Tehummah Talk and Times

You know how they say each day is a gift? Well my day was full of gifts! Number 1, I woke up! Number 2, I went to Garden Shed breakfast with Pat Falter, great visit, car ride to Providence Bay and back; Number 3, some beautiful corningware casserole dishes (I needed them). Thank you! Number 4, a bag of flour; and Number 5, a bag of cat food; Numbers 6 and on, some great friends. Cal took me to C’s and E’s for a bowl of soup that turned into a sandwich! Then we went for a lovely drive and back into Michael’s Bay.

We even found time on our hands and walked the little boardwalk at the swimming beach and there had a short visit with Rob Harkes and saw all sorts of baby fishies—I even saw four young partridge today. Reviewing my day am I not a lucky old girl!?

Of course I looked after the cribbage in the middle of it all. Our cribbage afternoon had six tables and lots of fun! Audrie Williamson had her niece Marge as her partner. They were number one with 939; second, Cal and Melissa, 934; third, Janet and Glenn, 931; low, Lyla and Hugh, 811; three high hands, 24, Audrie, Edgar and Florence; door prize, Florence and Janet.

Two birthdays were celebrated. Jay brought a birthday cake for Don Arnold, 93-years-old today, September 2. I baked a cake for Mary Johnston September 1 (boiled raisin). They both had candles to extinguish.

Many more birthdays to celebrate this month. Niece Reegan, 6th; Kathy (daughter-in-law), 7th; Jacob, 14th (his 15th); Tory, 14th; Derek and Laurence, 18th; and Jim, 19th.

Lori and Rick are off to St. Catharines to help their son Jase settle in. The hugest puffball, 15-20lb, was found in my bench. Thanks for thinking of me, whoever left it, but it was turning yellow inside so I’ll save it for seed?

‘Beyond the Sea: A book for Canadian Poets.’ Pat Falter has one of her poems printed in it! Neat!

Hey, I saw a small rabbit, lots of dragonflies, one really huge monarch butterfly, and a couple of rag tag looking ones today (Wednesday).

Sorry “Alicia”: I printed it this time your name got changed in translation (re: last week’s column, weekend with Tara and Sherry, I never did ask how the show was).

After my mom beating me continuously last week at cards, Tuesday I did one up her! Thank goodness for the turn around!

Two hills of potatoes, 32 spuds for sharing.

Thank you for my roast beef sandwich eaten at 2 am (no crumbs sis Pat).

Hand Painted

To me the skies the limit

I watch it every dawn

Even before the rooster crows

Outside I am drawn

To watch the sun chasing

Those clouds across the blue

The colours quite amazing

Blends of every hue

They change from darkest purple

Until they find the gold

With color black and grey

It always seems to chase

My blues away

You’d wonder how he paints them

Without a brush in sight

But in Gods artistic mornings

I delight