And the Winner is…

Valentine’s Day with an Angel ❤️

“So Beautiful that even angels wept in his absence!” Is what she said to me (an elderly lady at the bus stop who looked to be 93). She said this very timidly, and never took her eyes off me.

I asked, “who, my dear, would that be?”

“This is my first Valentine’s Day without him,” she wept, “but you remind me of him; so beautiful you make the sun glisten.” I replied, “If you want, I could take us to lunch and have a listen.”

“I would like that: I was just on my way to visit him.” 

As we rode along on the bumpy bus I sat with her and then took her to lunch. We talked about her husband, the weather and even brunch. When the meal was over, I walked her to the cemetery only a couple of blocks away. 

She said, “thank you my dear. I can continue on my way. My goodness, you’ve been with me all day. You must be an angel yourself to show such kindness to a strange old lady. All this time I never asked you if you have a special lady?”

That’s when my phone rang. I said, “excuse me ma’am, this is her.” She smiled and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?” 

I answered my girlfriend’s call and told her I was running late and would be there soon. She replied, “where are you, I’ve been waiting since noon?!?” I told her I’d explain and be there soon. 

I hung up the phone, and glanced up; she was gone, it was so abrupt! I looked up and down the street she was nowhere to be found! I thought she’d gone into the cemetery, so I took a stroll down; I didn’t remember her husband’s name or did she even tell me? 

That’s when I saw the picture memorial stone that read, “Joe and Angela Duffney.” It was her, the lady I spent the day with, she was younger but I knew it was her. I went and got my girlfriend, I had to show her! She said,” But how can that be?” 

That’s when I made the decision, pulled out my grandmother’s wedding ring, got down on one knee, and asked very timidly, “Will you marry me? She shouted “yes, yes a million times yes!”

It was all because I spent Valentine’s Day with an angel in a white dress.

She made me realize the only thing for sure in this life or in Heaven is love. That’s when we glanced up and saw a white turtle dove. 

Dedicated to Joe Duffney of Newfoundland/Nova Scotia, an amazing 93 year old man who is need of prayers because he is in a bad way right now, please send your love and prayers.  

And also my dear friend Terry Turtle Patterson. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Rick Duffney, Silver Water

More heartfelt poems… ❤️

My Husband – My Love
You’re etched in my senses…
With the bluest eyes, rivalling a beautiful sky,
peaking over pillows,
With a strong embrace instilling security and passion,
With a sweet smile that teases out
the dimples in your cheeks,
With a special scent of soap and sweat—of man
With a caress that’s soft and gentle, or fun and playful, or intense and strong,
With a laugh that spills out all around with abandon, 
With a song, a deep rumble,
a whisper to shiver up the spine,
With a sip and savouring pull of lips that glide
and deepen and search,
With a spark and hum, reaching into the ether –
chasing the very essence of being one…
You’re a contradiction; a fortress of muscle
with a sensitive, loving soul.
Samantha Boudreau

I Will Go With You
I would go to the ends of the earth
if you said “come with me.”
I’d go with you anywhere you want
even out on the open sea.
If you say ‘let’s go to the mountains’
I will be close by your side.
If you lead, I will follow
with you as my trusted guide.
My heart knows no danger
whenever I’m with you;
My heart feels only love
I know your word is true.
I trust that you will totally
keep me safe and warm.
I’ll follow you, wherever you lead,
and that you’ll stave off any harm.
When the sunlit day is over,
and the dark night settles in,
we’ll be together at peace
as a new tomorrow will begin.
It doesn’t matter where we go,
just that we go together.
That’s what our love is,
together forever and ever.
Melody Hore, Evansville

Love can turn to hate,
Especially for me,
Because I’m hanging on,
To something that can’t be.
I know you don’t love me,
But I just can’t see it,
For my love for you,
Is too strong to just leave it.
Well, I am trying so hard,
But if I just can’t let go,
Even if you become a memory,
I’d still love you so.
Janet James, Providence Bay

Reflections on a life loved one year on
A sweet and funny man,
a larger-than-life character,
whose mischievious quips and impish chuckles
still make the best of tales
comforting ripples….
And his spirit lives on.
‘Tis long and short: this year
he’s rested in painless peace. 
He now celebrates more laughter and joy
than we can fathom.
I am what you see (he said)
Bruce darling!
Carol Lee, Rockville

