The Harper government child tax credit is an election ploy

What about those of us on fixed incomes?

To the Expositor:

The Harper government sending out cheques for child tax credit and just in time for the federal election is just one of their schemes—buying votes and at taxpayers’ expense.

What they should have done first is to take a look at a family’s income bracket to see which families are qualified to receive this child tax credit and at the same time they would have save some money for the taxpayers. But now the rich will just get richer, and at the taxpayer’s expense.

The auditor did say that this country may be in deficit again by next year and it’s probably because of this child tax credit. We end up paying more to cover the deficit so this child tax credit will do you no good at all—it was just a temporary solution for them to use. If this comes true I hope citizens will remember next time what the government will do just to get your vote.

I have been hearing about the middle income but using the term ‘middle income’ is undermining the citizens because I do not see it that way because it’s like excluding people who are living on fixed incomes and people who are living on fixed incomes are the poorest people of all. We have to struggle every month to get by and when our incomes go up it never covers to the rising cost of living because in order to keep up these incomes need to be raised by at least to three or four percent, then maybe it can stay on top to the rising cost of living. Then again they never listen to the facts or maybe, because they have warped minds, they do not seem to see or grasp the truth of what’s really happening and that’s too bad.

Ron Osawabine