Tessa Kasch of Sault Ste. Marie welcomed as the new Manitoulin OPP Community Services Officer

Constable Tessa Kasch says this is her first posting with the OPP.

MANITOULIN—Constable Tessa Kasch is the new community services officer (CSO) for the Manitoulin detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

“This is my first posting for the OPP,” Constable Kasch, who is originally from Sault Ste. Marie, told The Expositor on Wednesday, September 1.

She had taken training at the OPP Police College and the OPP Police Academy. Constable Kasch said a career in the OPP, “is always something that I’ve been interested in doing. I think it is a rewarding job, there will definitely be hard days like it has been for everybody during the pandemic, but working for the OPP in the community will be a rewarding career.”

Constable Kasch told The Expositor she hopes to be able to get in contact and meet people and groups around the Island and the detachment in September and October, noting that as part of her training she has been working on the road with fellow officers. “And I’m eager to work in schools as well. I feel it is important to get to know members of each community and build a relationship with them, gaining their trust and be able to help them develop programs that will benefit the community.”

“I will be covering the (CSO) duties in the Manitoulin and Espanola OPP area,” said Constable Kasch.