Valentine, Already Mine
Gently blowing kisses towards my valentine today,
Dreams of love and tenderness shared in every way.
Thinking of the beauty in the things you do,
Reminding me why I’m so in love with you.
Speaking to you softly with words I write,
Loving you is purpose and pure delight.
Singing to you quietly, a desire melody,
Happy you are in my life, no happier we could be.
Dancing with you boldly upon this earthly floor,
Wrapping in each other’s arms, alone no more.
Exchanging Valentine’s Day wishes with you and those
we know,
Bonds in love and strength we continue to grow.
Amber Varey, Little Current

For the love of winter
Cold nights spent by the fire,
Waiting for the ice and snow to expire;
Snuggled up close in a little cocoon,
Looking out at the crisp stars and the moon;
Quiet times to connect and talk, 
To look a little deeper and really take stock;
Manitoulin winters are often overlooked,
But it’s time well spent, enjoying our quiet little nook. 
Emma Chapman

There, before my stillness, came the vision
dreamt whole life long.
Hair, slightly curled, framed Manitou eyes,
a dreamy smile whispering kindness, truth.
You approached my admiration, my space.
Oh life, how long took this treasured meet?
Oh love, how great this life heart beats.
J. Stephens, Mindemoya

Because he calls me beautiful
I feel safe and loved;
Because he calls me beautiful
I can rest in the knowledge that I am his alone;
Because he calls me beautiful
I feel grounded, even when life gets a little crazy;
Because he calls me beautiful
He can get away with things with a wink and a smile;
Because he calls me beautiful
I am proud to call him mine.
Robin Omnet-Schachinger, Little Current

Transitional Love
It’s a long way back to the love of my dreams;
When you’re young and feeling alive.
It was all so clear
Upshifting the gear;
Love once
Was in overdrive.
But if you think you can make it with somebody else
I won’t wrestle the cons or the clowns.
I’ll just put it in gear 
And get out of here.
And race that Healey home.
If the snow falls too heavy with a storm in the night;
If you’re lost and left in the dark.
I won’t run and hide, 
I’ll take it in stride;
Real love off the line.
‘Cause I’ve nothing but love for you all the time,
That way we’re never alone.
Just wait for me here 
While I shift through each gear
And race that Healey home.
Craig Maclean, Little Current

This S’aint Valentine’s Poem
Some secrets everyone touches their scent sounds sweet to our eyes,
kissing clean, hearing light, tasting tones, seeing
it’s hold apparently concealed
a feeling breathed,
This s’aint Valentine’s poem
doesn’t have any rhyme
no stops to exchange lovers
repeating her only rings the same
for the fourteenth day
is not for every body
it is for everyone
Hope this page august makes sense to you
read to your valenttina as I do them to mine
words can go missing
gestures must be found
though I think I know what she’ll say
“will you, my dear, be my…?”
a des roches

Happy Valentine’s Day my “Heart Sweet”
I love unwinding with you at the end of the day. Even if it’s just sitting there quietly and we have nothing to say.
We have both grown as a couple, and as individuals, as the years go by. So has my love, you are the apple of my eye.
Thank you for accompanying me when going for a motorcycle ride on the bike. Or watching me play the guitar and sing a song at open mic.
I would have never imagined our wonderful life and having grandkids! Making apple and grape jelly and hearing the “popping” of the lids!
You know how to make others feel better by the words you said. Or feeding us with your wonderful sweet Asian bread.
Sometimes you surprise me when I text, “what are you doing for lunch?” then there you are ordering the thing I wanted, just on a hunch!
Life is better running with you as a partner in this life race. Volunteering together to make the world a better place.
The love we share together is beautiful, rare and true! I prayed to the Creator for a loving partner and he sent you!
This Valentine’s Day let’s take our time, no need to rush. The words I whisper in your ear will make even Cupid blush!
Who would have thought our love would make such a kerfuffle! We are now The Manitoulin Expositor’s featured sweetheart couple!
Even though we may not win this year’s Valentine’s Day poetry contest, I know you think the one I wrote for you, my dear, is the best!
I will never get tired of saying these words because they are true. Happy Valentine’s Day, my heart sweet Denise, I love you!
Robbie Shawana, Assiginack