, November 22 Trivia Night at the Tehkummah Hall. Come and join a team, or bring your own. Usually lots of prizes (teams of half a dozen).

Pauline said Kathy Hill and Terry prepared the most delicious meal for their guests on Thursday evening. She said Kathy has their place all decorated for Christmas as well. Pauline, Wayne, Pat, John, Martin, Lynda, Bev and Richard.

Diane McLean’s place is sure lit up for Christmas. Beautiful and it’s looking good at Susan and Simon’s too. I’ll bet there’s no lights shining this morning. Did you ever write a poem in the dark? Sure looks funny in the light of day. Some lines I’ve written over top of!

Thanks Cora Belle Finch for your nice note, you probably were at the hall on the bus (from Little Current) on Saturday night for supper. I watched everyone come out of the hall from Mum’s front step.

Congratulations to the Big Money Winner’s Triangle Club $1,000 give away. Mike Erskine got the first half, Ross Williams from Espanola got $300 and “Grandma” Jean McCauley got $200. Wow!