Tehkummah Talk and Times Nov 13

Tuesday morning-Must have warmed up some, there was a mosquito on my door waiting to come in!

Mum told me last evening at bingo that I’m a great-aunt again. Congratulations to Peter and Leanne on the birth of their second daughter, a sister for Ava Jean. She was born on November 4, 2013 at 3:20 pm weighing in at 6 lb. 15 oz., and her name is Leah Audrey McCauley.

Tuesday afternoon the regular monthly Triangle Club meeting was held at the hall.

On Wednesday, November 6 there were four and a half tables at cribbage. High hand, Gib, 24; first, Mum and Mary and Gib and Florence tied with 942; third, Janet and Glenn, 924; low, Rick and Lori; door, Gib; Lois 4 – 19 hands. Lots of good food!

This morning I’m getting set for our bus trip to Espanola. After talking to Mollie and John this morning I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see them in Espanola. They do a lot of driving on John’s days off.

The Triangle Club birthday party is postponed a week.

Happy birthday Lyle Pyette! I’ll catch up to you in a month and a half.

How are you Reuben?

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Margaret McCarthy on the bus on Thursday.

Audrie Williamson has her 97th birthday on November 15. Congrats!

Hunt season week is coming up. Have a safe one!

Sorry I missed supper Eileen. I heard it was good!

What a miserable wet windy cold weekend. I had a quilt and two blankets on the line. Figured they’d end up in the Philippines! What a sad state of affairs there. I guess they could use a blanket or two.

Well we had a pretty fine day’s outing on Thursday when the arranged bus trip to Espanola for Christmas (and other) shopping contained about 27. Bill was outnumbered 26 to 1, but he just kept smiling. So I know he had a good day too! We started, most of us, at Giant Tiger. Then to the mall for our lunch and or more shopping. We tried out Margaret’s daughter’s new little restaurant. Food was just delicious! Caught her talking about bring all these “little old ladies” and I was offended. Ha! (Not me?) Oh well, I’ve been in denial for years! Despite the chill and snowflakes, our driver helpful and courteous (so nice) got us there and home safely. We sang some Christmas Carols on the way home. The snow spurred that on. One lady wore a pink feather in her hair. One got home with the wrong shopping and someone lost their shoes? Lori would have liked to have gone but they were busy taking her dad, Everett, to the hospital with pneumonia.

So sad to hear of George Granger’s passing. He was Mum’s neighbour in Tehkummah a long time. It wasn’t until we were on the bus that we heard his funeral was that day or many of us would have paid our respects. Sympathy to all the family. He was such a nice gentle man.

Thursday evening Rita was on K.P. duty for euchre. High hand, 82 and five lone hands, Hugh Corbett; Donna Corbett, 74 and three lone hands; low, John 51, and Florence, 53; door prize, Donna. It was a good day. We had so much fun and much laughter. A great bunch and I goofed too!

“Balancing Two Worlds” Jean-Baptiste Assiginack and the Odawa Nation 1768-1866 by Cecil King. Well today I had a visit from Al Shawana and this gift of the book. What an interesting man, like around the world (kind of) in eighty years or less. He introduced me to his lovely wife. I’m kind of anxious to get into the book and find out more of our Manitoulin history.

I dropped over to the hall for Brenda Houlahan’s memorial tribute. It was more of a visit. There were lots of photographs and lots of friends and family. Nice to see Gail here today too. If a person is recognized by their friends made, well today was a definite tribute to Brenda’s life. I wore a pair of the earrings she had made, and I took my “apple core” ones in my pocket! Lori, thanks for the memories. There was a good lunch. Thanks to whoever provided that!

Sequence at Sherry and Dave’s on Saturday evening was fun but I’m just not saying who won.

Watched Sherry’s video trail cam. I told you last time about the mama bear and two cubs, but hasn’t she got a wolverine in the shots as well. Interesting, eh what! Considering that they too are not on Manitoulin! (cougar?)

Our church service today was based on Armistice/wars/peace. Peace is what we all are searching for in our homes, lives and country and enough with the scandal stuff constantly on TV.

Carol and Earl are heading down country for a few days. They will be back and open as usual. Our table was full today (Burt, Elaine, Mary, Justin, Quillan, Susan, Simon, Martin, Lynda, Joan, Terry, Mum and I).

Mum and I beat Susan and Simon a few games of cribbage after.

Bible study is on Thursdays.

Trivia Night will be held on November 22 in Tehkummah.

St. Andrew’s by the Sea turkey supper is this Saturday.