The loss of Providence Bay beach to willow swamp is lamented

Wasaga beach is manicured twice per day, why can’t Prov be given the same respect?

To the Expositor:

“The longest white sand beach on Manitoulin Island.”

Well, that is what the brochure said and that is what friends from Holland wanted to experience but when we took them there we could either walk in water or through willow brush since there was no beach!

I remember as a kid that the beach went all the way to where the board walk is now. What kind of wrong headed foolishness is allowing that gorgeous beach to become a willow swamp? In a few years you will not even be able to see the water from the board walk for willow bush.

If people want to walk their dogs in a willow swamp there are many on the Island to chose from. Go for it!

But if we want to enjoy the longest white sand beach on the Island, that beach has to be restored and that means mechanical cultivation to remove the willow weeds.

Wasaga Beach gets cultivated, sifted and otherwise manicured by machines twice per day and crowds of people come to use it as a beach.

Providence Bay Beach could be Manitoulin’s Wasaga Beach but, now it is fast becoming just another willow swamp.

Will the council of Central Manitoulin please stand up and do some thing?

Steve Hill

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